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8 Most Effective Resources For Watercolor Painting

You are so excited to create your next masterpiece and you want to head over to your sanctuary of creation, your studio to start brushing strokes of colors from your palettes, worry not for we jot down the 8 most effective resources for watercolor painting for your creative watercolor session. Check out this tool guide so your art session will be as smooth as ever and add more inspiration to you today.

You may just need a few materials and supplies however keeping them on hand and ready is a great start to enhance your skills in watercolor painting. Consider keeping these materials for further references for your next bigger projects coming ahead.

8 Most Effective Resources for Watercolor Painting

1. Panel Support

This first on the list of the 8 most effective resources for watercolor painting is your panel support, this is an essential material in your art session. Providing a great touch and support to your watercolor paper so it stays in place while applying all those vivid colors in mind. Plus having this material allows you to take your unfinished masterpiece wherever you go, carry it for more inspiration and motivation. The advantage of moving, tilting and shaking your paper to achieve that one of a kind technique in watercolor paint has made possible with this panel.

The watercolor artist likes their masterpiece in place, safe and secure and having panel support is, I must say, a must-have in your supply. Just tape, staple or even fasten your watercolor paper properly and you are ready to start. You can find cheaper yet of good quality panels on your nearest hardware too.

2. Masking Tape or Staple

This depends on how small or big your preference for creation is, which means if you’ll be working on a smaller canvas of paper, masking tape will do the trick and will help you a lot to hold and secure that paper while you’re creating the best artwork ever. Staples, on the other hand, goes for bigger paintings as they will be needing extra support to keep them in place as you do your craft.

8 Most Effective Resources For Watercolor Painting
Watercolor Masking Fluid

3. Masking Fluid

The next one on the 8 most effective resources for watercolor painting is your masking fluid. This may save the areas of your paper that need to stay neat and clean, lighter and white, just keep in mind that masking fluid is not so friendly with your paintbrush so better be using those older brushes for application.

No need to worry about removing this magic fluid when you’re done with your artwork, just as you really think that all the colors on the paper is dry, a little smooth rub with your fingertips will do the trick in saying goodbye to the masking fluid. Other painters used alternative tools in applying this to their paper, a toothpick or any small wooden thing will do if you don’t have old brushes though.

4. Pencil

Not just the typical pencil you’ll see. One of the 8 most effective resources for watercolor painting is a graphite pencil. Best for sketching little details to start with, though other artist likes it how it is and straightforward to the paper, this goes with your preferences too. Some just draw little to less and light marks for easy erasures, while other leaves the sketch mark to be visible to the eye, as it may add style to the artwork itself. No matter what, use or no used of graphite pencil is for an artist comfort, preference, and style.

If you are torn of what kind of graphite pencil to buy, better get something lighter and softer than ‘2B’ or not over that ‘2H‘, however, it’s still how you press the pencil to the paper will determine the marks that it’ll leave. Grab a good quality sharpener and a kneaded eraser for those quality sketchers for future purposes too. They both go with your watercolor paper.

5. Watercolor Paper

8 most effective resources for watercolor painting
Watercolor paper most effective resources for watercolor painting

Now that we are talking about a pencil, sharpener, and eraser, the next on the list of the 8 most effective resources for watercolor painting is watercolor paper. Put on your shopping cart the watercolor paper, don’t just get any ordinary paper as they won’t be of great fit to your art sessions. Watercolor paints need special paper to handle all the moisture they will be taking as you stroke your brush to them.

Watercolor paper comes in various weights, that depends on how much water it can absorb without getting buckled in the process. You can choose from the three most used paper, rough, hot press, and cold press. All with a different texture for your needs.

Cold press is the most favorite paper most watercolor artists grab in store for this medium. Next is hot press, they showcase a smoother texture than cold ones where strokes of your brush are noticeable when using this kind of paper. The last one is rough, rough as they may seem heavier. With all these kinds of paper, you must remember that the heavier ones [90 lb, 140 lb, and 300 lb] are the most absorbent to water even for multi-layers of wash thus adding extra cost for their weight as well.

6. Palette

Since you will be doing a lot of mixing with watercolor, getting a good quality palette is a great investment as well, try grabbing the plastic with multiple sections so it can accommodate more paint mixture that you’ll be needing for each session. There are available paper palettes however, you don’t want to just throw away your leftover paint mixture for you might need them sooner too.

7. Paint Brushes

Don’t forget those hand extensions for expressing your deepest emotions. Investing in a good kind of brush is a big yes. And that is why it is of the 8 most effective resources for watercolor painting, you don’t need to grab all sets all at once, just a few important and useful ones for the moment.

8 most effective resources for watercolor painting
Watercolor abstract painting most effective resources for watercolor painting

Go for softer brushes, they are artist favorite, be it a synthetic or natural hairbrush, they are both good in a respective way, though the difference is that natural hair brushes tend to accumulate more paint than synthetic, but synthetic last longer than natural.

8. Watercolor Paints

If you are just beginning your watercolor painting journey, many may have told you to get the less expensive ones, but honestly, better get the good quality ones, not just for you but for your artworks too. Less expensive colors produce less quality that may even lead to frustrating art sessions, and we don’t want that though. Art is an expression of love, of doing what you love, which means, you are creating a beautiful masterpiece, so you deserve the best quality all the time. Grab those paints and mark them out on the 8 most effective resources for watercolor painting list of yours and start splashing vibrant colors!

There are three kinds of watercolor paints to choose from, you can go for a tube pain which offers quite strong colors that you need to add extra more water if you desire too, those comes in the pan are common for they are easier to wake up when you’re painting, they call them to cake at some point and the gouache, this can actually stand alone by its strong colors, either way, if you feel comfortable with this is great as well, most likely in a tube as well.

Don’t forget those containers of clean water as well for they will play a great role in your every session, plus a scratch paper to test the colors before applying them to your artwork and old clothes to dry those paintbrushes before jumping into the next color to avoid the unwanted stain from the previous color though. Though some grab their sets of paper towels too, well that depends on your preferences and which suits you. Have a great painting session!

There you are, did we miss out on something that is on your list too? Let us know, and you have a great painting session ahead. 


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