6 Easy Steps Bear Silhouette Acrylic Painting

6 Easy Steps Bear Silhouette Acrylic Painting

These easy steps bear silhouette acrylic painting is a great way to start for beginners. We have included tips on how to paint landscapes with this activity. You will also be working on a number of painting techniques to enhance your skills in painting.

What will you need for your easy steps bear silhouette acrylic painting tutorial for beginners? What are the factors that affect your acrylic painting? Are there painting techniques that you will learn in this tutorial to help you improve your skills as an artist?

Easy Steps Bear Silhouette Acrylic Painting Tutorial For Beginners

In this article, you will learn the easy steps bear silhouette acrylic painting technique like a pro. This is a good way to start for beginners. There are even painting techniques and styles that you will learn to help you improve your skills in painting.

Since you will be working with acrylic paints, best to know what your painting medium can do. That way, you can understand how colors and paint application matters in your artwork. With this activity, you can work first with your background.

The choices of colors vary depending on what you wanted to create. Since you will be working with easy steps bear silhouette acrylic painting. Best to say that it will be like a night sky or a full moon in the background. If you have seen our cat silhouette acrylic painting tutorial. It is almost the same as this one.

6 Easy Steps Bear Silhouette Acrylic Painting
bear acrylic painting

There are a few modifications that you can do with this activity. Like you can add some of your favorite bear quotes or any messages. Acrylic painting is also fast drying. That means you can work faster with this activity. a great advantage for acrylic painters.

Factors That You Need To Consider For Acrylic Painting

Ever wonder what are the important factors that you need to know with acrylics? Let’s do a quick recap before working on these easy steps bear silhouette acrylic painting. There are just a few things that you need to consider with the acrylic painting medium.

One of the most popular characteristics of acrylic paints is their fast-drying composition. They are known for this characteristic and most artists like this. There are a lot of benefits that you can get when the paint dry faster.

Though it can also be a setback, however, there is a painting medium that helps you modify this part. You can add a retarder to slow down the drying time of acrylics.

The acrylic paints can go on almost any painting surface. This means, as long as it is not greasy or oily, you can paint them over. You can even check for another gel medium to create a textured surface for your acrylics.

Even if acrylic paints tend to darken in colors when dry, this can also be fixed. if you wanted to modify their colors after they are dried, you can glaze them up.

There are different types of acrylic paints that work for every artist’s needs. Choose between heavy body acrylics, traditional acrylics, and even fluid acrylics. All of which, you can try working with. You can even add water to thin the paint shades or color.

Student-grade and artist grade paints differ from their price to the range of colors that they produced. you can work both on this to personally see the difference.

Painting Techniques And Styles To Help You Improve Your Skills

6 Easy Steps Bear Silhouette Acrylic Painting
acrylic painting ideas for bear silhouette

In these easy steps bear silhouette acrylic painting tutorial, you will use wet on wet painting technique. It is a great way to naturally blend two or more colors together. This type of painting technique works best not just for acrylics but to almost any media.

Then you will be working on the landscape of your choice. The selection of colors will also vary depending on what background you will want to create. For example, in this activity, you can make a full moon, night sky background. This is great if you are working with bear silhouettes.

Easy Steps Bear Silhouette Acrylic Painting

Before you proceed with our bear silhouette acrylic painting tutorial, best to prepare all the materials that you will need. This will help you achieve a smooth acrylic painting session. Once you have prepared your materials, then let’s work with that easy painting!

Check out this essential list of materials;

  •  Acrylic paints of your choice
  •  Canvas or any painting surface of your choice. As a beginner, it is best to work on a small painting canvas for the moment.
  •  Paintbrush for acrylic painting
  •  A jar of clean water to wash your brushes and thin your paints
  •  Pencil to outline or sketched your bear silhouette
  •  Paper towels or clean rags to wipe and clean your brushes

Once you have prepared all the materials that you need, then best to start. since acrylic p[aints dry faster, it is ideal to get all the materials at hand. That way you will not lose time looking for the things that you need once you are working.

Step 1. Sketch or outline the important details in your painting canvas.

6 Easy Steps Bear Silhouette Acrylic Painting
three bear silhouettes for acrylic painting

This will help you visualize the finished painting even before you start working with it. The outline will serve as a reminder for you to work on the areas that need details. This is essential to quickly decide what you need to do first.

If you will be working with the night sky, the moon should be the first part to outline. You can use a paper plate to trace the moon on your canvas. Then the horizon and some details like mountains. It is best to use light pressure for your outlines using the pencil. That way, your pencil marks will not show in your painting.

Step 2. Start adding colors to your night sky.

The best part about acrylic paints is that they go on almost any painting surface. You can start adding your night sky colors to your canvas. In this part, work outside the outlines moon. Blend your colors together using the wet on wet painting technique.

This will help you see the natural way of how colors are blend to each other. Use a little bit of water to thin the colors together. Then work on adding colors to your horizon. Next, if you have some mountains, work on adding colors to them.

Make sure that you are rinsing your paintbrush for every color transition. This will help you to avoid a muddy color in your painting.

Step 3. Paint on the horizon of your moon and add some white paints using a dry brush.

6 Easy Steps Bear Silhouette Acrylic Painting
silhouette of bear for acrylic painting

Try not to use too much white paint in your dry and clean brush. This will create the moon ring into your night sky. make it as much as possible as light with the white paint.

Adding a different color for your mountains in the background. You can also add some white paint to the top of your mountains. This will create a unique form on your mountain tops. Allow the first layer of colors to blend naturally with your white paints.

Step 4. Paint the remaining areas at the bottom of your painting surface.

The areas down your mountain will then be the next area you will add colors with. Do not add dark colors to this are. As the bear silhouettes will not show if you add darker colors.

Step 5. Paint the ocean underneath your mountain.

Choose the colors that are almost the same as the night sky. This will be the reflection of the water from the ocean. The seashore is where you will place your bear silhouette.

Don’t forget to add the mountain silhouettes into the water reflection. Check for a little more detail. This will be your finished landscape painting.

Step 6. Add bear silhouette into your painting.

This will be an easy step creating silhouettes of bears. You can either work on a bear and transfer it by tracing the bear into your landscape.

Additional tip: You can even add a personal message or quote into your finished artwork.






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