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Canvas had been one of the most traditionally used painting surface on any painting medium nowadays. Though there is a different artist who uses different kinds of painting surface which depends on their preferences, style and the characteristics of painting medium that they are using. On this excellent guide for painting in wood or hardboard will give you the advantages and disadvantages and what types of wood or hardboard should you use especially if you are working with oil paints.

What are the benefits or advantages and disadvantages of using wood or hardboard in your paintings? What is the difference between wood or hardboard to other painting surfaces? Is this excellent guide for painting and wood or hardboard will help you further understand the properties and composition of this painting surface especially for oil painting?

The Best And Excellent Guide For Painting in Wood Or Hardboard Especially With Oil Paints

Excellent Guide For Painting In Wood or Hardboard
Excellent Guide For Painting In Wood or Hardboard

This excellent guide for painting in wood or hardboard especially with oil paints will help you understand the benefits of using this painting surface. There are great benefits that you can get from hardboard or wood especially if you are using oil paints or any other painting mediums such as acrylics. The sturdier characteristics of wood or hardboard are best for oil paints to prevent them from any possible cracks or peeling along the way.

One of the best-known facts of using wood or hardboard for oil painting is the evidence of paintings that you see that are made a long time ago. The quality of the painting surface makes it possible for the paintings to survive different factors over time.

If you are wondering what is hardboard, then that it is another term which is commonly known as a wood panel or hardwood in painting. There are some hardwood or panels which are necessarily used for paintings and some panels that are not good for painting. The best hardwood or wood panels that are used for oil paintings are made up of oak trees,  birch tree and mahogany are among the examples. Cedarwood panel is another great quality to use for oil painting.

The characteristics plus these excellent guide for painting in wood or hardboard will help you create amazing and dynamic oil paints with proper materials of the highest quality.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Wood Or Hardboard On You Oil Paintings

Excellent Guide For Painting In Wood or Hardboard
Excellent Guide For Painting In Wood or Hardboard

One of the great advantages of using hardwood or panels is the cost or price which is not as much as using painting canvas. On this excellent guide for painting in wood or hardboard, it will allow you to have pieces of information about these certain materials and what are the benefits it can give you like an oil painter. The sturdy surface of the wood panel allows artists to work with them properly especially with oil paints. For working with small sizes of the wood panel then it is not a problem as the more it becomes larger than the heavier it is.

With these unique characteristics of wood panels or hardboard, most oil painters preferred to use this material for their oil painting sessions. With the smooth surface that wood panels or hardboards have, allows the paint to be applied or glide properly and artist can manipulate them easily. Plus you can easily move them around if you wanted to work from one place to another.

With every painting materials, there are also some disadvantages that you can encounter along the way. This excellent guide for painting in wood or hardboard will also tackle that aspect for artists to know and be informed of the other possible disadvantages of using wood panels or hardwood.

One of the most common disadvantages of wood panels is there wave especially if you are working on a larger size. Another thing is you should have to give them support or framed as a long time wood panels or hardwood will tend to bend. You have to apply or prime the painting surface to make sure that you are protecting your painting from any possible yellowing of paints as they tend to be absorbed with acids.

Excellent Guide For Painting In Wood or Hardboard
Excellent Guide For Painting In Wood or Hardboard

You can easily get wood panels or hardboards to any store that sell wood. It is best to get a raw wood panel instead of a tempered wood panel because of its rawness and fibrous surface that has the best absorbency level that any painting surface that is already primed. You can do it yourself the priming method afterward.

The Difference Of Wood Or Hardboard To Other Painting Surfaces

There are different kinds of wood panels or hard boards that you can choose from as your painting surface. This excellent guide for painting in wood or hardboard will also teach you the different types of wood panels that you can choose from for your oil painting sessions.

Masonite, plywood and hollow core hardwoods are among the few kinds of wood panels that you can choose from for your oil paintings. They are different from the materials and wood types that they are made from.

How To Prepare Your Wood Or Hardboard To Prime

On this excellent guide for painting in wood and hardboard, it will also help you on have you should prepare your wood or hardboard to be prime or apply acrylic gesso on it.

There are different methods on how you should prepare your wood panels or hardboard for priming. You can make the most of preparing your wood panels in one go with a lot or a number of panels to prepare. That depends on your preference and the sizes of each hardboard that you will use. You can use an electric saw for your hardwood. If you do not have this kind of tools than it is ok as long as you can try cutting the pieces of wood panels on the store where you will buy them. Most stores that sell wood offers a service from the size of wood panels that you prefer which they will personally cut for you using their electric saw.

You will have two sides of wood panels to paint on depending on your style preference. You can choose the smooth surface or the other one with a fibrous surface where you needed to stand to smooth that certain painting surface. Any sides will work for your oil paintings.

Excellent Guide For Painting In Wood or Hardboard
Excellent Guide For Painting In Wood or Hardboard

There are different requirements on how you can create an amazing wood panel for your oil painting. However, it is traditionally required at least three coats of acrylic gesso for each wood panels to create that absorbent layer for your painting. Sanding in between layers of acrylic gesso will also provide a unique texture like of the paper or any painting canvas. With proper preparation for your wood panels, you can create a smooth surface just like a glass.

The layers of paint and the sanding process of your wood panels depends on your preferences and style for painting. Since we will be doing a number of wood panels for preparation then you can try different styles as well. Like you can apply multiple layers of acrylic gesso on your first wood panel without sanding in between and you can do the opposite on the next wood panel.

For best results of your wood panels, you can prime both sides to protect or seal the wood panels from any possible deterioration. To prevent your wood panel or hardboard from getting warm or bent it is best to bring them or give support in between all of its corners

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