Easy Birch Tree Oil Painting

Easy Birch Tree Oil Painting In 6 Ways

Do you want to create that easy birch tree oil painting but seems lost as to where to start? With oil painting, you definitely can work things out with your birch tree design. It can be overwhelming but you can follow this easy birch tree oil painting tutorial to start with.

What are the things you need to consider for your easy birch tree oil painting artwork? What are the factors that affect your painting to achieve the dynamic effects needed? Are there tricks and tips for an easy birch tree oil painting for beginners?

Easy Birch Tree Oil Painting Guide

Creating an easy birch tree oil painting is probably one of the designs that you will want to try. As a beginner with oil painting, one of its promising characteristics is its slow drying composition. This allows the artist to work perfectly with timing and mixing.

Unlike any painting medium, the artist will have time working with designs and colors. The oil painting has been a widely used medium since ancient times. The sophisticated quality of oil paints lasts for a longer time. Which does not change in color even if they have been creating for some time?

Though not all are comfortable working with oil paints, those who do find beauty in them. They need perseverance and a lot of patience when working with them. There are some painting layers that take time to try., which depends on the thickness of your application.

 Easy Birch Tree Oil Painting
Oil painting birch tree ideas – Easy Birch Tree Oil Painting In 6 Ways

There are some layers of paint that might take a couple of days to dry, and some even take months to a year for a complete drying time. But it does not mean that you will not work on with your painting. That is the advantage of working with oil paints. And you will understand that more with exposure to the painting medium.

Important Factors To Consider For A Successful Birch Tree Oil Painting

There are important factors that affect your easy birch tree oil painting. One of them is using the right materials for your artwork. It is an essential thing to not just choose cheap materials or paintbrush but something that will help you improve your skills.

If you use the right painting materials it will yield to dynamic effects that you need. It gives you comfort and allows you to do what you want without compromising the mixing of colors. The painting surface is also another factor to think of.

Working with a primed surface will help you manage your oil paints into the painting surface. You can also use other painting media to modify your oil paints texture over the surface. You can also use a gel painting medium to help your paint get the right consistency over the canvas.

Beginners Guide To Easy Birch Tree Oil Painting

Now let’s begin to work with this easy birch tree oil painting that beginners like you would try working. Prepare first all the materials that you will need for this activity.

Once you have all your materials ready, best to start working. You can even get yourself a reference photo to help you work with the colors that you need. This will also help you determine pointers for a better painting experience. Having a reference photo gives you an idea of possible color5 combinations too.

Prepare your painting surface by adding some gel medium for your oil paints to get the right flow once applied. You can even be sketched or outline a few details to follow. This can be a simple outline of your trees or even a body of water to add for later.

 Easy Birch Tree Oil Painting
Birch tree –
Easy Birch Tree Oil Painting In 6 Ways

Start by working on the top of your painting surface with the sky. You can be mixed colors of white and blue together using a medium-size paintbrush and brush it over to your painting surface. Play with paint application by brushing it off from one corner going to the next one.

Once you have added a light color to compliment the sky, add a few details of white paints for your clouds. You can use another paintbrush for this part and just work freestyle with how your clouds would look like.

The color trick for clouds: To give your clouds a natural look, you can dab a tiny red color paint over your white paints. It will not really show but it gives a natural-looking spec of color. As much as possible, do not work with a plain white color for your clouds.

gently blend your clouds into the sky. Once you are done with your sky and clouds. Work on the background of your painting by doing a few trees. Outline some areas for your stream. Use a darker color combination of green, brown, and yellow for your trees. These background trees are still birch trees but not in full details as the ones that you will create upfront.

Once you have painted the background, work by bringing those easy birch tree oil painting designs to life. The trick for almost any painting is taking advantage of your colors and the light source of the painting.

Trace of dark colors from your background that will serve as your birch trees. You do not need to fill the whole area with a birch tree but it is good to make a few numbers upfront. With the traced darker color, add some white colors there that will serve as your tree trunk.

You will start to notice that your trees are getting their right form with the white paint over the darker background. Work with your trees leaves by dabbing and tapping a few lighter colors of yellow-green on the tree trunk. Sweep off some paint on the edges of your trees. Make it like a feather dabbing of paint into your painting surface.

Easy Birch Tree Oil Painting
Ideas for your oil painting – Easy Birch Tree Oil Painting In 6 Ways

You will notice that that the darker colors from your background are naturally mixing together with your lighter colors of the tree structure. Leave the colors to blend naturally. Allow the colors to take shape from the background of your painting. It might take a couple of minutes but you can visualize the shapes of your birch trees.

Aside from creating your birch trees, you can add a variety of other trees in the background. This will give a nice combination of your painting. Then work on some solid ground or water to compliment the trees around the background.

For best color results, use not just a plain blue but mixed it up with other darker colors. You can also create a light source of white to give shadows of the sky. Add some brown color on top of your water to give a spark. Keep light touches of colors and brush to let the paint naturally blend from each other.

Allow a few ideas of the sun reflecting into your water. Together with the trees around as shadows.

Now work on your big birch trees covering the background that you have made. Add highlights of the birch tree trunk with bright colors. Slide and brush a few paints on the side of your birch trees.

Add some darker colors for the tree barks and details. You can see how this easy birch tree oil painting is taking into place. Add a few more trees on the edge to block your background. Work with a soft brush and add some more details.

Once you have seen the beauty of your birch trees, you can just add a few details and light to your trees. have a few touches of the leaves and leave it to blend with the painting surface.






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