How to Paint Flowers Using Watercolor

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Watercolor painting is a fun-filled activity especially if you are spending your precious time painting together with your kids! Today we are going to share this easy and fun watercolor flower tutorial. It is the perfect project if you’re new to watercolors and feel a bit intimidated.

How to Paint Flowers Using Watercolor

How to Paint Flowers Using Watercolor 3
beautiful watercolor painting

Starting on doing this project does not require a lot of art supplies. All you need are just watercolors, paper and a waterproof pen! It’s so fun to do, especially if you have your family or this would be an excellent project for kids as well!

Watercolor painting is such a wonderful piece of art material that you can work easily and readily available in many stores. Bring out your kids creative mind in painting flowers using watercolors!

For this watercolor flower tutorial, we wanted to be conscious in explaining every step with the simplest way we can. But more importantly, this needs to be fun and far less intimidating ( :


Paper – must be watercolor or mixed media paper that is at least 140 lb in order to avoid warping
Watercolor set 
watercolor paintbrush – 8″ round
waterproof black ink pen
White Ink

So Let’s begin! Read along with these tips on How to Paint Flowers Using Watercolor

How to Paint Flowers Using Watercolor
learn how to paint flowers using watercolor with these tips

  • The key to loose watercolors is to use a bigger brush
  • 8″ round brush and use it frequently for painting florals
  • Don’t forget to prime your brush with water first, then pick up a decent amount of paint on your brush.
  • Next, you’ll paint a small blob where the bottom of the flower will be.
  • Wash your brush out
  • It has no paint on it, but keep it loaded with water.
  • While the paint is still wet on the paper
  • Start with your brush at the edge of the paint blob and paint upwards to create a larger circle shape.
  • By doing this, you create a natural gradient within your flower shape.
  • It will be darker at the bottom of the shape, and lighter at the top, much like flowers are in nature.
  • Watercolor is easy to overwork, so the rule of thumb is just to leave it before you ruin it.
  • Repeat step one with more flower shapes on your paper.
  • Choose split-complementary colors or analogous colors.
  • Choose colors that are either in a sort of triangle on the color wheel from one another like blue, yellow and orange.
  • Create an odd number of flowers. An odd number of objects is more visually pleasing to the eye.
  • Vary the size of your flowers with one largest flower as the focal point.
  • This helps draw the eye to a focal point on the page, and there is less competition between where your eyes want to go.
  • While the paint is still wet on the page, tip the paper upwards to help the paint pool at the bottom of your flowers.
  • You can also opt to use a heat gun if you have one
  • Air-dry
  • Dry completely before moving on.
  • Once your paint is completely dry, you can start drawing in some stems, leaves etc.
  • Note that painting flowers need not to be perfect since our flowers are very loose.
  • Pick a light shade of green and load the brush with just a little bit of paint, then very loosely paint over the leaves.
  • Paint as many or as little leaves as you like and let dry completely
  • Lastly, hold the paintbrush and firmly tap the brush with your forefinger.

    How to Paint Flowers Using Watercolor
    painted flowers using watercolor

How to Paint Flowers Using Watercolor

If you find these tips easy to follow, don’t forget to share along with this blog, who knows, your friends might want to start painting this pandemic season. This doesn’t only bring out their creativity but they could also help fight COVID-19 by simply staying at home and doing productive activities such as learning how to paint flowers with watercolors. For more painting ideas, browse on our website and we have a wide array of cool and creative stuff for you!

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