8 Essential Steps On How To Paint Self-Portraits Easily

8 Essential Steps On How To Paint Self-Portraits Easily

There are many reasons why artists paint self-portraits of themselves and one of them is the challenge that it gives the artist on how they can create images of themselves. This motivation and challenges are one of the key factors to successful self-portraits for artists using different painting mediums for this kind of style.

What are the easy steps to paint self-portraits like a pro, even if it is your first time to do this kind of painting technique? What are the factors to consider to successfully paint self-portraits? What are the essential materials that you need to prepare to successfully paint self-portraits easily?

Step By Step Process To Paint Self-Portraits Easily

8 Essential Steps On How To Paint Self-Portraits Easily
8 Essential Steps On How To Paint Self-Portraits Easily

There are many reasons why artists preferred to paint self-portraits of themselves first before they do other people portraits for painting. The challenge that it incorporates on the artist’s skills to copy themselves and put them down on the painting canvas is one of the main reasons why most artists preferred to do different styles of self-portraits which enhance them and their skills as an artist. Another great benefit of working on your own or paint self-portraits of yourselves is the availability of the model itself wherein you can determine it stays on the free time or the working kind that you wanted to invest in this particular paintings style.

Not everyone who attempted to paint themselves the first time has successfully copied themselves properly. So you shouldn’t be giving up the first time that you tried to paint self-portraits as it is just a first step to enhancing your skills to be a better artist and further give you the freedom to create different styles and painting techniques for a successful self-portrait painting

Factors To Consider With Self Portraits Painting

8 Essential Steps On How To Paint Self-Portraits Easily
8 Essential Steps On How To Paint Self-Portraits Easily

There are different factors to consider with how you can paint self-portraits easily, conveniently, and successfully. There are different tricks that most artists use on how they can have a successful self-portrait painting. It is by setting the right mood and motivation for this kind of painting style that creates a unique experience for the artist in doing their arts or paintings.

Another one is checking for the right materials to use to achieve the exact image of yourself that you wanted to paint on. Most artists used a mirror that can capture their full face when they are working with self-portraits. You can also use a much smaller version of a mirror that you have to determine the details that you wanted to incorporate your own self-portrait, especially with your face. Regardless of any materials that you will use for yourself portrait painting session, it is all about how you wanted it to look like and what painting technique will you use to a successful self-portrait.

Essential And Comprehensive Step By Step Process For Self Portrait Painting

8 Essential Steps On How To Paint Self-Portraits Easily
8 Essential Steps On How To Paint Self-Portraits Easily

Since you will be working with your very first self-portrait painting then you have to know that it is ok if it does not look exactly like how you wanted it to be. To start off with your self-portrait painting session you just have to prepare all the necessary materials that you will need for this process. You can first check all the colors that you will need together with the painting medium that you will be using for your self-portrait painting. Working on a painting medium that you are most comfortable with will help you create your self-portrait properly because you already know the characteristics of the paint that you will use and you can predict the colors that are present on your portrait afterward.

The next one is the size of your painting surface that you will use for your self-portrait. It is best to use a smaller or a regular size canvas for your very first self-portrait however, this also depends on your style and preference and how you wanted your first self-portrait to be. Next one is you can work on the background of your painting surface first by adding your desired color before working on the subject or the focal point. There are different painting techniques that you can work on for your self-portrait depending on the painting medium that you will use. If you are working with watercolors then you can also use the wet on wet painting technique.

Once you have finished working with your background you can work on the small details of your face to your hair with your eyes. Checking on the right shadows that you wanted to put on your portrait is one of the factors that is so beneficial for a successful self-portrait painting. You can check whether you wanted your portrait to be symmetrical or asymmetrical in the balance of the composition or if you wanted to just be censored and work on the details afterward.

8 Essential Steps On How To Paint Self-Portraits Easily
8 Essential Steps On How To Paint Self-Portraits Easily

Sketching your focal point or your face is another option if you are working with a self-portrait or you can also work without sketching anything and just do it as it is. There are different yet beneficial things you can get from sketching first as it gives you a more detailed portrait afterward. One of the setbacks of working on a self-portrait that is not sketch or plan is the reworking process.

Once you have done with all the other bigger details of your self-portrait then you can start working on the smaller details like your eyebrow your mouth and more of your face. Once you have done with all the small details that you possibly can put on your self-portrait then you can start adding additional painting medium or glazes to enhance the color of your self-portrait. The glazing of your painting surface also depends on the painting medium that you are using together with the style that is incorporated on your self-portrait painting. You have to keep in mind that it is not essential to overwork your painting even if you feel like putting extra more details on it. You can leave it first to dry and then just come back after and rework some other areas that you wanted to do otherwise you will end up overworking it along the process.

If she will be doing era working process with the defining additional details on your painting then you just have to check properly on the image that you are working on which is needed more work, especially the areas that seem to be abstract or squared and which areas need a little bit working with shadows.

Remember that it does not need to look very good for your self-portrait if you are really working it the first time. You can keep on practicing with this same method or process to enhance your skills and see which areas of the painting need more work to do. It is all about the experience and the knowledge that you gained that helps you enhance your skills as an artist with this type of painting style.

If you think that you can perfectly work with the sketch or planned self-portrait then you can try that one as well instead of not using the sketch on your first work. There is also a different style of painting when it comes to creating a self-portrait like how you can make a realistic image of yourself along time.






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