5 Easy Autumn Tree Acrylic Painting

5 Easy Autumn Tree Acrylic Painting

In this article, you will learn some easy autumn tree acrylic painting tutorial for beginners. This is a good start to enhance your skills with seasonal painting. Acrylics are a great painting medium for beginners to try with.

What are the important factors for an easy autumn tree acrylic painting tutorials for beginners? Are there painting techniques and styles that you will learn with this activity? Is seasonal painting beneficial for artists who are just beginning with acrylic paints?

Easy Autumn Tree Acrylic Painting Tutorial For Beginners

If you are a beginner with acrylic paint, this easy autumn tree acrylic painting tutorial is good for you. Here you will learn basic painting techniques to help you improve your skills in painting. Even if you are a beginner, it is better to start working with different factors to help you gain more exposure.

This is one of the key factors in how artists improve with experience. Seasonal painting is a great way to improve your painting skills. This allows you to draw inspiration from nature. The surroundings help you get inspiration and ideas.

For example, with these easy autumn tree acrylic paintings, you get to enjoy the view of an autumn tree. The best part is, you also get the full idea into your painting canvas. Acrylic paints are a good painting medium. They dry faster than most painting media.

 Easy Autumn Tree Acrylic Painting
autumn tree acrylic painting

Another advantage that you can get with acrylic paints is that they can be painted on almost any painting surface. This includes the watercolor paper. The painting canvas or board is another option. The watercolor paper can hold enough water if you add some into your acrylic paints.

For this painting activity, here are the essential materials that you will need. It is best to keep everything at hand before you begin working with the arts. That way, you will have a smooth transition to painting activities.

– Acrylic paints and colors of your choice. Make sure that you will have the colors associated with the autumn season.
– Painting surface of your choice. If this is your first time to work with the easy autumn tree acrylic painting, best to start with a small painting surface. You can also get a pre-primed painting canvas to help you with your painting session. later on, you can try working your way to prime your own canvas with acrylic gesso.
– Paintbrush for your acrylic painting. You can get a couple of paintbrushes and sizes that will work with your design.
– A jar of water to cleanse and thin your acrylic paints
– Pencil that you will use to sketch your subject image
– Paper towel and a kitchen sponge [though the latter can be an optional tool to use]

Factors To Consider For Easy Autumn Tree Acrylic Painting

There are a few factors that affect the quality of your painting. One of those is the paint that you will use. As a beginner, you can work with student grade paints. You can also get some artist grade paints. That way, you can differentiate the quality of both paint types.

Student grade paints have a limited color to choose from and the pigments are not as strong as artist-grade. Though they are less expensive than professional types of paint.

Next is the painting surface that you will use. With this, you surely will have lots of options as acrylic paints go on almost any surface. Just that you have to make sure the surface is not that oily or greasy, to begin with.

Easy Autumn Tree Acrylic Painting
easy autumn tree acrylic painting ideas

If this somehow happens, you can prime your painting surface. Using an acrylic gesso, you can modify the surface. This allows the artist to work even on a greasy or oily surface. Acrylic gesso is also used to prime painting surface for oil paints.

The weather condition and the place where you have chosen to paint matters. If you wanted to capture the beauty of autumn trees, you definitely can. Working outdoors may seem to be a challenge for the acrylic medium. This is because of how they dry faster.

The retarder is a painting medium that allows artists to modify the drying time of acrylics. If you will be working Plein air painting, best to get some as well. This allows you to slow down the drying time of your acrylics. However, if you decide to work in a studio, then you can still use a retarder for your acrylic painting.

Easy Autumn Tree Acrylic Painting

Now that all the materials are ready, you can begin these easy autumn tree acrylic painting. Check out these helpful tips for beginners today.

Step 1. Start with your background color.

Working with your background color is t5he first thing that you will have to do. This is to help you build the right colors on the background to help you with your autumn tree painting.

Next is the foreground, making sure that you will also create some pathways for your autumn tree. Once you are done with the foreground, you can begin adding colors to give details to your background trees. They should not be in full detail but just enough to support the background of your painting.

The best part about the background trees is the way they create an illusion for your painting. Create shadow over your background trees. Play with light colors and slowly add dark colors. This is a good tip if you are working with acrylic paints.

Step 2. Work on the autumn tree in the middle of your painting surface.

This is best done when you start with the tree trunk of your autumn tree. Start with a slightly dark color for the tree trunks. Then add some branches scattered all over your tree.

Step 3. Add autumn leaves on your tree trunk.

Easy Autumn Tree Acrylic Painting
easy autumn tree ideas for acrylic painting

You can effectively do this with a dab of colors from the autumn tree you are trying to copy. The selection of colors that you will use depends on your style and preference.

You can use a sponge or a paintbrush to dab colors on your tree trunk. This will help you blend colors properly into the areas that you wanted to add colors with. Best to begin from the top of your autumn tree, going all the way down to the branches.

The colors can be naturally mixed with a little bit of water with your sponge or paintbrush.

Step 4. Add more details to your background trees.

This will help you create new layers of paints into your main autumn tree. Adding a few more lights and darker colors into your painting would help you enhance clarity and depth.

You can work with a scrubbing painting technique. This will help you add new colors to your autumn tree. You do not need to create the full details of your background trees. Just enough to know what type of trees are they.

Once you have created enough details on your background trees, add new layers of colors into your main autumn tree. you can use the same colors that you apply. Even use the sponge to create a unique textured detail of paint.

Since you will be working with an autumn tree that is known for its leafy characteristics, best to work with wider color dabs. The depth and form of your autumn tree depend on how many colors you can add to the small branches.

Step 5. Add the final highlight of your autumn tree with a dry brush and some light colors.

Don’t forget to work on the shadowy underneath the autumn tree with some short dab of paints. try not to overworked this area.

That’s it, seasonal autumn tree acrylic painting is a good way to enjoy the beauty of nature. have fun creating your own painting!






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