How to Clean a Paintbrush

How to Clean a Paintbrush

Who would want to clean their paintbrushes right away after using them? It might sound a tiring one but cleaning your paintbrush after using them sounds practical. Even if you have a lot of money to buy paint brushes, it isn’t practical at all disposing of them every after use. Learn how to clean a paintbrush properly, to ensure that your paintbrush has a long lifespan with these tips.

How to Clean a Paintbrush

How to Clean a Paintbrush

Not only that it is unsightly to see a dirty paintbrush but also it is not that practical to just leave them mashed up in paint, dripping with color, and skipping freely across a canvas.

A happy painter is often associated with a clean brush for them to start using their paintbrushes right away when beautiful thoughts of a subject strike through. It’s important to take good care of your paintbrushes so that you can enjoy one another’s company for a long time to come!

So to keep your paintbrushes happy, remember these tips:

How to Clean a Paintbrush: Never let the paint dry out on the paintbrush.

How to Clean a Paintbrush

One of the most important things to remember in terms of brush care is that when working with acrylics is that acrylic paint dries very quickly. So the moment that you are done using your paintbrushes, you need to clean them. You should always keep your brush wet or moist. Whatever you do – don’t let the paint dry on the brush!

Remember that the longer it is allowed to dry on the brush, the harder the paint will become, which makes it more difficult for you to remove it. Dried acrylic paint on a brush basically ruins the brush, effectively turning it into a crusty stump. Even if you know how to clean a paintbrush, but you don’t practice good maintenance on them, you will always end up buying a new set because you are not taking care of them carefully.

Because acrylics dry so quickly and you would want to avoid letting the paint dry on the brush, try to work by using one brush at a time. Or if you need to use more than one, make sure to keep a close eye on the ones that are not in use.

Occasionally dip them in water and shake off the excess, just to keep them moist. Always keep them moist in order to avoid them from hardening. Rest them across the rim of my cup of water. As soon as you are done using one of the brushes, I’ll thoroughly clean it before continuing with the painting.

How to Clean a Paintbrush: Don’t get paint on the ferrule

The ferrule of a brush is the metal band that connects the bristles to the handle and the crimp is the part of the ferrule that secures it to the handle. Ferrules can be made from tin, aluminum, brass, or copper alloys that are nickel or chrome plated. Better quality brushes have a brass or copper alloy ferrule. You see that silvery bit that connects the hairs of the brush with the handle? That us the ferrule.

In general, try not to get paint on the ferrule. When paint gets on the ferrule, it’s usually connected in a large blob between the ferrule and the hairs, and the result is that the hairs will spread apart and wind up frayed. So try your best not to get paint on this part of the brush!

How to Clean a Paintbrush

How to Clean a Paintbrush: Don’t rest your paintbrush with bristles down in a cup of water

This is another important rule in caring for your brushes, never leave your brush with the hairs down in a cup of water – not even for a few minutes. This will cause the hairs to bend and or fray and go all wonky.

This problem on brushes is irreversible and the bristles will stay that way. If your brushes are precious to you, then this is a definite no-no. Even if the hairs don’t bend, the hairs will still spread in the water and become frayed and puffed when dry. It will basically never be the same paintbrush ever again and we are sure that you wouldn’t want to be buying brusher over and over again.

How to Clean a Paintbrush: Caring for Brushes

If you often use more than one paintbrush at a time, it is best to place the brushes that are on stand-by in such a way that the bristles are not touching your palette or tabletop, especially if there is paint on the brush.

You need to lay them horizontally with the bristles hanging over the edge of your work table. This is the most practical thing to do when working in a place where the floor is either protected or allowed to get paint stains. You can rest the paintbrushes in the grooves, which will keep the bristles raised. The brush holder is heavy enough that it won’t slide around or easily fall over.

Getting a paintbrush holder is another solution for keeping your paintbrushes upright and easily accessible whilst painting. This will also serve as a safe solution for transporting your beloved paintbrushes.  This brush holder folds up to protect your brushes during transport, and when you’re ready to paint, simply pull the drawstring elastic to prop the holder upright, it makes your paintbrushes easy to reach. 

How to Clean a Paintbrush: How to Maintain Brushes when you need to go on break?

While painting, we can’t avoid circumstances such as getting an emergency call, or you really need to go somewhere or even going to the comfort room and so on. Sometimes these unexpected things happen. What should you do?

You need to quickly swish your paintbrush in water, then squeeze out the excess paint and water in a paper towel or rag. Then quickly swish it again in the water and leave it gently resting across the rim of your water cup. It is a quick thing to do if you’re gone for a while, the brush will stand a better chance of being saved. 

Hairs of your brush may get tinted to whatever color you’ve been using. This is actually normal and there is nothing to worry about. The stained color is already locked into the bristles, so the color won’t stain or intermix with your paint the next time you use it. As long as you know how to take care of your paintbrushes, they will surely last longer.

How to Clean a Paintbrush
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Caring for your paintbrush is mainly a matter of common sense in reality. If you treasure your tools and you know how to treat them well, of course, they will last longer. Just follow these tips and you will have a set of happy paintbrushes.

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