5 Easy Steps For Cat Acrylic Painting

5 Easy Steps For Cat Acrylic Painting

This easy steps for cat acrylic painting tutorial for beginners is a must-try. It can e a simple artwork to help you enhance your skills in painting. There are some painting techniques that you will learn in this tutorial as well.

What are the easy steps for cat acrylic painting tutorials for beginners? Are there important factors to consider when working with acrylic paints? How can you create your first ever cat design with a whimsical effect on your painting?

Easy Steps For Cat Acrylic Painting Tutorial For Beginners

Working with these easy steps for cat acrylic painting tutorial is something every beginner must try. This can be an easy artwork, but the effects that you will use and the painting technique that you will use will help you improve your skills in painting. There are a lot of easy ideas to try when it comes to working with acrylic as your painting medium.

First, it is best to determine what you like the most. That way, it will be a lot easier for you to check the best ideas that you will put on your painting surface. As for this tutorial, we will be making cat acrylic painting. There are also some painting techniques that you will use along the way.

5 Easy Steps For Cat Acrylic Painting
cat ideas for acrylic painting

Preparing the materials that you will use in this painting tutorial will help you get along. This will give you enough time o just work on your artwork.

One of the painting techniques that you will use in this tutorial is the wet on wet painting technique. The natural way of blending colors together will help you understand and predict colors. This is one of the skills that best to know as a beginner.

You can work on other techniques and styles that you prefer. The easy steps for cat acrylic painting will also allow you to do some splattering technique. You will need this if you decide to work on a full moon background. Remember that we will just give you ideas but you can always modify the steps for your convenience.

Visualizing your artwork is another way to see how your planned painting will be. You can work on areas that need to be prepared before painting.

Important Factors To Consider When Working With Acrylic Paints

To achieve the best results for your painting, it is best to know the characteristics of the painting medium that you will be working with. This will help you decide how their composition will react to your painting surface. What type of paint it is and how it dries.

Luckily, with acrylic paints, it is considered a beginner’s painting medium. This is because it can go on almost any painting surface. The acrylic paint also has fast drying characteristics which allow artists to work faster on their subject. A good thing for beginners to take advantage of.

5 Easy Steps For Cat Acrylic Painting
acrylic painting cat silhouette ideas

This will allow you to see the results quickly. You can also see the colors if they have changed when reaching their drying time. Though acrylics are known to darken when dry. This will somehow help every artist to predict after the result of their painting even before you have started it.

In these easy steps for act acrylic painting as your design, you will be working a lot. From the new painting style and painting technique, you will surely enjoy this easy painting tutorial.

Next is the acrylic paints that you will use. experiment with the different brands of paints available in the market. This will help you get things done with the right brand of paint you prefer. Though each acrylic paint may have the same name, each paint manufacturer has different formulation and colors.

You decide whether you will like to start with student-grade acrylic paints or go for artist-grade paints. That way, you will have the best idea of their differences. It is best to get to know the paints through personal interaction. This is ideal mostly for beginners to enhance their skills.

Best to prepare this list of materials for your easy steps for cat acrylic painting.

  •  Acrylic paints
  •  Painting canvas, the size will depend on the size that you preferred
  •  Paintbrushes for acrylic painting
  •  Painting palette or you can even use a paper plate

Tips: If you have decided to create a full moon on the background. You can trace the paper plate first as a reference to the moon.

Decide if you like to trace the cat on your painting surface. You can also draw your own cat silhouette if it is easier for you.

Easy Steps For Cat Acrylic Painting

5 Easy Steps For Cat Acrylic Painting
silhouette cats acrylic painting

Check out these easy steps for cat acrylic painting tutorial for beginners. Prepare all the materials that you will need for your artwork. Once you have prepared all the materials then it will be easier for you to work on your painting smoothly.

Step 1. Visualize the painting surface on what designs you will be including in there.

If you have plans of creating a moon with your cats, then best to outline the moon. The full moon can be great if you have a paper plate. The paper plate can even be a good painting palette afterward.

Trace the moon lightly with a pencil. Make sure you do not use too much pressure for your tracing. This will help you cover the moon with your acrylic paints without showing the pencil marks.

If you already have the sketched outline into the surface, then begin working with your color application.

Step 2. Apply your acrylic paints spreading out of the outlined circle for the moon.

The wet on wet painting technique is best for creating naturally blended colors. This will allow you to mixed colors and see how the blended color will look like. You can decide if you like to cover your whole painting surface. This will also serve as the background of the cat for later.

Star with a light color going darker with acrylic paints. That way, it will be easier for you to modify any color that you think needs darker areas.

5 Easy Steps For Cat Acrylic Painting
full moon and cat acrylic painting

Wait for the background color to completely dry before working on another part. This will prevent the paint from blending into the next layer of color. Otherwise, your painting might get muddy.

Step 3. Work on the silhouette tree branch that your cat will be sitting with.

Add small details of the tree. Start with the leaves that your tree has. You can even create a rhythm of the wind by adding lines or swirl depicting the direction of the wind.

Step 4. Add some details for the sky. If you will like to create stars, work with your white paint.

You can use the splattering painting technique. Use a dry brush and dip in a small amount of paint and splatter it around the sky next to your full moon.

Wait for this to dry before adding the silhouette of your cat sitting in the tree branch.

Step 5. Add your cat into the tree branch.

As a beginner, it would be easier to work with the cat silhouette for the moment. Then you can work on a cat portrait to level up your skills. The cat silhouette is quite easy for this activity. The background color is what gives you an idea of how to layer colors together.

There is a variety of options if you would like to create two cats in the tree branch.





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