3 Simple Steps For Realistic Mountain Ranges Acrylic Painting

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In this article, you will learn the super simple steps for realistic mountain range acrylic painting tutorial for beginners. This lesson will help you improve your skills in using textured mediums to create realistic mountain ranges.

What are the simple steps for realistic mountain ranges acrylic painting tutorials for beginners to try with? Is there any painting medium that you will use to achieve the right texture for your mountain ranges? What are the basic painting techniques that you will use to help you enhance your skills in painting?

Simple Steps For Realistic Mountain Ranges Acrylic Painting Tutorial For Beginners

These simple steps for realistic mountain range acrylic painting tutorials for beginners will help you enhance your skills in painting. For example, the use of a gel painting medium to modify the texture of your surface is a good skill to learn.

You will surely enjoy the process of how you can do that with this activity. The mountain ranges and the snow at the top make them a great painting subject. If you have been eager to create that texture, best to work with this tutorial.

3 Simple Steps For Realistic Mountain Ranges Acrylic Painting
mountain range ideas for acrylic painting

There are easy steps on how you can work with them. Either by working with the details of your acrylic paints or using another painting medium. You can also enhance your skills in using a palette knife for painting.

The use of a palette knife is also a good skill to learn with painting. Either by oil paints or with heavy body acrylic paints. You can also use the palette knife to create a unique textured surface. In addition to the use of a textured gel medium.

The best part about acrylic paints is that you can modify both texture and their drying time. Using a retarder, for example, you can slow down the fast drying characteristics of acrylic paints.

One of the best parts about painting using acrylics is that you get to start fast. This is because of their drying time. They are known to dry faster than any other painting medium.

Before we proceed with the right method for painting your realistic mountain ranges, best to prepare a few materials. One key secret for a successful acrylic painting is by getting the right materials that you will use.

Essential Materials For Realistic Mountain Range Acrylic Painting

Here are the lists of materials that you will need for acrylic painting;

  • Acrylic paints – the choice for the type of acrylic paints depends on your style and what you prefer. You can use traditional acrylics or heavy body acrylic paints. The colors that you will use depends on the type of mountain colors. You can start with white, blue, black, and red acrylic paints.

    3 Simple Steps For Realistic Mountain Ranges Acrylic Painting
    mountain range acrylic painting
  • Painting canvas of your choice. As a beginner, best to start with a small painting canvas.
  • Palette knife to apply your paints into the canvas
  • Gel textured medium or molding paste. However, this can also be optional if you feel that you do not like using it yet, there is no need to use the medium.

Painting Style And Techniques That You Will Use To Enhance Your Skills In Painting

If you are wondering if there are painting techniques available for this activity, best to check how to work with your layering technique now. These simple steps for realistic mountain range acrylic painting tutorial will help you a lot.

The next skill that you will also learn is how to mixed different colors together to create new colors. The colors that you will get from blending two colors together are essential for your painting journey.

The layering technique is the best painting techniques to help you enhance your skills in painting. This is by adding a new layer of colors from the previous layer to create a textured surface.

When we are modifying the texture of your painting surface, this is also a great skill to learn, You can use either an illusion of layered paints or use a gel medium. Which are both beneficial for beginners to learn.

Wet on wet painting technique is a great way to blend two or more colors naturally. This will also help you predict color combinations easily. The best part about every painting technique is that they are best learned by personal encounters.

Now to help you get the right feel about these simple steps for realistic mountain ranges acrylic painting tutorial, you can follow these easy instructions.

Simple Steps For Realistic Mountain Ranges Acrylic Painting Technique

3 Simple Steps For Realistic Mountain Ranges Acrylic Painting
snowy mountain range acrylic painting

Working on a palette knife for this activity allows you to control your heavy or thick paints properly. This is one of the key secrets to working with a textured surface. If you haven’t worked with a gel textured medium, best to try it.

Step 1. Mixing your paint and a gel textured medium or a molding paste.

This will allow you to create thick paint consistency that is ideal for rough mountain tops. The textured of your rough mix paints will imitate the realistic mountain range.

Using your palette knife, you can get some thick paint mixture to work on your mountain tops. This is the best use for the foundation of your mountains. The rough surface is a great way to create a realistic texture of mountain range and slopes.

You can use as much paint mixture as possible to give you the best-textured surface. Trying to mimic the rough texture of the mountain range by creating a lot of bumps.

Once you are satisfied with the texture and the foundation of the paints that you have done, wait for it to completely dry. Since you have made a thick paint consistency, it will take some time to completely dry. You can dry leaving it for like a couple of hours.

Step 2. Work with adding cool colors on your mountain tops.

Adding new paint colors over your mountain tops will be easy. All you have to do is add some white and blue paints together. Then scrap it at them across the side of your mountain range.

Try working with one direction when you add this cool colors over your mountains. The rough textured surface on your painting canvas will imitate the mountain ranges’ roughness.

3 Simple Steps For Realistic Mountain Ranges Acrylic Painting
simple textured mountain range

One more best technique that you have to learn is the amount of pressure that you incorporate with scrapping techniques. You want to add light pressure to have some areas missed with paint. This will create a realistic mountain snow cover.

The textured surface will allow you to do to create unique mountain ranges.

Step 3. Adding new sets of warm colors over your mountain range.

This will be almost the same as step 2. The only difference is the color combination that you will be using. Since you will be adding new warmer colors. It is also best to mixed colors to create this process.

With your red color, adding white is it will allow you do create lighter shades of pink.

Now, this process is also about working with your scrapping technique. Load up your palette knife with some paint mixture and scrape it in the opposite direction of your mountain range.

If you work with the left side using your cool colors, you can work on the right side for your warmer colors. Again, use light pressure. You do not need to fill up all the bumps with colors.

Allow some spaces to be empty. This is the textured surface imitating the roughness of rocky mountains.

And that’s it, you have completed the simple steps for realistic mountain range acrylic painting tutorial for beginners. For best results, you can use a rough painting canvas, this will give extra roughness to your mountain range.

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