7 Easy Steps To Simple Watercolor Flowers Tutorial

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Everyone would love to paint simple watercolor flowers at least once in their painting journey. It can be daunting at first especially if you already have the idea but does not seem to know where to start. With our simple watercolor flowers tutorial will help you start easily. Are you ready?

What are the materials you will need for your simple watercolor flower painting design? Can you use limited palettes for your watercolor flowers? Are there designs for simple watercolor flowers to begin with?

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Simple Watercolor Flowers Tutorials

It is every watercolor artists’ dream to create even a simple watercolor flower design at least once. Sometimes the designs are easy but you do not know where to start. Especially for beginners with watercolors or another painting medium.

If you wanted to start with simple watercolor flowers then you are on the right track. Today we will learn the simple step by step watercolor flowers tutorial. You will need a few materials for watercolor painting. And a few insights into what you need to know with this painting medium.

Simple watercolor flowers
Simple designs – 7 Easy Steps To Simple Watercolor Flowers Tutorial

With the right knowledge and know-how, you can create unique yet simple designs. The best part about watercolors is their transparency.

Take advantage of their transparency to create different designs. From every season, you can create different designs of trees. You can also use other elements to modify the texture that you wanted to add.

Salt can add unique detail for texture. The bubble wrap also gives a unique design for a specific character. Other artists use a sponge with their paintbrush. While straw and bubbles can be a unique way to make watercolor flowers.

The thing about simple watercolor flowers is you can modify them as well. By adding the texture of elements in them. Using other materials and many more. It is about exposing and experimentation.

Painting techniques and styles are created with the right way of getting curious with your paints. This allows you to use different elements and materials to create designs.

Materials Needed For Your Simple Watercolor Flower Design

What are the materials needed for your simple watercolor flowers? There are a few basic materials to start working with.

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These materials are almost the same as the one that you use every time. You just need to check with the different brand manufacturers which one works best for you. Keep on trying different types and see which one will suit your style and preferences.

  • Watercolor Paper – Either you work with cold-press or hot-press is fine. It is ideal to work with the right painting surface always. The watercolor paper has enough absorbency to hold water and paint. They don’t buckle as ordinary paper does. 

  • Watercolors – Pans or tubes are perfect. They are transparent and you can work on your blending skills. This will give you access to predict different colors. Try working with a limited painting color te enhance your creative side with mixing.

  • Paintbrush – A medium and a small paintbrush will do the trick. The smaller tip allows you to work on fine details.
    Simple watercolor flowers
    Nature-inspired flowers – 7 Easy Steps To Simple Watercolor Flowers Tutorial
  • Water – A jar of water to rinse and wet your paintbrush and watercolors.
  • Paper towel – optional. To remove the excess water on your paintbrush or clean the paint residue.

There are only a few materials for your simple watercolor flowers painting. If you have all the essential materials, I believe we are ready to paint. Let’s begin now!

Getting Familiar With Watercolors Characteristics

Watercolors are transparent. If you applied them to their lightest shade, they will still be lighter by 50% when dried. That is why you can always add a new layer of colors once they are dried.

It is best to start with the lightest shade possible with watercolors. That is the basic secret for watercolor applications. You can add a darker shade for later.

For your painting surface, get the right materials to give you the best results. The watercolor can stand with both water and paints. They don’t buckle with paints and water on their surface.

You can use ordinary paper but it does not give you the best benefit you get with the right surface. Usually, ordinary paper buckle when you paint with them.

To avoid any frustrations, best to use the required materials made for every painting medium. On the other hand, you can use your ordinary paper for sample works and mixing colors.

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Let your first layer of colors to be completely dried before adding another layer. Unless you are working with wet on wet painting technique. This will prevent the colors from going over the previous one.

Simple Watercolor Flower Painting Step By Step Guide For Beginners

Now that you have learned more things with watercolors, we can start the tutorial. The simple watercolor flowers design depends on what type of flowers you want. They can be simple tulips or daisies and more.

On this simple watercolor flowers tutorial, we will make simple watercolor flowers that you can practice with.

Step 1. Design your watercolor paper

Simple watercolor flowers
Easy watercolor flower – 7 Easy Steps To Simple Watercolor Flowers Tutorial

The best way to design your watercolor paper is to start with the large designs.

Start with the lightest wash that you can make on your first layer. This will allow you to create an outline and apply new colors afterward.

The trick with a light wash to dark wash is it is easy to fix. Rather than working with darker to light. It will be harder to fix the process.

Step 2. Work on the center of your flower.

Add a new color that will give emphasis to the center flower. It can be another color you want. The trick to allows the paint to run on the areas you want then to be is to apply a light wash of water. Then apply the color you want on the paper. This will give your center flower a sifter edge.

Step 3. Create different designs and shapes of colors you want.

The simple watercolor flowers design is all about different ways you can create them. It can be a sunflower inspired design or a simple daisy.

Contradicting and complementing colors works best for watercolor flowers. Try using them on each other.

Step 4. Create depth by adding darker shades of colors on your flowers.

The darker colors on the tip of your flower create depth. This can also be any complementing colors if you wanted to. Add them on their tips and around the flowers.

Putting darker color tone on the base of your flower gives crisp and depth as well. Try and experiment. White spaces also give a lift from the flat surface for your designs.

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Step 5. Add your flower stem and leaves.

Start with the lightest green color and play with different sizes of leaves. This will give your flowers a unique appearance as well.

Step 6. Once the layers are completely dried up, add details.

You can work on your stems and leaves by adding darker shades of green now.

Step 7. Add more colors if you need to.

Just don’t overwork it. Sometimes we can’t fight the urges to stop adding colors. If you are feeling this way. Best to stop for the moment and come back when your painting is dry.

Hope this simple watercolor flowers tutorial help you learn something new.

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