Easy Autumn Tree Pastel Painting

Easy Autumn Tree Pastel Painting: 5 Steps And Free Tips!

On this easy autumn tree pastel painting tutorial for beginners, you will learn a lot of tips and tricks for your next painting sessions. Do you have any ideas on what is your next painting design with the vibrant colors of your pastels? Check this article today.

Are you looking for new ideas for your next pastel painting? Do you want to learn how to create easy autumn tree pastel painting even if you are a neophyte with this painting medium? What are the factors that affect a successful yet easy autumn tree pastel painting?

Easy Autumn Tree Pastel Painting For Beginners

On this easy autumn tree pastel painting tutorial, you will not just only be working with your pastels. You will also be working with another painting medium to help you achieve dynamic effects. Creating an autumn tree using a loose technique is what makes it really nice. From the natural blending of colors that your vibrant pastel has.

You will you an underpainting using an acrylic matte painting medium to allow your pastels to stand out from your painting surface. The painting medium will also create a strong layering technique that will enhance the brightness of the pastels you will apply on the top layer.

Easy Autumn Tree Pastel Painting
Pastel painting ideas – Easy Autumn Tree Pastel Painting: 5 Steps And Free Tips!

As a beginner with this painting medium, best to use those not so expensive pastels but with the right pigment colors. This will help you enhance and hone your skills as you advance. Pastel painting is all about blending your colors directly into your painting surface. Unlike oil paints, acrylics, and watercolors. Pastels are best to mix together on the spot of your painting session.

To help you out with this easy autumn tree pastel painting, best to prepare first the essential materials. You will need only a few things with this activity. One of the advantages that you can get with pastel painting is its convenience. You actually do not need a paintbrush as much as other painting medium does.

You can start by working with your pastel paper, your pastels, and a great imagination or inspiration, and viola! Ready to start painting! As for this easy autumn tree pastel painting, there will be a few additions to the convenience. An acrylic matte medium, some synthetic and cheap paintbrush, your soft pastels, and a pastel paper.

Understanding Factors That Affect Your Autumn Tree Pastel Painting

One of the important factors that will affect our easy autumn tree pastel painting is underpainting. This is an essential part of your pastel painting as colors will start to develop as you add more to it.

Though pastels tend to get smudge if we are not careful with the blending and application. Surely with the help of some painting medium like the acrylic matte medium, you can have stunning results. This will also help build up the colors from the top layer of your pastel design.

Since an autumn tree is more of a loose design, we will try to duplicate that texture and value as we paint layers of colors. With the color value that we can produce for every paint application and color combination, it will surely drawback to that loose depiction of autumn trees.

Another factor that will help you achieve the right value to your colors is the right strokes of your soft pastels. To achieve all of this is to create and develop the underpainting. This will best be achieved by developing colors over the painting surface.

Easy Autumn Tree Pastel Painting
Autumn tree pastel painting – Easy Autumn Tree Pastel Painting: 5 Steps And Free Tips!

The key technique for this relationship is using colors that mimic the autumn scene. This will help with using a few colors like the yellow-gree, oranges, and pinks among the few. You can also work with a reference photo to help you get the right color tones.

The use of underpainting for your easy autumn tree pastel painting is essential to build the form. With the use of a matte medium like acrylics, you can dissolve the first layer of colors that you have applied. Though there is some alternative for this type of painting medium like the use of alcohol or water. However, these elements may cause the paper to buckle or wrinkle. While the acrylic matte medium has minimal buckling effects.

The best part about the acrylic matte medium is that it dries faster. That is one of the advantages that you can get with acrylics characteristics.

Creating Pastel Painting Using Dark Color

The best part about creating your underpainting is by working with the darker color and then applying light color. This will enhance the contrast of your color value more. There may be areas that you will need to emphasize a few dark colors for your autumn tree.

The additional dark colors on your tree trunk are essential to building the tree canopy. That way, you can create the form of your tree with a variety of orange colors. This will showcase the composition and form of your autumn tree above your darker ground.

As with the color complementing each other, you can slowly add these into your autumn tree. With more details to keep the painting as natural as possible. If you are still contemplating what are the natural complementary colors. These are the colors across each other in the color wheel.

Now we can add even the fine details such as small branches of your autumn tree. This is essential to building the horizon in the direction of the light source of your painting.

Easy Autumn Tree Pastel Painting
Autumn tree painting with soft pastels – Easy Autumn Tree Pastel Painting: 5 Steps And Free Tips!

The combination of vibrant colors which gives a loose style depicts your autumn trees. These are some of the benefits that you can get with pastel as your painting medium. With the autumn trees as your subject for artwork, you will also find other designs to explore with. It is a matter of experience and exploring to further give you more understanding of how pastels react to your painting surface.

The best part about this activity is that you also get to use another painting medium such as the acrylic matte medium. This allows your pastel paints to be absorbed properly into the surface you applied them. Next is the layering technique which allows you to put one color over the other to achieve the value of colors you need.

As for a beginner, there is a lot more to know about pastels and the medium itself. But with activities like this, will help you understand their composition properly. Since soft pastels or almost any type of pastels need blending directly to the surface that you use. It is best to understand the color and know which color to predict with every mixing up of colors together.

I hope that this easy autumn tree pastel painting tutorial helps you get the right color combinations, value, and form that you wanted to achieve in your artwork. It may seem overwhelming but surely you will enjoy working with your pastel colors. There is beauty for every painting medium that you used.

If you like to know more about pastels and how to preserve them, we also included a link to check out here. It is all about preserving and avoiding any possible smudge or damages that your pastel painting surface might encounter along. With the alternative way of how you can keep and protect the surface instead of using fixatives for example. I hope you learn something with us today!






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