Gilded watercolor painting

Gilded Watercolor Painting Tutorial In 8 Easy Steps

Gilded watercolor painting is a must-try piece of artwork. It is a great sight to look forward to. The gold designs on the bottom or anywhere you wanted to place make you feel good by staring at it.

What are the factors that affect a successful gilded watercolor painting? What materials should you prepare for your gilded watercolor painting for beginners? Can you use monochrome kinds of watercolor for the gilded watercolor painting?

Gilded Watercolor Painting

Gilded watercolor painting is a must-try not just for beginners but for most artists. It is all about covering or designing your artwork with pieces of gold or gold-like materials. There are no limitations to how you can use your gilding technique. Just like with gilded watercolor painting.

Choosing the colors for your background can be daunting but relaxing if you don’t take it too hard. You can start with almost any idea that pops your imagination.

Either you create a gilded watercolor painting with vibrant colors or with monochromatic colors. The trick is the gold dust or design will be your highlight.

There are different ways on how you can use gilded watercolor painting with any style. You can create a rainbow design or even flowers and butterflies. There really is no limit to your inspiration.

Before you begin your gilded watercolor painting, it is essential to prepare your materials first. So what are the basic materials that you will use with this type of design?

Materials Needed For Gilded Watercolor Painting

When it comes to watercolors, there surely be a lot of options for decorations. Starting off with simple designs to a more pro-like painting. Watercolors transparency allows the artist to explore the painting medium.

Gilded watercolor painting tutorial
Gilded design – Gilded Watercolor Painting Tutorial In 8 Easy Steps

Before you work on your gilded watercolor painting, prepare first the following materials:

  • Watercolor paints – this can be either in tubes or pans. The colors vary on your style or preference.
  • Watercolor paper – use a 140 lb weight of paper for this painting design. On the other hand, you can also use any watercolor paper that you are most comfortable working with.
  • Paintbrush – you can use a small and medium-size watercolor paintbrush
  • Masking tape – you can also use painter’s tape for this activity
  • Metal leaf adhesive
  • Gold metal leaf
  • Water to rinse your paintbrush and wet your watercolors

Factors To Consider For A Successful Watercolor Gilded Design

For this activity, it is best to tape your watercolor paper on a flat surface. This will prevent the paper from warping or buckling. The masking tape or painter’s tape will keep your watercolor paper in place.

The taped watercolor paper will allow you to work on the edges of your design easily. You can apply your watercolors properly.

Once you have decided on which design should you work on, prepare the colors that you will need. For example, you can work on rainbow designs and prepare seven different colors.

Gilded watercolor painting
A stunning design with gilding – Gilded Watercolor Painting Tutorial In 8 Easy Steps

Before you apply your watercolors on your painting surface, it is best to try them on a piece of paper first. This will allow you to see the colors properly. You can modify their colors if you wanted to.

Once done testing your colors, you can start to apply them. You can also prepare first your watercolor appr by applying a thin wash of water on top of it.

Using Monochrome Watercolors For Your Design

You can also use a few colors for your gilded watercolor painting. It is with your style that you can make a nice design. Whether you are using a colorful palette or monochrome colors.

Step By Step Gilded Watercolor Painting Tutorial

Gilded watercolor painting is a design that you can try if you are new to watercolors. There are different ways in how you can incorporate the gold in. You can experiment by adding a few intricate designs or just simple designs.

To help you work on your designs, you can follow these easy steps for gilded watercolor painting.

Step 1. Prepare your watercolor paper. This can be done by securing it with masking tape on a flat surface.

The masking tape or painter’s tape will secure the paper from warping as you work.

Step 2. Prepare your watercolors. Choose the colors that you will work on with your design.

Gilded watercolor painting can be from vibrant colors to monochrome. Test your colors first on scratch paper. This will give you an overview of how they look in the paper.

Step 3. Wet your watercolor paper with water.

Preparing your watercolor paper to help colors spread evenly on the painting surface. Start applying colors on your painting surface.

Gilded watercolor painting
Watercolor gilded painting – Gilded Watercolor Painting Tutorial In 8 Easy Steps

The trick is to work faster as your ground is still wet. If the watercolor paper dried, then you can rewet it over again until you are done.

Step 4. Let the painting surface be completely be dried up. This will allow the other elements to stick to the painting surface.

Step 5. Apply the metal leaf adhesive with a paintbrush. It is best to use a synthetic or even an old brush for application.

You can create a design of your choice with the metal leaf adhesive. The gold medal leaf will stick on all the areas where you add the adhesive.

Step 6. Wait for a few minutes until your metal leaf adhesive is quite tacky.

Step 7. Place the gold metal leaf at the top of your painting.

Make sure that the whole adhesive part is covered with gold. You do not need to make this a perfect process for the first time. As long as you are enjoying it at the same time.

Step 8. Remove all the excess metal leaves that didn’t stick.

You can use your paintbrush to do this. You can see that all the areas you applied your metal adhesive are all covered with gold metal leaf.

The trick with gilded watercolor painting is you anticipate the designs with the adhesive application. You can create different designs with regards to how you wanted them to look like.

Gilded watercolor painting
Stunning design of gilding – Gilded Watercolor Painting Tutorial In 8 Easy Steps

You can even use your gold metal leaf or gliding technique with outlining certain designs. It will surely look stunning.

There are a lot of ways on how you can make the most with the watercolor gliding technique. It is just how you wanted to create the design. All you need is an experiment and exploration with this type of design.

Watercolor is a transparent type of painting medium. There are also different ways of how you can be mixed with other elements and media. From different designs and painting techniques, you can enhance your skills easily with watercolor painting.

The trick and tips with any painting medium are to continuously experiment and work with them. The more you blend colors on your artwork, the more you will understand each color as well.

Even if you are a beginner with this painting style, you can easily work on them. It is just how you will work on each design, one at a time. You can also be a seasonal artist with a twist.

Work with different designs and add different painting styles together. Just like the gilding technique added to a spring or autumn tree design. You can also work with pine trees and agate.

Have fun painting and create more designs with watercolors.





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