Effective Hacks Of Oil Painting For Kids 1

Effective Hacks Of Oil Painting For Kids

Though they dry slower than any other medium, oil paints have established their reputation since the 1400s and have guaranteed their seat to stardom ever since they were first introduced to the world. With vibrant colors, the texture of such versatility and their amazing buttery mixing component, oil paint is more than just a medium to love and a must try. There are effective hacks of oil painting for kids to get them to engage in this medium.

For beginners, especially kids today, it may seem harder to keep them into moving even a single brush stroke, but that is a norm you shouldn’t worry for even kids will love oil painting too. Here are a few hacks on how to keep them busy with vivid colors and creamy oil paint texture and before you even blink, they love painting with oils already.

Effective Hacks Of Oil Painting For Kids

Prepare The Materials

The most effective hacks of oil painting for kids is a playdate in disguise. You can do this activity with your kids and invite their friends to come along for a playdate, a bonding moment and an art session in one, something they can start talking about. Though there are specific materials for oil painting, there are alternative to these supplies too.  You can break them down to the necessary, optional and alternative tools. That seems fun right? Let’s go.


Effective Hacks Of Oil Painting For Kids
Colorful Paintbrushes – Effective Hacks Of Oil Painting For Kids

Oil Paints

They may be young but start introducing them to color blending theory, that will be the first of many effective hacks of oil painting for kids to get them more familiar with colors, that way you don’t need to purchase a lot of paints but more of the primary colors, implement the mixing process to produce secondary colors, then add some earthy brown and few greens and a lot of white. White will teach them to set tones for each color too, aside from mixing, learning to tone is another skill which if they are equipped will help them in the future painting lessons and sessions.

Paint Brushes

You don’t need to break the bank just to get all those set of brushes for oil painting. Just a few flat and round ones will do, you can even check for paint brushes that can go for oil and acrylic paints, double the purpose of buying your materials too.

Paint Palettes

Effective Hacks Of Oil Painting For Kids
Painters Palette – Effective Hacks Of Oil Painting For Kids

The best one for oil paints are those paint palettes which comes with covers or lid as oil paints don’t dry quickly, they usually last for a few days if they are covered properly, airtight preferably they will last for days of art sessions. Also, wrap your paint palette with paper, that way it will save you time in cleaning and removing dried paints along the way,

Palette Knives

An alternative to painting brushes with oil painting medium is palette knives, they can do double purpose as they can save your paintbrush from getting ruined due to paint mixing. Plus, palette knife can be of good use to painting with oil paints and that is a great skill for some techniques to oil painting, knowing how to paint using palette knife is considered one of the best effective hacks of oil painting for kids tend to learn faster than adults and their imagination once focus, results in superb creations.

Painting Surface

You don’t need to jump ahead instantly with canvas, there are alternative to this material too, you can use paper and prime it with gesso, that way when you start a session exclusively on  oil painting for kids, you don’t need to purchase a lot of canvas, you saved money and you also ignite the artistic side of your kids The trick is, with oil painting you can paint with almost any painting surfaces as long as you prime them with gesso. Plus gesso can be the key to transforming ordinary drawing paper to painting canvas, this effective hacks of oil painting for kids also work well with anyone who will want to try the medium without breaking their pockets of purchasing a lot of materials, good for kids, beginners and even experienced painters of oil paints.

Effective Hacks Of Oil Painting For Kids
Linseed Oil – Effective Hacks Of Oil Painting For Kids


Always go for the odorless turpentine for kid’s safety and your material for thinning paint. It should be used in moderation as it can still harm the air passages due to its fumes, so keep jars or containers of thinner always close and work on an area with good air circulation and ventilation. Though there are quiet alternatives, just that they are costly like rosemary oil and linseed. Though you won’t be needing these on your sessions of oil painting for kids will be focusing more on the application of paints to their canvas.

Optional Supplies

Support Easels

Support Easels are good if you have one, not necessary to be on the list as you are just starting out, they provide a better visual of what you are creating and maybe getting this, in the long run, will be an option too. You can first work with anything that is flat like a table to start with.

Effective Hacks Of Oil Painting For Kids
Easel stand for kids – Effective Hacks Of Oil Painting For Kids

Cleaning Solutions

One of the best and effective hacks of oil painting for kids is to teach them on proper handling and cleaning of their paint brushes at a young age. Tell them that it is always required to clean their paintbrush to prolong the lifespan and functionality, plus clean paintbrush allows them to perform better, however a thorough brush cleaning may depend if you will still be using the same brush the next day, you can use linseed oil to soak your brush and when you are done with art sessions, then thorough cleaning is a must to totally removed all paints in the bristles of your paintbrush.

Alternative Materials For Oil Painting For Kids

Decide if you will be doing the art session with your kids’ friends or not, if the answer is yes, then these alternatives may be available for everyone.

This hacks will save you time and money too;

  • Old magazines can be the best alternative to palette paper, less expensive and you even save the planet, cool right?
  • Acrylic house paints will be a great alternative to prime your paper with gesso too.
  • Those old jars of cookies or containers with a good seal and airtight are best to store used turpentine or solvents.
  • Drawing paper that is already primed with gesso will be the best option instead of getting a canvas, just secure them on the table to work properly, that way you can avoid any unnecessary movements there.
  • Ice cream sticks or popsicles will be a substitute to palette knives, safe for kids, safe for your bank too.
  • If you are looking for an alternative to brush cleaner, that bottle of baby oil will save you from any dilemma.

Now that you have all these alternative materials ready, you will be introducing the color theory to the kids, if they know which is a cold color and which is a warm color and the proper mixing of oil paint to their palettes, oil painting for kids require techniques that  will be learned little by little as they progress in this medium..

Beginners Oil Painting Techniques

Soft Mixing

Oil painting is all about proper mixing and blending of harmonious colors all together without overdoing it. While engaging oil painting for kids at their very young age, you can teach them that with proper mixing, they can create a variety of textures and tones that will end up discovering even a few techniques with mixing their oil paints together.

Brush Strokes Visibility

Oil paintings versatility includes texture and how a single stroke of paint can create the activity of your brushes which provides a rich texture of lines.


Oil paints need to be completely dry before applying another layer for this technique, you can even add depth and texture as you allow the brush strokes to be seen by the naked eye.


This technique is mostly about creating shadows of thin paint and allowing to dry overnight as you work on the highlights before another layer is applied, that technique is layering though.


This is all about using a palette knife for painting, adding thick layers of paint and spreading them on your canvas creating a fine texture and removing some paints away by scraping them off the canvas, this technique is called Sgraffito.

Drip Paint

As from the name itself, let your kids apply enormous paint in one end of their gessoed paper and let it stand for a while until you see a drip of paints flowing into the canvas. For optimum effect, you can even add some thinner or turpentine into your paint brush and stroke the drip paints for a beautiful effect. This is a good technique if you are having sessions of oil painting for kids around the area or kids of the same interest in arts. Remember that to execute effective hacks of oil painting for kids is by allowing them to have fun, create with someone or group of friends and learn from their own mistakes sometimes, like treating them as adults with the responsibility to their oil paints.

With all the flexibility and versatility of oil paints, it is no question why it was embraced by painters since the old days. The quality of oil paint to show you an experiment them and the manipulation of drying time and their properties allows an artist to explore more of this medium. And introducing them to young generations alike is like passing a great skill that was mastered even in ancient times.

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