How To Paint Birch Trees Using Acrylics In 7 Easy Steps

How To Paint Birch Trees Using Acrylics
Birch tree ideas for acrylic painting - How To Paint Birch Trees Using Acrylics In 7 Easy Steps

This tutorial on how to paint birch trees using acrylics for beginners and even for experienced artists alike. You will learn interesting and easy techniques using a painters tape. If you are ready, then let’s begin.

What are the essential steps on how to paint birch trees using acrylics? Can you paint birch trees even if you are a beginner? Are there certain tools that you can use for a successful birch tree painting using acrylic paints?

How To Paint Birch Trees Using Acrylics

On this tutorial on how to paint birch trees using acrylics, you will also use painter’s tape to give stunning results. This is all about experimenting with every element and tool available for every painting medium. Since you will be blocking the paint from your painter’s tape or acid-free tapes, you will have a new skill that can be developed alongside blending colors.

This is an easy painting tutorial for beginners that require new skills for painting using other elements. It will also allow you to experiment with how you can do with your painter’s tape and your fast-drying acrylics together. As a beginner, you will love the dynamic results of your acrylics and painters’ tape together.

This is just a simple painting tutorial and you can even modify the steps once you have gain confidence and know-how of this tutorial. But before we begin, best to prepare first all the essential materials at hand.

You will need to prepare first your painting canvas. This may be tricky but preparing all the materials that you need will help paint properly. using acid-free tape or painter’s tape is another factor that you need to try with acrylics. It will help you save areas that you want to keep white all throughout your painting session.

Limiting the colors that you will use will help you enhance your skills in blending colors together. It can also be a stepping stone for you on how to predict certain colors by mixing two available pigments together.

The paintbrush that you will use may vary between a small and a medium-sized. This is both useful for applying paint and for adding details to your painting surface and design.

How To Paint Birch Trees Using Acrylics
Birch tree ideas – How To Paint Birch Trees Using Acrylics In 7 Easy Steps

You will need a flat hard surface like an old credit card to give a stunning birch tree texture for later. The black marking of your birch trees is essential for this painting tutorial. We will also teach you to create your own style for this painting design.

Useful Tools With Stunning Effects on Your Birch Trees using Acrylic Paints

Maybe you are wondering what are the essential tools that can help you with how to paint birch trees using acrylics. Then we will take every tool to help us create stunning results. Some of the tools and elements that you will use here are found around the house and can be recycled.

First, you will need to check for an old credit card to create the black marking for your birch trees. This can be the later part of your painting tutorial. The credit card will give you sleek marks as you add them to your tree trunks.

Something to cover your working station with will helps you clean the mess or paint splatters. This can be any old newspaper or rags. recycling is a great deal and protecting your paintings station can also be a great deal for some artists.

Since you will be working with acrylics, remember that they dry faster than any other painting medium. There are a few options for your painting palette. Like an old ceramic or porcelain plate. You can also work on a paper plate if you feel like doing so.

You can use the 1″ width of painter’s tape for marking the areas that you want to place your birch trees. The painter’s tape will block all the areas from the paint and will keep those areas clear.

How To Paint Birch Trees Using Acrylics
Acrylic painting ideas birch trees – How To Paint Birch Trees Using Acrylics In 7 Easy Steps

You can also use a cup from a bottle to help o make a perfect shape circle if you would love to add the sun in your background. but if you want to create a freestyle painting, then there is no need to use any bottle cup for reference. That is just a great idea for you to try with.

Easy Step By Step Painting Tutorial on How To Paint Birch Trees Using Acrylics

What do we need to do now? Here you can follow these easy steps for your acrylic birch tree design. it will show you how to block colors to keep the white area on your painting surface using the painter’s tape.

Before you do the easy steps, best to visualize your painting to decide where to put your painters’ tape.

Step 1. Start applying your painter’s tape into your painting canvas.

You can apply the acid-free tape or painter’s tape into your painting surface. You do not need to put all of them perfectly aligned with each other. It is all about adding them to protect the areas that you will be working with your birch trees.

You can turn your painting canvas upside down then start adding your tape from one side of the canvas to the other edge. You can fold any excess acid-free/painter’s tape on the sides of your painting surface.

Step 2. Add an extra dimension to your painters’ tape by ripping the edges of some to give a natural texture.

Once you are happy with all the areas that you have protected using your painters’ tape, you can add another few details like tracing your sun for this activity.

Step 3. Start applying paint over your painting canvas and your painters’ tape.

You can work on the background of your painting surface now by adding all the colors that you have in mind. This is all about building the dimension of your painting. If you like to add a sun then you can take off a small circle into your surface. Add colors of white and blue and swirl it over your painting surface.

How To Paint Birch Trees Using Acrylics
Birch tree painting ideas – How To Paint Birch Trees Using Acrylics In 7 Easy Steps

You can keep adding colors around your circle or sun. The wider the color, the better it can cover your sky. Try not to blends the colors but apply them layer by layer. This will give you enough space to add white over the blue sky in a circular motion.

Step 4. Work on the details of your sky by adding white over your blue color. Try to swirl the white to give a nicer dimension.

Wait for the paint to be dry before removing your painters’ tape.

Step 5. Remove your painters’ tape once the paint is completely dry.

You can also remove the painters tape while your paint is still wet. However, it is best to keep the paint dry as it will smudge over the are where you put your tape in. If the paint gets a bit smudge over the white areas, you can touch it up with white paints.

Step 6. Adding details on your tree trunks with your old credit card.

With your old visa card, dipped it in the black paint and scrape it on the white areas of your birch trees. You can just scrape the paint over without thinning the colors. You will get uneven shades of black and that is normal. You can keep on scrapping the areas of your birch tree and even make the optical illusion of that trunks.

Step 7. Work on the other details of your trees by adding branches all over the place.

Add more details with your trees by working on different colors of branches. It can be between white and black or even grey. Make the small branches.

Then add some leaves on these branches. Adding leaves can be in a swirl motion. The colors of your leaves may vary on the scene that you want your birch trees to replicate. The best part is, it can be a y season that you like. Play with the colors and have fun working with your birch trees using acrylic paints!


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