How To Fix Pastel Painting With Fixatives

How To Fix Pastel Painting With Fixatives

Pastels are known for the rich and vibrant colors that they produce. There are many ways on how you can fix pastel painting using different materials. One of that is spray fixatives. Since pastels are made of pure pigments and less binder in them. They are relatively known to not hold too much on the painting surface. That is why if you know how to fix pastel painting will save you and your works from any possible damage. The most common damage for pastel painting is them being smudge.

Does fixative help pastel painting from getting smudged? Is fixative safe for pastel painting? Are there any alternative materials that can be used to fix pastel painting? What’re the best tips to use to safely transport your pastel painting without getting damage?

How To Fix Pastel Painting With Fixatives

It is always been an issue on how you can fix pastel painting using fixatives. There are many possible effects that it can cause to your pastel paintings as well. One of those is the changes of pastel painting colors into a darker one. The darkness of pastel painting colors has been a long argument using fixative. However, these side effects can be avoided with the use of proper fixative and knowledge to the lightfastness of your colors. Remember that fixatives were made to help fix pastel painting in the first place.

How To Fix Pastel Painting With Fixatives
How To Fix Pastel Painting With Fixatives

The main reason fixatives were applied to a pastel painting is to make sure that it holds on the painting surface properly. There are many artists who are against using fixatives with their painting. They tend to keep their pastel paintings as they are without any fixing or corrections made. Aside from using fixatives, you can also frame your pastel painting. In the long run, if you are using the right materials for your painting then they will last for a longer time.

Proper handling and usage of the right materials will lead to a great effect. To fix your pastel painting with fixative is always an option for an artist. If you prefer to use fixative to fix your pastel painting, make sure that you always get the right product for it. There are many fixatives available in the market for different painting medium. Remember to get pastel painting fixative if you are using pastel as your medium.

Don’t be confused with getting the right fixative for your pastel paint. Avoid using oil pastel fixative or colored pencil fixative for your pastel medium. You can check on the label the one that says workable fixative to fix your pastel painting. This type of fixative allows you to work on top of it after it gets dry. that means when you applied the fixative on top of your pastel painting, you can still add another layer on it. You can also check on the label of your fixative if it allows for a shiny or glossy finish.

If you will be using fixative to fix pastel painting, it is best to work outdoors. So that you don’t have to inhale the chemical or fumes that it produces. take note that fixative sometimes contains alcohol which is also flammable. Proper precaution is always advised if you are using chemicals for your painting session.

How To Fix Pastel Painting With Fixatives
How To Fix Pastel Painting With Fixatives

There are many ways on how you can apply fixatives on your pastel painting. You can spray them directly on your pastel painting surface. Make sure that you do it back and forth without going over again on the same area that you have applied fixatives. As much as possible, cover the whole surface with thin layers without soaking it with fixatives. you can apply another layer of fixative once the first layer is completely dried.

Another option for it is to lay flat your painting surface and spray it. You can apply the fixative on or above the painting surface and let the fixative settle down. the gravity will play an important role in pulling the fixatives into the painting surface.

Make sure that you have shaken the fixatives before applying it to your painting surface.

Spray Fixatives To Fix Pastel Painting From Any Possible Damage

Fixatives are known to fix pastel painting from any possible damage. The most common damage that pastel paintings happen to them is being a smudge. Pastels are known for the rich and luminous vibrant colors. They consist mostly of pigment on them with less binder.

Using fixatives or spray fixative to fix pastel paintings allows the paint to hold onto the painting surface. That way you can avoid any possible smudge or damage to your pastel painting. The main reason you are using fixatives to your pastel painting is to protect and prevent the paints from falling apart.

If you haven’t use fixative yet with your pastel paintings it is best to try it first on a piece of paper. Proper handling and knowledge of fixatives are a must, especially for beginners. If you want to see the outcome of the fixative to the colors of your pastels try it first in a scratch paper. Spray the fixative with the same colors that were on your final painting. remember that fixatives are used to fix pastel painting and not damage them.

Always check the labels before any application to all your paintings.

Alternative Materials To Use For Pastel Painting

How To Fix Pastel Painting With Fixatives
How To Fix Pastel Painting With Fixatives

There are also a lot of alternative materials use to fix pastel painting. If you don’t want to go with fixatives, you can try hairspray. Hairspray is less expensive than fixative. Always get the unscented one that doesn’t have any oil or conditioner in them.

If spray fixative is not your option to fix pastel painting then that’s okay. You can frame your finish pastel painting if you want to. there is always a standard frame option for every pastel painting. Other pastel painting artists for their finished art piece using glassine paper. Some use bubble wrap to protect the upper layer of the pastel painting. Especially if they need to transport the painting from one place to another.

Glassine paper is commonly used by art exhibitor for every painting that needs to be transferred from one place to another. However, glassine can rub on top of your pastel paintings and can damage them as well.

Pastel paintings are delicate that needs proper attention especially if you are transporting them. If you want to securely keep your pastel paint in one place it is best to sandwich them. Use a hardboard covered with glassine that doesn’t touch the surface. Make sure that the glassine paper or bubble wrap has enough space between the painting surface.

Tips To Safely Transport Your Pastel Paintings

If you will be transporting your pastel paintings from one place to another. You can use these tips to securely protect the upper layer from getting smudged.

How To Fix Pastel Painting With Fixatives
How To Fix Pastel Painting With Fixatives

You can sandwich your pastel painting in-between hardboard that has mount spacers like the ones in frames. That way you can avoid anything that may touch the pastel painting surface. You can now transport your pastel painting securely from one place to another.

Most art exhibit or an artist use bubble wrap and glassine to protect the upper layer of their paintings. However, glassine is the best option for pastel paintings. Some artists even choose to frame their pastel paintings for security purposes.

All of these tips on how to fix pastel painting depends on the artist preferences. Some artists use fixative for their pastel paintings while others don’t. Some artists framed their pastel paintings to protect them while others choose not to. Others use glassine and sandwich them in between to protect the painting services. If you are a beginner to pastel painting, then you can check for all of these alternatives and options. Go for the one that suits you best.

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