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How to Paint A Pumpkin Using Acrylic Paints

As Halloween is fast approaching, it is ideal to know how to paint a pumpkin using acrylic paints for a change. This season is a great way to discover new ideas and designs that everyone will surely love to see. The best part is, it may look overwhelming but the easy steps on how to paint a pumpkin using acrylic paints as best for beginners too.

What are the easy steps on how to paint a pumpkin using acrylic paints? Are there factors to consider to achieve a nice effect with your acrylics and pumpkin as the subject image? Can this tutorial be done by a beginner?

How To Paint A Pumpkin Using Acrylic Paints

In this tutorial on how to paint a pumpkin using acrylic paints, you will discover new techniques that will enhance your skills in painting. All you have to do is prepare the essential materials and get to know the important factors when working with acrylics and you are good to go.

Since Halloween is fast approaching, we think that working with something that is seasonal will give you lots of inspiration. And we will try to keep it as simple for you to follow these easy steps. The first thing you have to remember is that you have to enjoy what you are doing. That way, you will easily get inspiration from it and have the best results coming from you.

Working with acrylic paints will help you get things done. This is because the acrylic paints composition dry faster than any other painting medium. They also go on almost any painting surface. As long as it is not that greasy or oily. You can also prime your canvas using acrylic gesso or just purchased a ready to use pre-primed painting surface.

The usual colors that you will be working with pumpkin are orange. However, you can always modify colors when you are painting so it goes on your own style and preference. The sophisticated look of a white pumpkin will help you create a new painting style.

How to Paint A Pumpkin Using Acrylic Paints
Pumpkin ideas – How to Paint A Pumpkin Using Acrylic Paints

The layering technique is best done with acrylic paints. Because you do not really need to wait a long time until the surface of your paint is dry. You can even let the natural blending of colors happen when the surface is still wet.

Essential Materials For Your Pumpkin Acrylic Painting Ideas

Before we begin this tutorial on how to paint a pumpkin using acrylic paints, best to prepare the other materials that you will use. You will only need a few things with this activity. A pre-primed painting canvas will do the trick. Start with a small surface for your painting if you are a beginner. Then upgrade it with a larger surface as you gain more experience with the painting medium.

Paintbrush for your acrylic painting. A jar of water to clean your paintbrush. You will also use this to thin your paints as you work. As much as possible, try working with a few paints to help you improve your blending skills. Some light and dark colors and you are good to start.

You will need to prepare some paper towels to dry your tools such as the paintbrush. You will also use this to clean and blend your paints. If you are a beginner, there is no need to get a painting palette right away. You can work with a paper plate or a porcelain plate. Then get a palette later on. You will need this to mixed your colors properly.

Easy Steps On How To Paint Pumpkin USing Acrylic Paints

How to Paint A Pumpkin Using Acrylic Paints
white pumpkin ideas for acrylic How to Paint A Pumpkin Using Acrylic Paints

Once all your materials are ready for this tutorial, best to begin right away!

Step 1. Prepare your painting surface with the color that you wanted to start as your ground.

You do not need to cover the whole painting canvas if you are just starting out. All you need to do is create a solid color background. then work on the details and new colors for later on. In this activity, we will work on a whiter pumpkin instead of the traditional orange one.

However, if you prefer to work with an orange color pumpkin is fine. Besides, the steps are all the same. you can modify some steps if you feel like to. As longa s you experiment and learn from all the things that you are doing.

Step 2. Blend the colors from your painting surface and smooth them to your surface.

You can add another color to give horizon and form where you will be painting your pumpkin for later on. You can mix these two colors together for your background. You can leave the paint on your canvas to completely be dried. Once the paints are all dried up, you can start working with them again.

How to Paint A Pumpkin Using Acrylic Paints
acrylic pumpkin ideas – How to Paint A Pumpkin Using Acrylic Paints

The best part about acrylic paints is that they dry faster than you think. That is why they are the most used painting medium for beginners. This gives the artist the chance to work faster with their artworks.

Step 3. Start working the form and shape of your pumpkin by painting a ‘C’ letter. You can do this to create the body of your pumpkin.

You can create another letter ‘c’ but it should be opposite to the first one that you have done. Allow some space in between the mirroring “c’ on your painting surface.

Step 4. Connect the mirroring ‘c’ with a bump underneath. Then you can start working with the pumpkin layers by adding new small ‘c’ inside. You can repeat the process of what you did and do another opposite ‘c’ mirroring the previous one. Do one more thin ‘c’ from the inside. And another opposite one to complete the pumpkin shape.

Tadah! You will notice that you already have a good shape pumpkin. Once you have finished forming the shape of your pumpkin, you can start filling in some paints.

Step 5. Fill the spaces of your pumpkin with white paint. Do this portion by portion to create a unique brushstroke of paint applications.

Without cleaning or dipping your paintbrush from the water, add some green paints in it. Then work from the outside corner of your pumpkin. Then you can work on the inside corner of your pumpkin using a brown lining. You will just need to follow the edge from the inside of your pumpkin.

How to Paint A Pumpkin Using Acrylic Paints
Pumpkin acrylic painting – How to Paint A Pumpkin Using Acrylic Paints

The trick is, you can fill your pumpkin with white colors instantly or do this process portion by portion. It’s okay to let some paint be mixed with the white-based colors as it gives depth to your painting surface.

When you have finished working with your shades and edges of colors you can brush off some dark color or brown underneath your pumpkin. All you need to do is create shade on your pumpkin to give it a sense of light source. Keep the brushstrokes upward as much a possible. if you notice that the color brown is getting mixed up with the colors, pause for a moment an come back when the paints are dried.

Step 6. Work with the stem of your pumpkin by adding green colors on the top bump of your pumpkin.

It is better if your painting and brushstrokes are uneven. this will create a natural blending of colors afterward. Once you have added enough colors for the stem, pull the colors together upwards. If you wanted to stop working from now, you can. This will give your pumpkin a fresher look. Or you can work by adding brownish colors to give your pumpkin an older look instead.

Loop sone brown color stems out together when you pull your stems up. This will create a unique and natural-looking squiggle. The curly loop that you created gives an interesting highlight on your pumpkin.

Once you are done, allow your painting to be completely and have a few touches if you feel like there are some areas that need highlights. you can even add white paint on your stems to give it depth.

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