5 Easy Guide For Poppy Flower Acrylic Painting

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In this article, we will teach these easy guide for poppy flower acrylic painting using your palette knife. You will also be working with other painting techniques like thick paint application which is known as the impasto technique. It will surely be a new skill for beginners to try.

What are the essential factors that you need to consider with poppy flowers painting tutorial for beginners? Is there an easy guide for poppy flower acrylic painting using your palette knife or paintbrush? What are the painting techniques that you will use with this painting activity?

Easy Guide For Poppy Flower Acrylic Painting

If you are looking for the best and easy guide for poppy flower acrylic painting tutorials for beginners, then I must say that you are in the right place. In this article, we will not just teach you things you need to know about poppy flower acrylic painting. we will also give you tips and tricks on what painting techniques and styles that you will use in this activity.

Easy Guide For Poppy Flower Acrylic Painting
textures surface, poppy flower ideas

Another skill that you have to practice when it comes to acrylic painting medium is the use of a palette knife. It is best to learn painting with your palette knife before the paintbrush. However, that will still depend on your style and preference for painting. There are some artists who get to use a palette knife with acrylic paints more than a paintbrush.

The quality and textures surface that you can get with palette painting are different from the paintbrush itself. Especially if you are working with thick paint applications. With this easy guide for poppy flowers acrylic painting tutorial, it is best to try working with a palette knife. That way, you will enhance your skills with the style and the tool.

The impasto painting technique is all about the thick application of paints into your painting surface. With these easy guide for poppy flowers acrylic painting and a palette knife practice. You will surely enhance your skills not just with acrylics but with new painting techniques.

The marks that you will create with your paint application using your palette knife are extremely visible to the surface. This gives depth and form into the image that you are trying to do. You can even prepare a reference photo to help you decide with the color combinations and help you get the right idea of what you are trying to do.

There are also some materials that you will need to prepare for a smooth painting session. With acrylic paint, you do not really need a lot of things, just your paint color combinations. The painting surface of your choice, the palette knife, and the painting palette. The paintbrush that you will use and some gel medium to modify the texture of your painting surface.

What Are The Factors That Affect Your Painting To Achieve The Right Texture

Easy Guide For Poppy Flower Acrylic Painting
acrylic painting poppy flower ideas

There are a few factors that affect your poppy flower acrylic painting. One of that is the painting surface that you will you. If you are a beginner, it is best to work with a smaller painting surface. That way, you can easily control your paint application and the way you wanted your paint to react.

The gel painting medium is also a great factor if you want to modify the texture of your surface and the paint. There are a lot of artists who are using a few modifications for their painting surface.

The type of paint that you will use is also an important factor. With to types of paints ranging from student grade to artist-grade. There is a huge difference between the quality and the color but moreover, it is best to check them both. That way, you will know the difference between the two.

The paintbrush and palette knife are two great tools for painting. They can range from all sizes but the palette knife usually has standard size. You can get one cheaper palette knife as a start. Then you can work with another better quality painting knife.

Next is the place that you will be working with your acrylic paints. One of the best characteristics of acrylic paints is they dry faster than any other painting medium. This will also greatly affect your paint application if you are working outdoors. It will dry your paints even before you knew it.

Essential Materials For Poppy Flowers Acrylic Painting

What are the essential materials that you will need to prepare for your poppy flower acrylic painting? check out this lists;

5 Easy Guide For Poppy Flower Acrylic Painting
red poppy flower ideas with acrylic paint

  • Acrylic paints of your choice, whether you will be working with standard acrylic paints or the heavy body acrylic paints
  • Gel painting medium to modify the texture of your painting surface
  • Paintbrush
  • Palette knife
  • Painting surface or canvas
  • A jar of water
  • Paper towels

Easy Guide For Poppy Flowers Acrylic Painting

Here is the easy guide for poppy flower acrylic painting that you need to work on with as a beginner. There are some helpful tips and tricks just for you. It is best to work with your palette knife to help you enhance your painting skills as well.

Step 1. Work with your background by applying the paint straight to the canvas or your painting surface.

You will not need to apply some textured gel medium yet. All you have to do is build up the colors for your initial background.

Step 2. Work with mixing your gel medium with another color to build the clouds for your sky. This will build texture for your clouds.

Adding colors like the titanium white or other white colors together with the gel medium will do the trick. The gel medium will dry transparent.

Step 3. With your palette knife, work with applying thick layers of paint to your painting surface.

5 Easy Guide For Poppy Flower Acrylic Painting
Acrylic painting with poppy flower ideas

Start off with the grass around your painting surface. try to work as fast as you can to build depth and form in your painting surface. experiment with working from dark colors to light colors. You can also try working with cool colors and going into warm colors.

Using your palette knife, spread the thick paint all over the area that you will be working for the grass of your poppy flowers.

Step 4. Star working with your poppy flowers now.

This is by patiently pushing and then pull off your paint to depict the petals of your poppy flower. It is not just about duplicating the real flowers but the motion present in the surface of your canvas. Forming the petals and texture will be great practice with a palette knife. It may feel like you are doing sculpture design with your palette knife and paints.

Step 5. Add the last details of your poppy flowers with the side of your canvas.

You can also leave your painting surface as it is or you can make it simple by painting it with different colors. It can be a quick extension of your painting surface with the edge of the canvas itself. It can be a great wall decor that adds beauty to your home interior.

Just wait for the painting surface to completely dried. The good thing bout acrylic paints is that they dry faster than any other painting media you will ever use. A great advantage. There is also another acrylic painting tutorial you can try working with. Click here for Crab Nebula design.

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