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Proper Maintenance Of Your Painting Materials

There is proper maintenance of your painting materials to keep them for a long time. even if you are new to painting, proper maintenance of your painting materials is a must. There are known facts of how to keep your painting materials clean and organized. From your paintbrush, your paint in good condition,  and most especially your palettes.

How do you properly clean your paintbrush?  How do you keep your paint from getting dried up? How do you clean a paintbrush after acrylic painting? What’s the best method for cleaning paintbrush that is used with oil paints? How do you keep the paints from getting dried on the painting palette? How do you clean a palette that is used in oil or acrylic painting?

Proper Maintenance Of Your Painting Materials

Proper Maintenance Of Your Painting Materials
Proper Maintenance Of Your Painting Materials

The proper maintenance of your painting materials is necessary to keep all your tools in good condition. That way you can prolong the life and usage of your painting materials. There are proven ways how to keep your paintbrush in good condition. For painting paletteS,  it is best to always wash them in running water as soon as you finish your painting session. If you are using acrylic paints there are also some guidelines to keep their bristles clean.

Knowing the basic maintenance of your painting materials will help you in a lot of ways. We have compiled some guidelines on how to clean paintbrush and palettes even if you are just a beginner in the painting world. Remember that all your painting materials are considered investments.

Proper Cleaning Of Paintbrush

These are general guidelines for cleaning paintbrush, however, it all depends on the medium that you were using

  1. Remove all excess paint in between paintbrush bristles. You can simply wipe them off using a soft cloth or paper towel. Have a good kind of squeeze to your paintbrush bristles. Take extra precautions not to pull off any bristles of the paintbrush.
  2. If you are using acrylic paints, you can rinse the paintbrush and running water. If you are using oil paints, soak them in thinner or turpentine. Have a good kind of squeeze. Never rinse off your paint brush with hot water. This will damage the pain bristles permanently.
  3. Dry the paintbrush with a soft cloth or paper towel.  This time, clean the paintbrush with soap and water. That way you can remove any unnecessary paints on the paintbrush. Make sure that there is no more excess paint in between the paintbrush bristles. Remember that dried paint in between paint bristles can damage them as well.
  4. You can repeat the process until there are no more dried paint on your paintbrush. Once there are no more visible stains of pain, you can rinse your paintbrush with water. Give them a little bit of shake to remove excess water
  5. Use your fingers to reshape the paint bristles in their original form.
  6. Some artists cover their paint brushes with soft cloth or paper towel to dry. That way, It will help the paint bristles stay in contract.
  7. You can now leave your paintbrush to dry. Lay them flat to dry evenly. That way, the water will not go inside the ferrule of the paintbrush. If you are washing several brushes for the paintbrush to breath.
  8. If you are working on a medium that has some toxic on them, it is safe to always wear gloves
Proper Maintenance Of Your Painting Materials
Proper Maintenance Of Your Painting Materials

There are different methods and maintenance of your painting materials depending on the medium that you use. Always use different brushes for acrylic and oil painting. It is also required to use different brushes for a different medium like gesso. Separate brushes for varnish and masking fluid is better as well. Take note that masking fluid can damage your paint brush.  it is better to use inexpensive paint brushes for masking fluids.

On the other hand,  remember the acrylic paint main characteristics. Acrylics are water-soluble when wet.  However, acrylics are water resistant when dry. that is why you have to make sure that paint brushes used with acrylic paint must be submerged in water immediately. Keeping your paint brushes standing on the water for a long time will also damage them. It is best to keep them laying flat in a tray with water. Let the handles of the paintbrush rest on the rim of the tray to avoid water from damaging the handle.

The acrylic paints are best for beginners and experienced alike,  make sure to shake off the water before using them again on your acrylic painting. You can purchase synthetic brush bristles for actually painting. They are easy to clean up and last longer than natural bristles.

Proper Maintenance Of Your Painting Materials
Proper Maintenance Of Your Painting Materials

If you are using oil paint there are also proper maintenance of your painting materials. To keep your paintbrush in good condition, soak them in a clean oil medium. You can do this process after cleaning your paint brush. Always remember that is it is not good for a paintbrush to stand for a long time. Take extra care for your natural brush bristles.  Remove all excess oil paints in them. When you are completely done rinsing your paintbrush smooth them with your fingers. Always make sure that the paintbrush is totally dry before storing them. That way you will avoid any molds from developing.

Proper cleaning of your painting palette

Painting palette must be cleaned after every painting session. Always remember that proper maintenance of your painting materials Will lead to long usage. You’re painting materials are your investments in painting. There are different kinds of painting pallets you can choose from.  if you are using a wood palette, then cleaning up after every painting session is necessary. Because if you leave the paint to dry in your wood palette it will be a disaster cleaning it. as the paint will penetrate the wood pores in between.

The maintenance of your painting materials is a good habit for every artist. However,  if the meaning and maintenance of your painting materials it’s a challenge,  then there is another way. You can purchase a disposable painting palette. Or is cleaning your painting palette seems another job to do, you can make an exemption. Some artists use parchment paper on top of their painting palette. Some use wax paper during their painting sessions and just remove it afterward.

For oil painting, you can purchase a painting palette that has to cover in it. This way you can keep your oil paints on the palate for the next session. Since oil paint is known for their slow drying composition,  this is possible. Just make sure that the painting palette is airtight or is been sealed properly. That way you can perfectly use them the next day Proper maintenance of your painting materials depends on the painting medium that you use.

Proper Maintenance Of Your Painting Materials
Proper Maintenance Of Your Painting Materials

For acrylic painting, it is better to get painting palettes that are made up of glass, ceramic or plastic. This kind of painting pallets is easy to clean. you can wipe the excess paint with a paper towel. Afterward, when you are done with your painting session, you can properly clean it. you can use a mild soap to wash off the paint on the painting palette. Acrylic paints are easy to clean with. If your acrylic paint has completely dried on the painting palette, you can just leave them off.

Oil paints are good for wood palettes. You can condition them from time to time. If you are using a fresh wood palette,  you can condition it first. The method for conditioning a fresh wood palette and used wood palette is the same. You can send the surface of the wood palette to have a fresh and clean surface. You can apply linseed oil and give it a nice rub all over the wood palette. Let the oil and the palate dried. You can repeat this process when needed.

For cleaning wood palettes pallet with oil, using a palette knife, gently scrub off the dry paint. To remove all the excess pain, you can use solvents to do so. Afterward, wipe the palette with a paper towel to dry. Repeat the process as needed. Condition the painting palette again by applying linseed oil in it.

Hope that this guide on how to properly maintain your painting materials will help.


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