How to Paint a Simple Daisy

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Are you new to painting and you are wondering how to paint a simple daisy? Let’s admit that painting your very first daisy could be a great achievement!¬†Daisies make a great filler flower when done with a small brush. You can add them for a spark of white to a more colorful flower painting by adding the white it can make your colorful flowers pop.

How to Paint a Simple Daisy
beautiful daisy painting

Let us learn how to easily and quickly paint a simple daisy by following these tips!

  • You need to apply a double load of white and gray on your brush.
  • A little bit of gray, majority of paint should be the white one.
  • A little bit of the gray paint will just add a little depth and striations which will give the petals a little shading or interest.
  • Then you need to make a dot on your surface area to give you the center point. This makes it easier to have a center point to pull to. Lead with the white.
  • Now we do our first white petal stroke.
  • We will learn how to paint a simple daisy now, you can draw a light circle to keep your petals about the same size but I just fly with it much of the time and let them be wonky.
  • Press on the chisel edge of your brush.¬† Pull towards the center, adjusting pressure to how wide you wish the petal to be and lift the brush to a chisel edge as you get closer to the center to let the stroke narrow.
  • You should add strokes around the center dot, some can be a bit curved to add movement.
  • Then you can make the backstroke shorter and the front strokes longer to emulate depth.¬†
  • Keep adding petals until you have filled into your satisfaction.
  • Less is more.
  • This means that you can always add petals but taking away too many is more difficult.
  • Once you have completed the circle to your satisfaction then we will add the center..

How to Paint a Simple Daisy: Painting the Center of the Daisy

How to Paint a Simple Daisy
How to Paint a Simple Daisy: working on the center portion

Now let’s work on the center part of the daisy flower painting.

  • Double load your scruffy brush with yellow and gold and pounce on the center.
  • You can use a small flat brush and paint in the round center.
  • Use a smaller brush to work on the center if you need to.
  • Take note that painting a daisy or any other flower is to showcase your creativity. So I suggest that while painting your very first daisy flower, bring out the creativity spirit in you!

What Materials Do You Need?

How to Paint a Simple Daisy
captivating daisy painting

Here are the materials that we need in our goal to learn How to Paint a Simple Daisy:

  • Canvass, Hardwood Panels, Acrylic Paper, Watercolor Paper, Other Papers, and Impermanent Materials. The surface material depends on your preference.
  • Paints:
  • Wicker White
  • Gray
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Daffodil Yellow
  • Flat or Round brush, depends on what you like #10 or #12
  • Scruffy brush
  • brush caddy

With these simple tips, I hope we were to help you with your goal on How to Paint a Simple Daisy. If you want to paint more flowers and other things, check out our blogs and learn more creative ideas. Happy Painting!

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