How To Paint A Bird With Watercolors In 9 Easy Steps!

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How to paint a bird with watercolors allows the artists to explore with color applications. Since watercolors are transparent, you must start with the lightest color going to the darkest to create depth and value.

How to paint a bird with watercolors? What are the materials that you will need to paint a bird with watercolors? What are the factors and skills that you will develop in regards to this tutorial of how to paint a bird with watercolors?

How To Paint A Bird With Watercolors

Paint a bird with watercolors
Watercolor ideas for bird – How To Paint A Bird With Watercolors In 9 Easy Steps!

There are a lot of benefits that you can get when you paint a bird with watercolors. These also allow the artist skills to develop and enhance the color mixing predictions. Since watercolors are transparent, working with light, form, and value is essential.

The depth of your watercolor painting will depend on your ability to work with watercolor’s characteristics. This also improves your knowledge of color tones and shades.

It may be a simple exercise but how you paint a bird with watercolors is stunning. Check out the right materials and factors to consider for a successful watercolor painting.

The application of colors also depends on each artist for intensity and value to their artwork. This can also affect the texture of the painting with the right application.

On this tutorial on how to paint a bird with watercolors, you might have to move out of your comfort zone. Try to explore and experiment with a few painting styles to achieve a unique scene for your painting subject.

Essential Materials That You Will Need On How To Paint A Bird With Watercolors Successfully

Now that you have an insight on how to paint a bird with watercolors, we will need to prepare some materials. These materials are essential to a successful watercolor painting.


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It is best to always use the right materials for every painting medium. That also goes with watercolors, choosing the right watercolor paper, for example, allows the artist to paint without worrying that the surface may warp with excess water application.

There are different types of watercolor paper to choose from. The hot-press, cold-press, and rough surface watercolor paper. you can also try to paint with each type. That way you will see which one is ideal for your unique style for paint applications.

They say that it is best to work with the heavyweight watercolor paper as they are more absorbent. However, it is still with the artist’s style that they can make the most of each painting materials.

For your watercolor paintbrush, find something from small and medium-size brushes. The small ones are commonly used for fine details and final touch. But surely you can work on them anytime for your painting. Synthetic brushes can be started if you are just beginning with watercolors.

A kneaded eraser is another material that you will use. The steps on how to paint a bird with watercolors will need you to sketch a few lines for reference. An eraser is also needed for later use.

A pencil will also be needed as you will need to sketch your subject image. This is essential especially if you are just beginning with watercolor techniques. It will help you start off easily. Make sure to just do a light sketch of the image that you wanted to work.

Paint a bird with watercolors
Ideas for watercolor bird tutorial – How To Paint A Bird With Watercolors In 9 Easy Steps!

A masking tape or painters tape is optional. This can be used to secure your watercolor paper while you are working. It will also prevent your watercolor paper from warping.

On the contrary, whether you are working with watercolor pans or tubes depends on your style and your personal preference. You can try working on both types of watercolor to see which one will be most convenient for you to use.

Before you begin applying paint, check your watercolors first if you are content with their colors. You can do this with a piece of paper to see how they look on the paper.

Paper towel is also used to remove any excess water or paint on your paintbrush.

A jar of clean water is a must to rinse your paintbrush. This can also be used for thin your watercolors in case you will need to modify their tones or shades.

Easy Step By Step Painting Tutorial For Beginners On How To Paint A Bird With Watercolors

Once you have prepared all your materials then we begin. This tutorial on how to paint a bird with watercolors can help you develop a lot of skills.



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Step 1 Sketching a light image

Start with sketching a light image of your bird’s contour. You can also add on your outline the tree branch where your bird is currently standing. 

Once you have finished sketching the whole picture on your watercolor paper, you can use the kneaded eraser to lift the outline. It will leave the shapes that you will use for your painting.

Step 2 Start applying paint on your outlined image.

The color that you will use on how to paint a bird with watercolors varies on the type of bird that you will make. Apply a light layer of paint on your image.

For this process, you can work with your medium-size paintbrush. Start off with the lightest color application with watercolor painting.

This is essential as it will be easier to fix watercolors and lift them off with light colors. Then you can work with darker colors later on.

Step 3 Work on a new layer of darker shades

Paint a bird with watercolors
Painting a bird with watercolors – How To Paint A Bird With Watercolors In 9 Easy Steps!

Work with adding depth and value by working with a new layer of darker shades of paints.

You can see that your bird is starting to have a form with the new set of dark colors you added. You can also work on your bird’s head and chest.

Make sure that you are still working with the light colors. This will still be transparent when they dried.

Step 4 Make darker mixture

Apply a darker mixture of color for your bird’s eyes and bill.

There may be a few colors left on your paintbrush to work with the head’s shadow.

Use a darker color to create a shadow under your bird’s eye and bill. This will create value over your artwork.

Step 5 Work with birds wing

Start working with your bird’s wing by using a different color.


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Work with the strokes that duplicate the texture of the bird’s wings. This can also help you highlight the details to form value and texture.

Step 6 Add dark colored value and shadow

Add more dark-colored to create value and shadow. This will also give the illusion and emphasize your wing’s texture and form.

Step 7 Work on your bird’s legs

Work on your bird’s legs by adding darker values of tones and shades.

You can now start adding stronger colors to emphasize your highlights.

Step 8 Work tree branch with texture

Paint a bird with watercolors
Bird ideas – How To Paint A Bird With Watercolors In 9 Easy Steps!

Work with your tree branch with texture duplicating by the paint application.

Use light colors first and add darker color later on. Work while your surface is still wet and pull some colors off.

Add water on your tree branch and lift them off with a paper towel. This will give you a unique texture.

Add additional darker shades of colors under the tree branch where your bird is standing.

Work with your background by using different shades of green or mixture of colors from your tree branch.

To create an illusion of light that has been filtered on your painting. Work with the areas around your bird and background by adding water. Then lift it off using a paper towel.

You can see the stunning effects.

Step 9 Details of your bird

Work with details of your bird. The head, eyes, bill, and features for the final touch.

There you go, these easy tutorial on how to paint a bird with watercolors will help you enhance your skills.

Not just with color mixing but a new painting technique of lifting colors to create a unique texture.


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