Painting Oil Paints On Paper

Painting Oil Paints On Paper

Traditional oil painting is commonly under canvas or wood, even during the old ages, there was no record of painting oil paints on paper and not all oil paint masters have tried that method before. Since painting oil paints on paper are not that common, the technology and innovation pave the way to make this possible by using the right paper that is designed to your oil paints rich and vibrant colors. That painting oil paints on paper will even fasten the slow drying time of oil paints and will allow an artist to create more paintings and artworks with them.

Is painting oil paints on paper have great benefits both for the artist and the materials that will be used? What are the chances that using paper for oil paints can give the best results achieved with canvas, wood or painting surface that had been used for oil painting since old times? How can you choose the right paper for your oil painting sessions and what type of paper should you use?

The Big Benefits Of Painting Oil Paints On Paper And How Can You Achieve Great Results

Painting Oil Paints On Paper
Painting Oil Paints On Paper

There are many reasons while painting oil paints on paper can benefit an artist from doing so. There are no specific reasons not to use paper with oil paints. You can actually start painting oil paints on paper provided that you have prepared the painting surface properly. The best thing to do is to prime your paper with acrylic medium or choose the acrylic matte medium which totally depends on your preference. As long as you prime your paper properly to achieve dynamic results. There are many great reasons as to why you have to try painting oil paints on paper because of the benefits it provides the artist.

Traditionally, most oil painters use canvas or wood for their painting masterpiece and artworks. However, if they have experience the beauty that the primed paper gives, then you’ll definitely come back working on them. There are some things you need to take consideration with when it comes to painting oil paints on paper. And we are giving you tips on how you will achieve the best results here.

Choosing The Right Materials For Your Oil Painting

Before jumping over to any kind of paper that you might come around, it is best to know this known fact on the right materials for your oil painting or sketching sessions. Paper can save you money and effort especially if you are a neophyte to painting. It is best to start experimenting and practicing with a pre-primed paper for oil painting.

Painting Oil Paints On Paper
Painting Oil Paints On Paper

You can start using watercolor paper that is pre-primed or you can try making it by yourself using acrylic gesso for priming or try using acrylic matte medium. There are no rules as you cannot use watercolor paper for your oil painting. An artist who uses paper for their paintings usually chooses to get a pre-prime paper or watercolor paper or make their own primed paper for best results.

Make sure that before you paint with oil paints using paper. The paper that you will use must be applied with a sealant to achieve the best result on the paper while protecting it.  As well as from getting damaged or getting deterioration as time goes by. That way you will also protect your oil paints from any damage, peeling or cracks especially when it comes to dry.

If you will choose an ordinary paper for your oil paintings, it is best to do the same process as the one that you have done when you purchase a pre-primed paper. With that process, you will help in the oil paint as well to get dried and cured and saved more time with protecting your finished artwork afterward.

The Different Types Of Papers To Use For Oil Painting

There are different types of paper to use for painting oil paints on paper. You just have to be aware of the types of paint that best suits your style and preferences. We have listed a few of the options you can choose from and hopefully this will help you more on your oil painting journey.

Painting Oil Paints On Paper
Painting Oil Paints On Paper

Watercolor paper is one of the most commonly known paper that you can use for oil painting. Because of the weight that has, it can absorb the moisture that your oil paints have and help fasten the drying time of the medium. If you are a neophyte for using watercolor paper for your oil paints, then it is best to check the different types of watercolor paper and see the results personally to distinguish which of the three types of watercolor paper will suit you best. There is a cold-press watercolor paper, a hot-pressed paper, and the rough watercolor paper to choose from. All of these three kinds of paper will give you different results and you have to try for yourselves how each will handle the unique compositions of oil paints.

Once you have chosen the kind of watercolor paper that best suits your style, remember to always prime your canvas before oil painting sessions. Also wit watercolor paper, there are different options for how you want your paper to be. You can purchase a roll or stretch watercolor paper, in blocks or in pads. That all perfectly depend on your preference for the paper.

The next option for you is the arches oil paper which is specially designed for oil painting. This type of paper does not need any kind of priming or preparation as it is you can use it directly for your for oil paints. The arches oil paper is specially designed to absorb the pigment on its surface while it allows the oil paint to dry faster. There is no doubt with durability and quality since it is completely designed to absorb layers of paints for oil painting. This heavyweight oil paper will help any artist that has a love for oil paints achieve their preferred painting appearances and practicality all of the same time. You can try different brands of arches oil paper since it is becoming more popular with oil painters. Check which brand really suits your preference and that way you can personally see the difference as well with other paper manufacturers for oil paints.

Painting Oil Paints On Paper
Painting Oil Paints On Paper

Is the last option you can choose for the kind of paper for all paint is the printing paper or printmaking paper. If you will be using printmaking paper then it is also required that you have to prime with acrylic medium gesso. You have two options regarding printmaking paper as you can get them when she’s or you can check for the rolled ones.

With technologies innovation, there are definitely a lot of options for an oil painter to choose for their desired paper for oil painting. All of the oil papers were designed to help artists achieve their desired results without taking too much time and giving them comfort and convenience in creating artworks. The best way for you to learn and understand each oil papers characteristics is to personally have the first-hand experience with each type of brand and quality of the paint. There is no harm in trying to use new materials for oil paintings for you or for your painting sessions instead of using the traditional one. That way you are also creating a larger world of arts inside your passion.







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