5 Easy Blooming Magnolia Acrylic Painting

5 Easy Blooming Magnolia Acrylic Painting

One of the best ideas for the springtime is the easy blooming magnolia acrylic painting. This is a great way for beginners to explore the beauty of nature with acrylic paints. If you wanted to try this design, check out this tutorial specially made for beginners.

What are the factors to consider for an easy blooming magnolia acrylic painting tutorial for beginners? Are there important factors to remember before doing this activity? What painting techniques and style should you learn with this easy blooming magnolia acrylic painting tutorial?

Easy Blooming Magnolia Acrylic Painting Tutorial For Beginners

Are you looking for an easy blooming magnolia acrylic painting tutorial for beginners? Check out our article about this and learn something good today. the best part is, this will be an easy step by step process especially made for you.

Blooming magnolias are great ideas to paint when springtime comes. This allows the artist to be as creative as possible with the beauty of nature. A fun activity to begin with. especially if you are working with acrylic paints. The acrylics are great painting medium for beginners.

5 Easy Blooming Magnolia Acrylic Painting
acrylic painting easy magnolia flowers

If you can draw inspiration from a photo reference, then best to begin working with your designs. With this painting tutorial, you will need to prepare some materials and art supplies. As a beginner, you learn by exploring, experimenting, and painting regularly.

As of blooming magnolia for your subject image, it is best to check what colors will you need. Another thing that you have to consider as a beginner, is the limitation of colors used. This will somehow really benefit you. You will learn to blend colors to create new colors, which is a great skill for most artists.

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Here are the materials that you will use for this painting activity.

Acrylic paints of your choice, including the colors that you will need. Check out for blooming magnolia colors and the likes. If you choose to use traditional acrylics or heavy body acrylic is fine.

You will also need to use a painting palette to mix your colors together. The best way for you to improve your skills in painting is by mixing limited colors together.

Painting with a palette knife is a skill that you can try to practice. Though using a paintbrush keeps a few details controllable, best to know how to paint both.

The painting surface that you will use will also depend on your style. With acrylic painting, there are plenty of options to choose from. Because acrylic paints go on almost any painting surface. As long as it is not oily or greasy. You can apply acrylic gesso to modify the texture of your painting surface too.

A jar of water to rinse and clean your paintbrush. You can also use water to thin your paints to your desired tone and shades.

Factors To Consider For Blooming Magnolia Acrylic Painting

Aside from preparing all your essential materials for acrylic painting. Best to know what are the important factors that may affect your artwork too. Acrylics are known for their fast-drying characteristics.

This is a great advantage for most artists to begin with. The best part is, you get to finish your artwork easily. Acrylic painting medium can go on almost any painting surface.

Whether you are working with a canvas or a board, a watercolor paper or any surface that you have. Applying an acrylic gesso on a greasy or oily surface helps you acrylic hold into the surface. The primed surface is best for both acrylic and oil paints.

5 Easy Blooming Magnolia Acrylic Painting
ideas for acrylic painting magnolia flowers

The types of paints that you will use also matters. Whether you will be working with student grade paints that are less expensive. Or you will go after professional types of acrylic paints.

Artist-grade paints are more expensive than student grade paints. There is a better paint option. The quality of the paint pigments is also better.

A great way to understand both types of paint is to work on them. You can get starter pack acrylic paints. Student-grade paints can be mixed with artist-grade paints.

The place where you will work on will also affect your painting. If you tend to work outdoors, your paints may dry faster. Especially with the humidity present in your surroundings.

Easy Steps On How To Paint A Blooming Magnolia For Acrylic Painting

In this easy blooming magnolia acrylic painting tutorial, you will allow yourself to improve. This means that with every painting technique that you will use, you will greatly benefit along the way, which is a good start for beginners.

Now let’s get things done with painting your blooming magnolia for a springtime season.
As you have prepared all your materials, we are ready to set things out.

Step 1. Sketched or outline the basic highlights for your painting on your canvas.

You can also use other painting surfaces that work best for you. Using a smaller size canvas as a start can be both beneficial for you and your painting.

Try to use light pencil sketch marks for your painting. That way, the pencil marks will not show once you start applying paints.

Step 2. Work on the color of your background for your blooming magnolia.

The background color that you will create allows you to enhance your skills in mixing complementary colors together. You can even sprinkle some water on your painting canvas before working on the background. This will give a naturally blended color.

To create a unique textured background, try using a single horizontal stroke on paint. This can be possible with the use of a strict method of paint application.

Step 3. Start working with the flower petals by sketching them.

Allow your blooming magnolia to take shape and form by slowly working on their petals. Add light color tones for your flowers. This can be a starting point for your flowers as they take shape.

5 Easy Blooming Magnolia Acrylic Painting
magnolia flower ideas

Then add intense colors to your blooming magnolia. To create a realistic feel of your magnolia flower, best to always check your reference photo. The important thing about getting the right image is by working on the structure of the buds and the shape of the petals.

Step 4. Work on your flower branches.

One of the distinct characteristics of magnolia branches is the nodules in them. This trick can be duplicate with the use of a palette knife. The knurs and whorls of these branches can be made with the tip of the blade.

Step 5. Add details of the shadow from your flower and know the light source of your painting.

You can start adding details to your painting surface. From the magnolia petals and their shapes. The shadows to help create form and depth in your painting surface.

You can also work on the leaves and branches of your blooming magnolia. the trick about working with a subject image is that you do not need to completely be in full details about it.

If you wanted to add a few more details to your background, best to use add some shadows of your blooming magnolia. This not just create and emphasize the light source but works into the depth of your painting subject.

The best part about painting a flower is you paint on what you see and how you remember it. Have fun painting! We do hope that this easy blooming magnolia acrylic painting tutorial for beginners will help you one way or another.






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