Essential Steps To Fix Acrylic Painting 1

Essential Steps To Fix Acrylic Painting

You are in a dilemma if you will start with a new canvas or stay with the previous one that you are doing. Don’t be to harsh on yourself as we give you essential steps to fix acrylic painting if when you want to and when you needed to.

When we start a new canvas for painting and when can you fix that one canvas you accidentally had a mistake on? Or should you just leave that canvas in the corner till your inspiration and emotion is ready to start over again? There are many ways we can fix and cover acrylic paintings in case you have one and start over again. Let me show you how to.

Essential Steps to Fix Acrylic Painting

There are great essential steps to fix acrylic painting if in case you are caught in a situation that you felt something is wrong. You have this massive idea of a certain object and you are really inspired with that and wanted to capture it in your canvas, that was like a couple of days ago and as you are staring at your painting surface, it is just off and you feel like covering it all or starting over to a new idea that is itching down to be executed.

Essential Steps To Fix Acrylic Painting
Essential Steps To Fix Acrylic Painting

The white paint is in your hand and ready to cover everything. With all those moments and inspiration flew away and a new one is fresh and awaiting, yes you can definitely do that. However, there are just some few things you need to reminisce to before you get excited covering the first idea.

How To Fix and Cover Acrylic Painting

Before jumping into fixing and repainting, consider these first:

  1. Time and Effort

The first of the few essential steps to fix acrylic painting is coverage. Though you have decided to completely cover the whole canvas with your white acrylic paints. It usually takes quiet time and effort before you can be finished with a new painting surface. It takes at least two painting coats to cover the rest of the colors that was under it. And sometimes, you will be needing to add extra more coats for pigments that have stronger hues or pigments in your canvas.

  1. Repaint canvas will be Slippery

Remember that acrylic paints are commonly made out of plastic-based materials. And once an acrylic paint is painted layer over another layer, they usually tend to be harder and makes a shiny surface. Painting with a hard and shiny plus slippery surface is almost impossible and harder for you. This will completely be absurd and beyond challenging,

Essential Steps To Fix Acrylic Painting
Essential Steps To Fix Acrylic Painting
  1. No more canvas glow on its ground

Once you have decided to paint the whole canvas white and covered all the acrylic paints under, remember that it is also a layering technique. That means, it is not really a new canvas like the first time that you painted. It is just like adding one more layer of paint and the absorbency of the canvas has lost. You cannot retain that same effect on the painting ground as the beginning. Acrylic paints are water soluble when wet but stay permanent once dried up.

  1. Chalky Painting

Once you have finished painting the whole canvas with white acrylic paint for coverage, expect the whole painting surface to have that chalk like feeling.

  1. It will look new but it won’t feel like new.

Take note that once covering has done, it will not really feel the same way again. You have lost the tooth of your painting surface. The paint application will not be the same as the new canvas too. Your brush strokes will not work as to how you want them to be, like the first time with a plain new canvas with painting surface’s tooth still available. With these essential steps to fix acrylic painting, it will not just help you but open new ideas too.

  1. No more watercolor painting techniques

Essential Steps To Fix Acrylic Painting
Acrylic painting – Essential Steps To Fix Acrylic Painting

Mixing a new media for a covered canvas won’t work however you planned it to be. Since your canvas will be water resistant, watery painting media will be no-no now. Though keep in mind that one of the best and most wonderful parts of the painting is experimentation with mix media, using an already used canvas won’t just be the right material for that.

Tricks and Essential Steps to Fix Acrylic Painting

Every painter came to the point in their lives that they had committed mistakes over a painting. You might feel like something is just not right on this certain canvas and maybe try fixing it. Worse, you just want to repaint and cover the whole canvas again and start over. Like the new canvas that you just purchased. Acrylic painting, on the other hand, is not just like that. Not as easy as it may sound and as you can see.

I suggest you don’t regret keeping that canvas on the side, well it depends on the kind of ‘fix’ and covering it needs. You can always repaint and find different tips and hacks for essential steps to fix acrylic painting, correct all those small mistakes that you feel like is not right. However, a good piece of advice is not the whole canvas itself.

If you feel like you want to save money from getting a new painting surface or trying new hacks to repaint a canvas so it will look and feel like brand new. For acrylic painting, it does not really work like that.

Embrace Every Mistake

It can be frustrating at times however, look at it like you really are painting a new canvas. It is a fresh start.  Not just for you but for the new ideas plus the previous knowledge that you gain from the mistakes that you had from the previous painting sessions that you did. Take this as a piece of friendly advice, you actually didn’t lose money. You gained extra more knowledge and that will stay with you for as long as you can remember.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. There may be tons of essential steps to fix acrylic painting and expect more mistakes every day. You are not the only one who made mistakes. Sometimes you will need more of that to refine your skills and be the better version of yourself.

Keep all your previous canvas on hand and always there to remind you of how the process had to help you. Fixing acrylic painting is a great step. Learning a new skill is better and doing both adds more experience to you. Once you have gained more experience and knowledge than before, then maybe repainting, fixing and covering will come handy to you.

Record your progress and create more. Remember that mistakes are part of everyone’s life for them to learn more.

Additional Tips For Acrylic Painting

Prime Your Canvas With Gesso

What is Gesso?

Gesso is traditionally used to coat or prime a painting surface so that the paint will easily be absorbed by the surface itself. Acrylic gesso consists of chalk with a binder, pigment or color and other kinds of chemicals that can guarantee the painting surface flexibility and adds additional life for the painting surface to last longer.

Essential Steps To Fix Acrylic Painting
Gesso – Essential Steps To Fix Acrylic Painting

You don’t really need to prime your painting surface with gesso as you are painting with acrylics. However, it adds a great feeling and you will definitely enjoy your painting session more. With all of those essential steps to fix acrylic painting, definitely, it will be a rewarding process as you move along with gained knowledge for fixing your canvas.

You can add extra color to your gesso before application to your canvas if you want to. Just mix the paint color that you desired and the gesso to create the tint you preferred. If you don’t have extra time to do so, you can just purchase a pre-primed canvas and go straight painting as well. If you want to create a smooth finished surface, the trick is just to sand it over. Do it outside to avoid inhalation of the dust particles and for security and health reason.

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