Arts and Crafts: Rock Painting

We’ve had so much fun doing arts and crafts at home together with the kids. And today we are going to tackle about Arts and Crafts: Rock Painting in particular. Many of you might be used to hearing and seeing canvasses, brush paints and the like but did you know that in addition to those, rock painting is also a nice way to entertain ourselves and the kids during this time that almost everyone needs to stay at home in order to be safe from getting infected by the Corona Virus. So let’s learn more about rock painting.


Arts and Crafts: Rock Painting

Rock painting is as simple as getting a particular rock and rock paint to do the job. Rock painting is becoming a new trend and used as a way to express our views and artistry when it comes to painting. Rock painting is an awesome idea for kids to work along in order for them to be creative while staying at home and not getting them bored or play their gadgets.Arts-and-Crafts-Rock-Painting

Rock painting is in fact being used by the early tribes who inhabited the earth by carving shapes and symbols into massive stones on caves. In modern times, it became fashionable and sophisticated too.

Given the small space to work on, the creativity of the artist is a challenge in rock painting. Rock paintings are often displayed in homes and in gardens and sometimes in museums.

Rock Art History

According to Wikipedia, “rock art is human-made markings placed on natural surfaces, typically vertical stone surfaces. A high proportion of surviving historic and prehistoric rock art is found in caves or partly enclosed rock shelters; this type also may be called cave art or parietal art. A global phenomenon, rock art is found in many culturally diverse regions of the world. It has been produced in many contexts throughout human history. In terms of technique, the main groups are petroglyphs, which are carved or scratched into the rock surface, cave paintings, and sculpted rock reliefs. Another technique creates geoglyphs that are formed on the ground. The oldest known rock art dates from the Upper Palaeolithic period, having been found in Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa. Anthropologists studying these artworks believe that they likely had magico-religious significance.”

“The archaeological sub-discipline of rock art studies first developed in the late-19th century among Francophone scholars studying the rock art of the Upper Palaeolithic found in the cave systems of parts of Western Europe. Rock art continues to be of importance to indigenous peoples in various parts of the world, who view them as both sacred items and significant components of their cultural heritage. Such archaeological sites may become significant sources of cultural tourism and have been used in popular culture for their aesthetic qualities.”

Material Needed for Rock Painting


Here are the most commonly used materials for our Rock Painting Tutorial.

  • Mandala Rocks For Painting
  • Paint Brushes
  • Rock Paint
  • Labels
  • Mod Podge (Label Glue)
  • Rock Sealer
  • Markers & Pencils
  • Paint Palettes
  • Aprons & Smocks
  • Rock Painting Books
  • Glow in the Dark Paint & Rocks
  • Paint markers or acrylic paint markers

Rock painting is quite simple and almost everyone even the kids can do it. You can even source out some free materials like the rocks that are available in your area. If you are in an area where rocks aren’t sufficient, you can just order them online so you don’t have to go out and search one.

Just remember that there are areas that are illegal to remove rocks from. Rocks found on State Parks, waterways, and railway tracks. You can find free rocks on public beaches or at a garden center, art shops, or simply buy them online.


Rock Painting – Is it for everyone?

YES! Rock painting is for everyone. Anybody can do it. All you have to do is to pick up some clean stones and work with your paintbrushes and paint. It may need a little practice but with constant rock painting practice, you will master it.

Kids will definitely have fun painting on rocks. Help your kids develop their talent in painting in different materials. Don not just focus on canvasses, get them to paint in rocks too! We are sure that they will also love it. It will be an awesome idea for kids.Arts-and-Crafts-Rock-Painting

How to Paint on Rocks?

Well, it’s quite easy. As long as you have all the materials needed on your rock painting session.

  • Prepare all the materials needed.
  • Once you have your rocks, be sure that they are clean by washing them and brushing them on soapy water in order to remove those specks of dirt attached to them.
  • Let those rocks dry out under the sun or with a hair drier to make them dry out faster.
  • Plan your design
  • You may check some designs on books or check for cool design on the internet. This will be the prep stage. Know what to paint.
  • Trace the design that you have chosen on the rocks. You can either use the materials mentioned above or any dotting tools, marker pens and so on.
  • Now you can start your painting session. Have FUN!
  • After you made your first rock painting, you need to let it dry out.
  • Spray some sealer
  • It is important to cover up your rock painting with some sort of sealer so that the painting won’t fade and get protected.

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