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4 Easy Steps With Stencil Acrylic Painting For Beginners

There is a different beauty when you tried stencil acrylic painting for beginners. Whether you are using the pouring style, surely stencil acrylic painting will give you a lot of ideas and inspiration. You only need to add a few designs for your acrylic pouring technique to create dynamic results.

What are the different designs that you can do with stencil acrylic painting using the pouring technique? Are there any materials to add on this type of designs? Can stencil acrylic painting create unique texture over detailed patterns?

Stencil Acrylic Painting Tutorial Using Pouring Technique

Stencil acrylic painting is getting popular not just for artists but most especially to those who have experienced its beauty. The unique texture that it can produce gives the artist a new experience.

There are a lot of designs that you can use for your stencil acrylic painting technique. One of the reasons why some artist who uses the pouring technique with a stencil is about the dimension.

It is true that acrylic pouring creates a unique mixture of texture from the color combination. On the contrary, your acrylic poured surface looks more of background at some point. Which can change if you will use stencil designs on top of your surface?

It can be challenging at times but once you have tried working with stencils, you will like the dynamic results. There are a lot of designs that you can work on with. including intricate geometric designs. Mandala designs can also be a great way to use stencils and acrylic paints together.

stencil acrylic painting for beginners
Stencil painting – 4 Easy Steps With Stencil Acrylic Painting For Beginners

Stencils have been widely used by most artists of different painting medium. With the unique texture and design that they can produce, no wonder they have been a favorite tool for arts.

If you are wondering which stencil to use for this tutorial, so you can get a simple design to try with. Then you can upgrade your designs for later on. You all need some new boundaries and then get comfortable with them.

There are a variety of options to choose for your stencils. Some are made of paper, plastic, wood, and many more. They also range from different sizes which vary for the artist’s needs. If you are ready then we can start off. All you need is to prepare a few sets of materials.

Designs For Stencil Acrylic Painting You Can Try As A Beginner

The designs that you will use for your stencil acrylic painting varies on what you wanted. There is a diverse option for your stencils and best to check with the design you like. Don’t forget to consider checking the size of the stencils. if you will order online, there is a tendency that they may be smaller than what they appear in the picture.

You can also make your own stencil if you wanted to. That you can do once you have tried working with stencils and acrylic paints. This tutorial can be done by beginners who wanted to explore.

Check out for sets of stencils so you can have a lot of options to. Remember that there is no particular design that matters. what’s best is you create, learn, and experiment.

Materials That You Will Need for Stencil Acrylic Painting

Stencil acrylic painting
Stencils for acrylic painting – 4 Easy Steps With Stencil Acrylic Painting For Beginners

The best way to get the most of every painting tutorial and technique are the materials that you will use. Since you are working with the fast drying characteristics of acrylics, best to know what you need. This way, you can prepare them and have a smooth painting session.

Since you will be pouring acrylics, it is best to get fluid acrylics for your first coverage. Do the process like you have been doing with the pouring technique. Then wait for your painting surface to be completely dried before working with stencils.

There are different ways on how you can apply your paints with your stencil designs. You can work by brushing off the paint over the dried poured surface. You can use a palette knife for application, spraying it over the stencil and paint surface. On the other hand, you can also use a sponge or brush above your stencils.

The possibilities of how you will include your stencil designs over your poured acrylic are endless. On the other hand, you can keep a flat texture by spraying over paint into your stencils.

Make sure that the poured acrylic paints are totally dried. Do it in an open-air to avoid inhaling the fumes of spray paint. Or you can do this outdoor.

What To Expect With Stencil Acrylic Painting Using Different Techniques

There are different ways on how you can make the most for your stencil painting. You can even modify its texture by adding another painting medium like a gel texture medium.

The stencil will give you the designs that their holes have. Either you are working with intricate pattern combinations, shapes, and more. It is best to explore with different ways on how you can make the most of your painting tools.

Like adding a gel texture medium to give your stencils a boost. The get textured medium will not just give your stencil value but a unique texture that is pleasing both by looking and even touching.

Here’s a quick guide on how to do that;

Stencil,acrylic painting
Stencil ideas for acrylic painting – 4 Easy Steps With Stencil Acrylic Painting For Beginners

Before you apply your gel texture medium, make sure that your poured acrylic paint is completely dried. If not, you will ruin the poured application. Since acrylic paints dry faster, you do not need to wait for a longer time.

Step 1. Check the painting surface if it is completely dried up. Place your chosen stencil design over the area where you wanted the design to be.

You can secure your stencil in its place by adding a masking tape. A painter’s tape can also be a great option.

Step 2. Apply your get textured medium into your stencil using a palette knife.

The application varies for every artist. On the other hand, it is best to apply it like you are applying butter into your bread. do not dab the mixture into the stencil.

You can also premix your gel medium and the color that you prefer. Or you can apply the gel texture first. Then work on the color that you like.

Step 3. Apply the chosen color of your paint. You can apply a couple of layers if desired.

The gel medium is white when you apply into your surface. It changes to translucent color once dried. This will not affect the color of the paint that you apply over it.

Step 4. Check if all the holes of your stencil are properly been filled with gel and paint.

If all your stencil holes are covered, you can slowly and gently remove your stencils over. You can now see the unique designs of a stencil that gives a new level of texture to your poured acrylic painting.

There is also another way on how you can create texture over your painting canvas using stencils. This is all about pouring the paint over the stencils. Which is secured into your painting surface. A fun and creative way of creating texture over your painting surface using another painting tool.

Though it will not be noticed easily. The texture will create a unique form once the paint is completely dried. Make sure that you will secure the stencil properly into your painting surface. That way, as you pour your mixture, it will stay in place.

There are also other ways to spread your paint over your stencils and surface. You can blow the excess paint to complement the negative space that is in your painting surface.


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