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Most Popular Watercolor Artist

Watercolor painting has been part of our lives long before we can even remember, it was one of the widely used media in creating artwork throughout our history. With its complex background, many painters still get lost when indulging in this ethereal medium that continues to invade artworks of this generation and we have listed some of the most popular watercolor artists from the first time that this medium was introduced up to the very few who have been swept away by its amazing properties.

A quick glance of this vibrant medium from amazing and equally talented artists will give you more inspiration to stroke those paintbrushes and explore the history behind the top artist who has used watercolor paints as their medium.

Quick Turnover of Events

Most Popular Watercolor Artist

To check the record when was watercolor painting shine the most, records point out during the Renaissance were watercolor painting was embraced by the world, taught in schools to showcase lifestyle and degree of education, even became part of one’s journey to the world and to be one of the most popular watercolor artist to this day, some painters may not have any single idea they have been part of our life with more than just watercolor paint application to their canvases.

And the vibrant history of watercolor painting captured the world, influence even great scientist to pursue further discoveries and record them using their rich paintbrush and vibrant palettes preserving all knowledge that they acquired.

The Most Popular Watercolor Artist

John James Audubon

[ 1785 -1851 ]

Audubon was accredited for his works were he captivates the beauty of birds and encapsulate them through his paintings. An ornithologist by profession, he was a great painter with accurate details to every species of bird that he discovers emphasizing their natural shelter. With his remarkable paintings, he continues to inspire even this generation of artist.

Most Popular Watercolor Artist
Easthampton Beach 1878 by Thomas Moran – Most Popular Watercolor Artist


(1837 – 1926)

Credited for bringing the magnificent Yellowstone National Park into a marvelous artwork, he was well-known for his watercolor painting for different landscapes which lead the Congress of United States to officially named the park in 1892. This has wide influence and secures his influence as one of the best landscape artist of all time adding him in the list of the most popular watercolor artist of all time.


(1836 – 1910)

A genius for brushes and watercolor paints, this great artist never had proper education for painting however that didn’t hinder him in executing wonderful artworks of scenes from his daily routine and few more from his journey in another land as he continues to inspire more artist of his generation and to this day as well.


(1856 – 1925)

One of the critically known and most popular watercolor artists of his generation that reach his fame worldwide with his undeniable great works, most of them have a different approach to exquisite stylish paintings about landscapes, murals, and free-spirited watercolor masterpieces. As a great artist whose works express versatility and transparency which shows in all his works, this put him in the list as one of the most admirable artists even with his fellow painters and followers.

Most Popular Watercolor Artist
GEORGIA O’KEEFFE – Most Popular Watercolor Artist


(1887 – 1986)

This talented artist started creating magnificent work during her 20s which introduced her to a wider medium and began stroking watercolor paints on her medium that led her to her famous oil paintings and a new vivid world of watercolors awakening the greatest artist in herself which leads to being one of the most popular watercolor artist that influence a lot of painters even to this day.  

PAUL KLEE (1879 – 1940)

An artist whose product of continuous experimentation of the best medium that suits his talent, he finds his way through watercolor paintings when he became part of a certain group called ‘Blaue Reiter’, where he showcases his talent in painting to express and understand more the color’s personality.

CHARLES DEMUTH (1883 – 1935)

One of the famous artists of watercolor painting medium, he became part of the Precisionist Movement, wherein on he was one of the few members of this group who focus mainly on their accurate details of different geometric lines and shapes that later on pave way to peak his interest on cubism which greatly inspired most of his watercolor painting journey.

Most Popular watercolor Artist
Vincent Van Gogh Painting – Most Popular Watercolor Artist

Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890)

One of the most popular watercolor artist of all time, with his struggle from depression, he came to create artwork depicting different phases of his life and the places that were part of his journey. As a painter, his works were credited by the most artist for their enticingly great details and misery.

ZOLTAN SZABO (1928 – 2003)

A teacher by profession, Szabo was also acknowledged as one of the most popular watercolor artists for his creative and magnificent watercolor and liquid paintings thus most of his workshops were fully booked and his students recognized him to be their greatest instructor for leading a path to artistic discovery that ignites their passion for painting with watercolors.  


Turner greatly showcases the relationship of pigments to light for most of his creation, though this technique was only applied later on in his career, that didn’t hinder him from making his artworks known to the world. With the right blending to achieve the fullest transparency of each masterpiece, he masters this with perseverance and a lot of practice.

 Most Popular watercolor Artist
JAMES A. MCNEILL WHISTLER Painting – Most Popular watercolor Artist


Considered most of his works as underrated, his artwork is mostly freestyle. He never had a proper education in painting but that didn’t hinder him from being one of the most popular watercolor artists of all time and this was his advantage in creating amazing paintings which depicts his greatest skills as an artist to this day.

IRVING SHAPIRO (1927-1994)

Considered as one of the best mentors of the watercolor medium, he was a fruit of two well-known schools of arts in Chicago. With his influence for art, he crafted new painters than most of his artworks as ever known.


One of the few advocates to create paintings of their lifestyle, during his days, he was an artist whose works are mostly seen on posters and placards and later on introduced his works to the world with its massive structure mainly of limited strokes from his paintbrush with intensely vivid and robust colors. Though landscaping is a favorite for most painters, Prendergast created few of this and some more depicting the ocean and its shores.

ELIOT O’Hara (1890-1969)

With a wide range of different instructional books for watercolor paintings, as a mentor for this field, distributed a lot of books to simplified this medium and make it easier for everyone, O’Hara was later named for a box of this medium. With a list of achievements under his name, even founded a school for arts to share his knowledge in painting.

JOHN MARIN (1870-1953)

Another painter who’s been greatly influenced by Cubism and modernization, this painter was well recognized for his abstract watercolor designs that later on make way to other practitioners to try his style and medium.

JOHN LAFARGE (1835-1910)

Known for his watercolor paintings on glasses and murals, he also had created new techniques for watercolor paintings that later on emphasize this with his books and his teachings. He focuses on creating motivational artworks along his journey that to this day is still well recognized.


A great mentor of his time, which included Frank Wilcox as one of his apprentices, this painter was famous for his unique combination of tempera, gouache and have became known for his watercolor paintings though rarely seen to this day, the best trademark that he left us was most of his artworks are in exquisite details of the powerful blue pigments.

Watercolor Painting Loved By The World

Truly watercolor painting is such a unique and versatile form of art. With a wide range of continuous discoveries with  different techniques ranging from almost all kinds of materials, new talents are being discovered every now and then, however looking back to some of this remarkable painters from our history who help shape and cultivate this medium, truly, watercolor have been embraced by the world the first time it was introduced way back in the ancient times.

As seen with all these talents, mentors and students, the sharing and passing of acquired knowledge from one hand stroke over the other is a genuine sign that art from then to now has never changed thus, continuously love by every artist of this generation and to be part of the long list of the most popular watercolor artist of all time is their next goal. The vigorously and keen hard work to preserve the remains of our history showcase that art will invade our next generations to come.  

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