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These easy tips for apple oil painting will help you paint like famous artists like Paul Cezanne. We will not copy his style but we will learn from the painting technique that he was using.

What are the easy tips for apple oil painting with Cezanne style? Is there important style or painting technique that we will learn with these easy tips for apple oil painting? Can you learn something about oil paints with this painting tutorial?

Easy Tips For Apple Oil Painting

In this tutorial, you can follow the easy tips for apple oil painting with renowned artist Cezanne’s style. It is all about the stabby and blocky strokes of his paintbrush. It is best to learn a few painting styles from famous artists. That way, you can also improve your painting skills.

Oil painting is such a sophisticated style and surely with these easy tips for apple oil painting design, you will create a dynamic masterpiece. Oil painting can be daunting but once you are aware of its wonderful characteristics, you will surely enjoy its painting session.

We will just allow ourselves to be inspired by these artists for us to have reference and build our own style too. We must understand that each artist has a unique painting style to develop along the way. Remember that painting is all about creating your own style and getting into the right spot where you are intended to be.

Whether you are working with another painting medium aside from oil paints. You will have the knowledge and understanding by simply exploring and experimenting with your style. For example, oil paints are a slow-drying type of painting medium. That allows you to work on them for a longer time. Oil paints also allows the artist to mix and matched the colors that they need on their painting palette or through the painting surface.

You can use either use a paintbrush or a palette knife. However, on most oil painters, they would love to use the palette knife which gives them a better blending style. Oil paints are also best to work on portraits and even gives a unique texture. Whether you will be working with your painting texture to be more of a sculpture or like to control your paints, surely you will love oil paints characteristics.

Painting Technique And Style For This Tutorial For Beginners

 Easy Tips For Apple Oil Painting
Oil painting still-life photo – 10 Easy Tips For Apple Oil Painting

There are a few factors that you need to consider when working with oil paints. One is to prepare all the materials that you will need. That way, you will have an easy painting session and everything you need will be at hand as well. Now let’s find an inspiration to follow the easy tips for apple oil painting design.

If you are a beginner, best to choose a design that is not as fancy and hard to copy for your reference. An apple can be a great starting point for your still-life portrait or painting. It will help you understand the different ways to blend colors.

Easy Step By Step Process Of Apple Oil Painting

The first thing that you have to do when working your design, is to get all the materials that you need. That means you will need to keep everything at hand. Then finding your design, ideas or inspiration to paint. For this tutorial, we will make an apple oil painting. Still-life portraits or painting are best for oil painting and their vibrant colors that do not change.

It is one of the best characteristics of oil paints. Aside from its slow drying time, the colors that you have applied to your painting surface will retain their colors until they reach their drying time. Now let’s begin.

Step 1. Choose a subject image that you will be working on as a reference photo. That way, you can easily determine what color to use as well.

getting everything ready including your reference photo gives you a lot of benefits as a beginner. You can study the colors that you can use and work on blending your colors on the palette. Getting less color allows you to mix more new colors together.

Step 2. Sketch or outline the image that you will be working with.

The best part about outlining your design is it gives you the freedom to work on the image that you have in mind. This will also allow the artist to position their still-life portrait properly. You can work on light pencil marks and when you are satisfied with your outline, you can paint them over with your oil paints.

Step 3. Work on adding colors into your outline or sketched surface.

Easy Tips For Apple Oil Painting
Apple design ideas for oil painting – 10 Easy Tips For Apple Oil Painting

There are some artists that just use the sketch marks but do not follow them when they add colors to it. This gives them the freedom to recreate the designs that you have made. It is also a great way to add value to your painting surface.

Step 4. Work with mixing your colors before applying them to the painting surface.

Premixing colors on your painting palette allows you to predict what colors will you achieve by mixing two colors together. The idea will also allow you to see what colors you will need the most. Though there are some colors that best work for retouching and finishing touches.

One best way to help you with color mixing is by working with complementary and contradicting colors from the color wheel. This allows the artist to have a better understanding of each color tones and shades for mixin together pigments.

Step 5. Start working with your color tones and dark areas.

Each oil painters have different techniques when applying colors on their painting surface. As for your still life apple oil painting, best to start working with the dark and mid-tones. The light tones and shades can be last on your working surface.

This helps you build the right setup and underpainting to emphasize the image that you will work on for later. Adding light source on your painting surface is essential and can be done once the darker and middle tones are already in the painting surface.

Step 6. Work on the color tones of your painting.,

This is an important factor for building the form or your design. It can be tricky at times but the tones are vital to have a successful artwork. The best way to enhance your skill as an artist is to work on tones for your paintings.

Easy Tips For Apple Oil Painting
Still-life painting of oil paints – 10 Easy Tips For Apple Oil Painting

With the right balance of every color will give your artwork the effects that you wanted to achieve.

Step 7. Reconstructing the details on your painting surface.

Working with reconstructing the elements on your painting surface allows you to create a unique design and style of your own. It can be hard for a beginner but reconstructing your image and lines allows you to set your personal style as well.

Step 8. Apply those premixed colors on your painting surface.

Work with the larger areas of your artwork and add the most colors that you will use. Then work on small and fine details of colors on your painting surface.

Do not be afraid to remove any colors that you think are not appropriate for your still-life image. You will just learn more when you make more.

Step 9. Play with your brushstrokes.

The best part about working with your oil paints is how you can add to detail the intricate ways to add brush strokes. It can be a stepping stone for beginners to work on this phase.

Step 10. Add more fine details to your painting surface and highlights.

Touch areas that need a little more reworking in there. Remember that working with your painting surface is all about being free to choose and add colors and design the way that you wanted to be.

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