20 Easy Ideas For Painting

20 Easy Ideas For Painting

Each artist will always want to find stunning yet easy ideas for painting for their next artwork. The best part is, whether you are working with acrylics, oil paints, watercolors, and even pastel, there are a lot of easy ideas for painting to try. In this article, we will give you different ideas to keep that artistic side of you moving.

What are the best ideas for every painting medium that you can try? Are there easy ideas for painting that beginners can work with oil paints, acrylics, and another medium? Can you mix other painting mediums with these easy ideas for painting?

Getting Inspiration From Easy Ideas For Painting With Any Medium

As a beginner, you would always want to try painting the same way as those professional and famous artists that you knew. To help you get motivated, most of these artists have been like you, a beginner with less experience in every painting style and technique. They have mastered creating art over time. With their continuous effort, practice, and exploring the painting medium that they are into.

20 Easy Ideas For Painting
Blending colors together – 20 Easy Ideas For Painting

These easy ideas for painting are best for beginners. Whether you are working with acrylics or oil paints, watercolors, gouache, and even pastels. Checking for easy ideas help you ignite a few more light bulb of creativity in there. Remember that you can always enhance your skills by learning each day.

Painting every day makes you confident with the arts. That is because you get to learn the different characteristics of your paint. You can also predict colors by simply blending two or more colors together. And you might even be surprised that you have created or modified a technique for your convenience.

Best Ideas To Work With Almost Any Painting Medium

If you are looking for the most comprehensive ideas that will improve your painting skills, then you are in the right blog. These easy ideas for painting are great for beginners to begin working with. They are quick to plan and easy to create. The best part is, you can use these ideas for almost any painting medium that you are working with.

Real-life things, nature, and even a reference photo will give you great ideas. While other artists take a walk and marvel with nature’s beauty. You can also try doing this if it will work best for you as well. Here, we will give you great inspiration for your very first artwork. Or just to keep you moving from being in idle mode with arts.

20 Easy Ideas For Painting
Sunset ideas – 20 Easy Ideas For Painting

You can paint your pet. If you are an animal lover or simply like animals. why not paint one? Paint something that makes you happy. If that means framing a new image of your favorite pet, then paint those simple ideas today.

There are a lot of artists who have painted their favorite pets. This allows you to be creative at the same time as what you are doing. Pets will surely give you a lot of ideas for your painting.

The things that you used every single day. Like you can paint that mug where you have a sip of coffee every morning. Try to visualize it into your memory or even take a good photo of it as reference.

Do you like the meal that you have for breakfast? It looks nice that you have to snap a photo of it and paint it over later after that meal. Simple almost any item that helps you feel better each day.

That potted plant sitting next to your tabletop or desk. Cacti and succulents are small yet can give you great ideas for painting. Whether you will work with acrylics or oil paints, watercolors, and pastels. They are easy to make in the first place.

If you have other flowering or potted plants, you can try working with them too. The best part is, you can examine the colors that makes your plants stunning. try to duplicate those colors into your painting surface. Better yet, you can modify them.

A scenery from your previous vacation. Did you have a great time last weekend, or last summer? Do you have a photo of that nice sunset? Landscapes are a great way to reminisce about the things that make you happy. Especially if you are close to nature.

If landscapes seem overwhelming to work, why not try a leafy tree? Autumn and summer are the best seasons to get inspiration from trees of different colors. While you are relaxing close to nature, you can examine the blending of colors and let this inspire you.

20 Easy Ideas For Painting
Watercolor ideas for painting – 20 Easy Ideas For Painting

A portrait of yourself. There is no better way to get inspiration tan to create a portrait of yourself. If you do not want a whole face, how about working with your eyes instead? You will find it amusing that your eyes have different colors and tones.

This can be a great yet easy idea for a painting to try with. You will love the ideas associated with this painting.

Flowers are great ideas for painting. There are different types of flowers, to begin with. Like dandelion which allows you to be more creative. It is an easy painting idea for beginners.

Animals are great and easy ideas for your painting. That also includes underwater creatures and fish inside the bowl. As for animals, like owl or birds are some of the subjects you can work with.

Fruits that are in a tray can be a great still-life portrait. If you are working with watercolors, you can take advantage of the transparency of this painting medium with your still-life portrait.

The sky is also other things to paint, whether you like the fluffy clouds or the starry night sky, you will surely have inspiration with these scenes.

Waves are easy ideas for painting with oils or acrylics. The layering technique is the best type of painting technique to use for this type of design.

20 Easy Ideas For Painting
Trees and sunset ideas – 20 Easy Ideas For Painting

Aside from the waves, you can paint a sunset and the seashore too. There are a lot of ways you can be inspired next to the body of water.

Vehicles are your next stop after admiring the beauty of nature. You can paint a bicycle that is being parked somewhere. Or the wheels of that bicycle if you feel like. Cars, buses, o any more of transportation will also be a great subject for your painting.

Paint things that you like the most. This is the number one rule. That way, you will be inspired to create more with your paints. If you have any significant collection of things, try to paint them as well.

Believe it or not, the rain and an umbrella are a great combination of painting ideas. Try working with this design too. That way you can improve your skills in painting and using different combinations of colors.

Famous landmarks and even that famous masterpiece from that artist you admire. This way, it will inspire you to create more while learning how did your favorite artist do that.

Once you get to gain more experience then you can try working with designs like the colorful peacock’s plumage. There are different yet colorful animals to try working with.

Street lights are a great way to enhance your skills in painting. You can try this design with any painting medium that you are most comfortable to work on with.





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