Proper Storage Of Acrylic Paints

Proper Storage Of Acrylic Paints

Proper storage of acrylic paints is done when you have excess acrylic paints in your painting session. There are many ways on how proper storage of acrylic paints can save you time and money. Acrylics are known for their fast drying characteristics. Acrylic paints are beginners and experienced alike favorite medium. Acrylic allows the artist to work on them faster.

How do you store acrylic paints after painting session so you can use them next time? What’s the best thing to do with leftover acrylic paints? How to delay acrylic paint drying time while working on them? How do you clean dried acrylic paints on your palette?

Proper Storage Of Acrylic Paints

Proper Storage Of Acrylic Paints
Proper Storage Of Acrylic Paints

Proper storage of acrylic paints will help you a lot especially if you are a beginner. There are many proven ways on how to keep your acrylic paint from drying while working on them. Since acrylics, main characteristics is their fast-drying composition. Keeping them wet while working on them is a challenge sometimes for an artist. However, once you are done with them, it is better to know how to keep them from getting dried up. We have compiled amazing tips on why proper storage of acrylic paints will benefit you in the near future.

For leftover acrylic paints

If you will be using a small number of acrylic paints, keep the lid or cover properly closed. if you have leftover acrylic paint then you can store them in an airtight container. That’s a bit of paint on the cover of your container. The proper storage of acrylic paints is really beneficial for you. That way you will know what color of paint is in the container. Try not to mix different colors in one container. If you are using acrylics on tubes, make sure that you close the lid properly after pouring on your palette. On the other hand, the fluid actually has its own cover for easy storage.

If you do not have any small containers available, you can use a small food jar container. Make sure to always have a small amount of paint on cap or cover of your container.  that way, you don’t need to close and open the lead just to check the color inside.

You can use leftover acrylics for small painting patches. leftover actually are also good if you wanted to achieve another kind of color. You can just simply make them all together to achieve the color you needed.

How to delay acrylic drying time

Since acrylics are known for their fast drying time, you can slow that down. If you are new to acrylic painting and you wanted to keep your paints wet, mist them with a bit of water. You can also check for alternative painting materials. You can use styrofoam and cartoon from eggs which holds a lot of paint. When you were done or wanted to have a break from a painting you can. Cover it off with a wet towel and secure the lead properly.

Proper Storage Of Acrylic Paints
Proper Storage Of Acrylic Paints

If you want to do dilute acrylic paints, you can add a retarder. Some artists dilute acrylic paints with water. you just have to be careful with the amount of water that you will add. Too much water can lose the acrylic paints adhesive factor.

Keep acrylic paints away from direct sunlight or heat.  Because acrylic paints dry by evaporation. If acrylic paint will be exposed to heat or sunlight they will easily dry up. Store all leftover acrylic paints with the sealed container in a cool place. Proper storage of acrylic paints is best done in a cold area.

You can use a moisture retaining palette, that way you can keep your acrylics wet for a longer time. The moisture retaining palette is specially designed to keep acrylic wet. If you are working outside with acrylics, best to avoid direct heat.

Most artist grade paints stay longer than student grade paints. The reason they stay longer than student great pains is because of their pigment composition. The artist-grade paints have more pigment than the binder. You don’t need to worry if you add extra water with an artist grade paints They can keep the adhesive properties still.

Another good reason to delay acrylic paint drying time is by applying a primer for your underpainting. The primer that you apply as your underpainting will absorb less water from the paint. When you are using acrylic as your medium you don’t need to prime your painting surface. The acrylic paints can be painted on any surface,  however, if you will be painting on an oily surface, it is best to prime it.

For proper storage of acrylic paints, it is best to avoid sunlight or heat. if you will be painting outdoors, it is best to bring an umbrella to block the sun. Always keep the acrylics in a cool place. If you will be working outdoors, try to work fast with acrylics.

Cleaning your painting palette after acrylic painting

Once you have gained ideas on proper storage of acrylic paints, cleaning your palette is another thing. Remember to always clean your painting palette especially with acrylics. Once acrylic paints are dried on your palette it will be difficult to remove them. However, if the acrylics are totally dried up you can lift them off the palette.

Proper Storage Of Acrylic Paints
Proper Storage Of Acrylic Paints

Wiping your acrylic palette when the paint is still wet will save you time. You can also clean the palette in the sink with running water and soap. If cleaning your painting palette seems a challenge for you, you can get a disposable one. However, it is best to know how to clean your painting palette.

There are different methods on how to clean a painting palette by the medium that you are using. Since acrylic paints are fast-drying mediums and are water-soluble when wet. you can easily clean your painting palette with water and soap.

Additional information about acrylic paint drying time

There are some factors that affect acrylics drying time. One of them is the brand or the manufacturer of the paint. There are some brands that are fast drying and some are not.  Once you have seen the difference for each brand it will be easier for you to manipulate acrylics drying time. if you are a beginner two acrylic painting, it’s best to grab a few paint tubes that you prefer for each brand.  the good thing about acrylic paint if you can mix one brand over the other. You can create your desired color with a different brand of paints.

You can also mix acrylic paints with other media. You can mix oil paint with acrylic paints. You can apply oil paint on top of a dried acrylic paint layer. Though you cannot do that vice-versa. As oil paints composition is different from acrylics.

Proper Storage Of Acrylic Paints
Proper Storage Of Acrylic Paints

There are also other techniques for acrylic painting that requires using a palette knife. If you are a beginner to acrylic painting, you can try using palette knife first That depends on your preference. there are some acrylic painting mentors who let their students use palette knife first. There is no harm in trying afterward.

We do hope that you have gained additional knowledge on how to properly store your acrylic paints. Painting is about exposure and experiment. Once you get to know a certain painting technique try doing another one. Acrylic is a very forgiving medium. If you make mistakes with them you can easily fix or correct them. Just wait for that certain area to be completely dried before applying the right color that you like. Correcting acrylic paints does not take a lot of time as they dry faster than any other medium.







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