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Mix Media: Acrylics And Pastels Together

Mix media has been one of the painting technique that is famous nowadays and is embraced by the most artist. There are different types of mix media that you can try. The combination of acrylics and pastels together is one of the things you should try when it comes to mixing media as they possess the best characteristics of a painting medium that is favorite by almost all artist. The fast drying composition of acrylics and pastels together with vibrant colors makes the combination stands out from the rest.

Mixed Media Landscape Drawing
Mixed Media Landscape Drawing

What are the advantages of mix media using acrylics and pastels together? Is the combination of acrylics and pastels together a good option even for beginners? What do you expect your painting to look like when you use acrylics and pastels together in one painting session?

Mix Media: Acrylics And Pastels Together Is A Great Painting Option To Try With

Mix Media: Acrylics And Pastels Together
Mix Media: Acrylics And Pastels Together

Mixed media painting has been one of the most famous painting technique that most artists are exploring nowadays. It is all about mixing one painting medium over the other and see how it works on the final picture. There are great advantages and disadvantages that this process may result if proper mixing of certain media will not apply properly. Mixing acrylics and pastels together is one of the few best options any artists can try that results vary from different aspects.

The fast drying composition and characteristics of acrylics make them one of the most commonly used mixed media with another painting medium. On the other hand, the rich and vibrant colors that pastels produced when you use them on your painting medium makes them a good combination between the latter. It is a good combination of acrylics and pastels together on a certain painting canvas.

Mixing acrylics and pastels together provide a rich and vibrant color that allows an artist to work faster with acrylics drying the composition. Since acrylic is water soluble when it’s wet you can add the pure pigments of pastels with them. One of the facts that pastels doesn’t have vehicles to hold them makes them a good mixing painting media with other water-soluble paints.

The possibilities of mixing painting media from one another have evolved from the first time that was discovered during the old age. It was during the old times that old masters haven’t realized that they are actually using mixed media on their paintings.

The Benefits Of Mixing Acrylics And Pastels Together

Mix Media: Acrylics And Pastels Together
Mix Media: Acrylics And Pastels Together

There are many artists who would suggest not to mix acrylics and pastels together. With every artist’s experience towards mixed-media, there are definitely some that work for them and some that don’t work. It is always on the artist’s style and preference on how a successful painting and mixed media can affect the whole final picture afterward.

It is said that the acrylics and pastels characteristics are really incompatible when it comes to their composition. If you will mix a pure pigment like pastels to the wet acrylics, there will definitely be a bit of problem. However, if you do mix the pastels with an already dry painting surface with acrylics, then this will work.

There are also some great benefits when it comes to mixing media using acrylics and pastels together in a painting surface. The water-resistant acrylics when they are dry are good for any layering technique even using soft pastels or oil pastels with them.

The great benefit of mixing these two painting media together is as to how they can produce such a dynamic and vibrant colors together. There are a lot of artists who have tried mixing acrylics and pastels together and they are happy with the results. You can actually use pastel to highlight details on top of your already dried painting surface with acrylic. Once you are done and you wanted to fix the pastels on the painting surface then there are different methods on how you can preserve them. There is available pastel ground in the market where you can apply directly on top of dried acrylic paintings so the pastels will work.

There are also some artists who don’t mix acrylic and pastels together but works separately in one painting.

MIx Media For Beginners And What Works Best

Mix Media: Acrylics And Pastels Together
Mix Media: Acrylics And Pastels Together

If you are a beginner to a certain painting medium then it is best to explore different factors that incorporate that certain media. For example, if you are into acrylic paintings there are different painting techniques that you can try to learn and once you have mastered one then you can try mixing them all together. Once you get familiar with acrylics then you can start learning about pastels as well.

You will then discover which media works on the certain painting media and how you can predict the outcome if ever you wanted to mix them together. You don’t need to jump from one painting media over another without getting to know more and learning more about acrylics or pastels. There are many things you can learn from a certain painting mediums characteristics especially with pastel. From their paint types to the different shades and tints, to how you can fix or preserve them once you are done working with them.

Acrylic drying time is one of the advantages and disadvantages that most artists use this painting medium. If you can try to slow down their drying time then it is best to work and manipulate them on your painting surface. Once you have mastered these two characteristics of both different painting media, then you will learn how one works over the other. That is also on how you can successfully be mixed them or work with them together.

If you are a beginner to acrylics or pastels, it is best not to jump into mixing them together with other painting media yet. Get to know more about the painting medium and enjoy their difference and uniqueness from one another.

Pastels work best with watercolors especially with how watercolors composition when they are applied is. We will tackle this topic in another article on how you can mix watercolors with pastels. Or on how you can mix with watercolors or any other painting media.

What To Expect With Mixing Acrylics And Pastels Together

Mix Media: Acrylics And Pastels Together
Mix Media: Acrylics And Pastels Together

If you do right the proper mixing of acrylics and pastel paints together then you will definitely achieve a great result on your paintings. There are different ways on how you can achieve these amazing effects through mixed media. As long as you always wait for the acrylics to get dried before you apply your pastels that serves as a highlight on top of the painting.

There are also different painting accessories that you can use to help you achieve the kind of results you wanted especially with mix media. There are different painting mediums that help you fix acrylics drying time or pastels adherence to the facing surface.

It is all about using the right materials and doing the right process in achieving a perfectly planned mixed media painting. Taking note of all the necessary pieces of information for you to successfully create that unique painting using two painting media together.

You have additional tips or any experience with mixed media using acrylics and pastels, please feel free to drop them on our comment section.

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