10 Easy Acrylic And Oil Painting Ideas

Easy Acrylic And Oil Painting Ideas
Using a palette knife when oil painting - 10 Easy Acrylic And Oil Painting Ideas For Beginners

As an artist, these easy acrylic and oil painting ideas will help you start your artistic journey in no time. If you are wondering what easy ideas should you work on with both painting media, check out this article today.

What are the easy acrylic and oil painting ideas for beginners to try working with? What factors should you always consider when it comes to easy acrylic and oil painting ideas? Are there specific characteristics that you need to consider when working with this painting mediums?

Easy Acrylic And Oil Painting Ideas For Beginners To Boost Their Creativity

Easy Acrylic And Oil Painting Ideas
Ideas for acrylics and oil painting – 10 Easy Acrylic And Oil Painting Ideas For Beginners

Ever wonder what are the easy acrylic and oil painting ideas that even beginners can work with? Since acrylic paints are best to use for neophytes, best to know a few characteristics that this painting medium has. That way you can easily work on their composition to your painting surface.

The sophisticated characteristics of oil paints somehow may be overwhelming but you surely can strat an artwork with oils easily. In this article, we have compiled the best yet simple and easy acrylic and oil painting ideas to try today.

On the other hand, acrylic paints have that fast drying composition that allows the artist to create quicky with their artwork. You can take advantage of these characteristics, both for fast-drying acrylics and flexible oil paints.

If you will try to breakdown their similarities and differences, there should be some things that you need to remember. Like acrylics can be thinned with water. While you cannot thin oil paints using water. However, they can both work together.

10 Easy Acrylic And Oil Painting Ideas
Arteza Acrylic Paint -10 Easy Acrylic And Oil Painting Ideas

You can apply your oil paints over acrylic paints. On the contrary, you cannot apply acrylics on top of your oil paints. The acrylic gesso, for example, is used for enhancing the painting surface of your oil canvas or surface. Aside from the painting medium, best to know what essential materials should you need for your acrylic and oil painting. This Arteza Acrylic Paint is your premium acrylic paint kit features a smooth, highly pigmented color to produce true, consistent shades.

You can work on canvas for both acrylic and oil paints. Though there are some paintbrushes that are best to use with acrylics alone and leave the ones for oil paints. If you are beginning with both painting mediums, you can work with student and artist grade paints as well.

It is best to experiment with both this type of paint to help you explore and understand each paint’s characteristics and composition. You can also determine if the paint color and their difference from each other. This will also help you enhance your color mixing skills which are beneficial for your painting journey.

Easy Acrylic And Oil Painting Ideas
Sunset acrylic painting – 10 Easy Acrylic And Oil Painting Ideas For Beginners

There are a few basic materials, from paints, paintbrushes, painting surface or canvas, and another painting medium that you can work with. These materials are great for you to learn either with acrylics or oil paints.

Now, getting the simple and easy painting ideas for these mediums may overwhelm you. The good thing, there are a lot of ideas to try with. You will surely find one of these ideas easier than said but done. Prepare your materials and let’s check them out now.

1. Painting Flowers With Acrylic Paints

One of the best and easy ideas to try working with your acrylics and almost any painting medium is a flower. There are simple designs that look stunning with a unique colored background. You can make a colorful solid background and use a monochrome color of acrylic paints.

Once you have done one artwork with acrylics, you will surely get to understand the paint a little better when you first start. This is because, the best way to learn with every painting technique, medium, and style is through the application.

That goes with oil paints. Though there are a lot of artists who use oil paints for portraits and landscaping, surely you can make your very first flower-designed oil painting. There are no limitations to the designs and ideas that you can work with your oil or acrylic paints.

Now for the simplest and easy flower design for acrylics, you can make dandelion flowers. They surely will be a great starting point for beginners like you.

2. Acrylics Are The Beginner’s Painting Medium

10 Easy Acrylic And Oil Painting Ideas
Acrylic Paint Set – 10 Easy Acrylic And Oil Painting Ideas

If you have heard this before, then surely it is for beginners to try. Acrylics are simple and easy to work on with compare to other painting media. However, that really varies as for artists’ preference. There are some artists who get to work with oil paints easily than acrylics. This product Acrylic Paint Set fulfills all your artistic needs.

There surely will be a lot of setbacks but it is up to the artist’s creativity and resourcefulness that they yield to great discoveries. Acrylic paints dry faster, maybe that is one advantage and a setback. You can just wait for roughly 15 minutes before an acrylic painting layer dries. While it may take like a couple of days to a week to reach an oil painting to dry. That is just for a thin layer. Some oil paints even need months to a year, depending on their thickness.

3. For Beginners With Oil Painting, Work With An Autrum Tree For The First Time

It may look daunting but surely you will like painting with oil paints flexibility. That means they allow artists to work on them for a longer time than acrylic paints.

The oil paints’ main characteristics are their slow drying composition. This is one of the most favorite characteristics of artists. They can work for a longer time with oil paints without worrying that they might dry faster.

A few color mixing with your paintbrush or palette knife will allow you to mix colors on your painting canvas. If you want to, you can even work with a palette knife for oil painting instead of a paintbrush. There is a unique beauty with using the [painters knife with the consistency of oil paints.

4. Get Inspiration With Nature

Easy Acrylic And Oil Painting Ideas
Acrylics painting ideas – 10 Easy Acrylic And Oil Painting Ideas For Beginners

Whether you are working with acrylics or oil paints, there is a dynamic idea with nature. You can get your inspiration with a little walk in the park or a flower near you. A great landscape from a view from your window.

Trees are even a great way to get inspiration with. We are not yet talking about sunsets, seashores, waves, and even a night sky. There are even little birds to your favorite pet. Even the colors of every season are more than enough to give you an idea to create artwork.

5. Be More Detailed With Oil Paints

Okay, let’s get into even more details and how you can create a nice yet simple and easy design with oil paints. Flowers have been a great way to enhance your creativity with oil painting. Try working with a sunflower painting. You will have fun working with color blending and even work on the other elements of art in there.

6. Create Your Own Painting Without Any Subject Image

This can be tricky but express and let your paintbrush work towards the colors that you have chosen. You will be surprised to know what you can create with oils or acrylic paints.

7. Trust Your Artistic And Creative Side

10 Easy Acrylic And Oil Painting Ideas
Artist Paint Brush Set – 10 Easy Acrylic And Oil Painting Ideas

You are an artist and embrace that fact. Claim the badge of creativity and start stroking your way to your painting surface. Your paintings, whether acrylics or oil paints are amazing. This third product Artist Paint Brush Set is the of the best brush that I use better check it out.

8. Art Is A Continuous Process Of Improving And Painting

The more you paint, the more you will enhance your skills. And you can paint using oil paints when you start today.

9. Be That Kid With Lots Of Ideas

Embrace that playful of yours and start working with your artworks. Sometimes the best way to start painting is just by simply having fun. Use all the colors that you have and paint over anything.

10. Start With A Small Piece

There is no better way to create a painting than to start with the slightest small piece of paint dab on your painting surface.

There are a lot of ways to inspire you when working with your acrylics or oil paints. All you need to do is get those materials and start painting whatever is on your mind right now.

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