4 Easy Hacks For Alcohol Drop Acrylic Painting

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These easy hacks for alcohol drop acrylic painting for beginners are great for working with a unique background. Acrylics are versatile painting medium that allows artists to experiment with them. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will surely love this easy hacks for alcohol drops acrylic painting for your background.

What are the basic techniques that you will use with easy hacks for alcohol drops acrylic painting? Where can you use these alcohol drop backgrounds? What are the benefits and factors to consider when it comes to using another painting medium for a unique background for acrylic painting?

Easy Hacks For Alcohol Drop Acrylic Painting Background For Beginners

In this article about easy hacks for alcohol drops acrylic painting, you will learn to create a unique background. This painting technique will help you enhance your painting’s freshness with patterns from alcohol drops. It is a great way to allow your background to compliment the design that you are about to create.

Though you can use alcohol drop acrylic painting in two ways, as a stand-alone painting, and as a background. They both produce stunning effects on your artwork. if you haven’t tried working with an alcohol drip painting technique, it is best to try at least once.

Easy Hacks For Alcohol Drop Acrylic Painting
ideas for alcohol drop acrylic painting

You might be surprised how easy this painting technique is. And you will surely love the stunning effects that alcohol drops can produce on your painting. To give you a heads up of where you can use this idea, these easy hacks for alcohol drop acrylic painting background are a cool way to start.

Since acrylic paints are known for their fast drying characteristics, you will easily do this painting technique even if you are a beginner. The best part is, you can mix it with almost any painting style and idea you have in mind. There are some artists that used this painting technique to create a stunning background.

While others used this to complement their painting surface already. You can work on different painting ideas associated with acrylic paint. The best part is, you can mixed acrylic paints with another painting medium such as oil paints and even watercolors. It’s all about experimentation to help you understand their unique characteristics.

Since acrylic paints can go on almost any painting surface, you can work on something you are most comfortable too. if you are a beginner, best to work on a smaller painting surface first and see how this painting technique works. Check how the alcohol drop reacts into the layered paints. If you like the results, you can do more. Do not stay in one area but try to explore a lot of things with your painting medium.

As for this activity, you can use either a watercolor paper or a painting canvas. If you will try to work with a watercolor paper, best to secure your painting surface with a painter’s tape on all edges. You can do this on a flat surface or board. On the other hand, if you will be working with a painting canvas, then that is totally fine. Just make sure that you have secure the surface before applying your paints.

Easy Hacks For Alcohol Drop Acrylic Painting
acrylic painting alcohol drop

That way, it will not move when you are busy choosing colors for your painting surface. There are also some artists who use this painting technique in a stretched canvas to create artwork. That will totally depend on your style and preference which one will suit you best.

There are some helpful materials that you need to prepare for this process. That way, it will help you get along easily with your painting session. Acrylic paints have different types of paints so choose something that is convenient for you.

Prepare the following materials first for these easy hacks for alcohol drop acrylic painting background tutorial.

If you will be doing alcohol drop for acrylic painting, use isopropyl or rubbing alcohol in the nearest art store near you. You can also try getting your alcohol in the chemist if there is one close to you.

Your acrylic paints. There are a variety of acrylic paints to choose from. From heavy body acrylic paints to normal ones, and the fluid acrylics that are usually used in the pouring technique.

Next is your painting surface. You can use either a stretched canvas or you can use a watercolor paper for this activity.

Do not forget about your paintbrush for acrylic painting, some clean water in a jar and a spray bottle that has some water in it as well. Paper towels can be an option but best to have something easy to clean up any unnecessary drips of paint for later on.

Essential Factors And Painting Techniques Associated With Alcohol Drops Acrylic Painting

4 Easy Hacks For Alcohol Drop Acrylic Painting
acrylic painting alcohol drop ideas

With these easy hacks for alcohol drop acrylic painting, you will also be using some basic painting techniques. One of these is the layering technique. Decide what colors would you like to use in your painting surface. That way, you can also work on the color of your support.

The layering technique will be used in this activity. All you have to do is create a thin layer of color wash. Though you can sue thick layers of paint, remember that thick layer of paints might not be pushed off by the alcohol drop.

Easy Hacks For Alcohol Drop Acrylic Painting Tutorial For Beginners

Now that you have completely prepared all the materials that you will use, it is time to begin. You are also aware of the paint consistency and how they will react to the alcohol drops. If not yet, it is best to explore the right paint consistency that you will need for this painting style. A thin layer of paint might just run off the surface if you thin it with a mist of water. THick paint will not spread evenly with the alcohol drop.

To get the right acrylic paint consistency is to experiment and explore. That way, you can predict the outcome and understand the benefits associated with another tool for painting.

Now let’s start this easy tutorial for beginners!

Step 1. Decide on the color of your support. You can leave it white or add a new layer of colors.

Easy Hacks For Alcohol Drop Acrylic Painting
alcohol drop acrylic painting ideas

If you happen to decide to add a new color for your watercolor paper or painting canvas, make sure that it will be dry completely before working on it.

Step 2. Apply your first layer of paint to the surface.

Thin the paint directly into your painting surface. Do not add too much water as the paint will run off the watercolor paper or canvas. If you apply thick layers of paint, It will not be spread off by the alcohol drop.

Step 3. Apply the alcohol drops directly into the surface of your paints.

Do this while your paint is still wet. You will immediately see the reaction of the paint when alcohol is applied on top of it. If there are no paint reactions, then best to check if your paint has dried up of the paint is too thick.

Try to resist the beauty of creating this unique pattern into your painting surface. You will still be working with another layer of paint and alcohol drops. Wait for the first layer of paint to be completely dried before adding a new layer of paint.

Step 4. Add a new layer of paint wash on the dried surface.

There are different ways on how you can use the alcohol drop painting technique. it is all about exploring and playing around with your paints. There are also different ways on how you can apply your alcohol into the surface like flicking it over with your brush or try spreading it with a paintbrush.

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