Stencil watercolor painting

6 Easy Stencil Watercolor Painting

Stencil watercolor painting is our next tutorial. It gives the artist a unique feeling of creating wonderful designs and outline for new material. The stencil acts as the main element for a successful design with your watercolors. Take advantage of your watercolors transparency and create more designs today.

How to paint stencil watercolor painting? What are the essential materials you will use for your stencil watercolor painting? Is stencil watercolor painting can be done with any type of stencil by a beginner?

Stencil Watercolor Painting Tutorial

Stencil watercolor painting is a great way to practice your skills with arts. Using the right materials will help you gain additional knowledge for this process. Stencil watercolor painting is an easy process, to begin with, especially for beginners.

If you haven’t tried working with a stencil before, this tutorial will help you all the way until the end. Check for the right materials and let’s begin. We will also help you understand a few factors with the method.

Stencil watercolor painting
Watercolor Techniques – 6 Easy Stencil Watercolor Painting

Once you enhance your skills with a stencil, you can create artist-grade paints. There are no right or wrong combinations of watercolor to choose from. It is all about how you will feel for every style. Learn a few tricks today and have fun!

Materials To Use For Your Stencil Watercolor Painting

Before applying all the colors you have in mind for your stencil watercolor painting, check out all these materials that you will need. Preparing the materials allows you to work easily for your artwork. Whether a simple design of a more complicated one, the key is getting everything set up.

Check out all these materials. If you have been watercolor painting for some time, you will have most of the things on the list.

  • Watercolor Paper – Check for the paper that you like the most. Always go for watercolor paper and not ordinary paper. When water is applied on the surface of ordinary paper, they buckle. To avoid this, always use the right materials to do the job properly.
  • Watercolors – Either with tubes or pans. The watercolor that you are most comfortable to work with. If you are a beginner, try working with a palette for the moment. This will help you understand how transparent watercolors are. Then you can get a few colors in tubes.
  • Paintbrush – A small and medium-size paintbrush will work.
  • Water in a jar – To rinse and wet your watercolors and paintbrush.
  • Stencils – Whether you work with a paper, wooden or plastic will do. If you can find an inexpensive one on a store next to you. That will start off the inspiration for you.
    Salt – Optional element to create a unique texture for your painting surface.

Different Types Of Stencils For Beginners

Stencil watercolor
Easy tutorial – 6 Easy Stencil Watercolor Painting

Wondering what is the best type of stencil for you watercolor painting? There are a lot of different types of stencils to choose from. Find a simple and cheap one for the moment. A plastic one can be a great start.

There are also different styles for stencils. From numbers to animals and as intricate wall stencils. There are reusable types of stencils as well. As long as the watercolors create a great image from the cut-out holes, they are fine to use.

If you happen to love stencil watercolor painting, then you can invest later on different designs. For now, get a plastic stencil to start with. Check a design that you wanted to work with. Animals or any designs will do.

Once you have decided, let’s start painting! There are a few factors to consider for a successful stencil painting.

Factors To Consider For Your Stencil Watercolor Painting

Since watercolors are very transparent painting medium, try working with them to understand them more. The more you get exposed to them, the more you enhance your skills.

Use watercolor paper to get a better result. You can use ordinary paper but the results are not as best as the right materials. The watercolor paper can hold enough water for your painting.

Stencil watercolor painting
Stencil letters – 6 Easy Stencil Watercolor Painting

The colors that you will use depends on your style and preference. There are no right or wrong colors when it comes to painting. Just make sure that you do not overmixed colors together. Otherwise, you will produce a muddy color.

When you use the stencil, choose for a larger hole or cut-out design. This will allow you to work on a better painting. If you gained enough experience, you can choose other intricate designed stencils.

Step By Step Stencil Watercolor Painting Tutorial

There is no better way to start your stencil watercolor painting than easy steps. Learn with us and don’t forget to share your designs. Once your materials are all set, let’s begin!

Step 1. Choose the stencil design that you wanted to use for your watercolor painting.

Prepare the colors that you will use for your stencil watercolor painting. Once you have decided, put your stencil on top of your watercolor paper.

Step 2. Make sure that you hold your stencil design properly before applying watercolors on the cut-out hole. You can press the stencil with your left hand. Or the hand that you won’t use for adding colors on the painting surface.

Step 3. Keep enough watercolor paints on your paintbrush to apply on your surface. Dan the paintbrush on the designed hole of your stencil.

Important Tip: Refrain from moving your stencil. This will cause the paint to move as well. It will ruin the designed hole. Keep it press until you are done the painting.

Step 4. Adding a few different colors allows you to create a unique design. You can add wet colors on top of a still-wet surface and watched them mixed.

Stencil watercolor
Stencil pattern – 6 Easy Stencil Watercolor Painting

As the colors mixed together, you will have a relaxing view as well.

Step 5. Once you have covered the cut-out hole with watercolors, simply lift it off. Be extra careful when doing this to prevent the paint from running over.

Step 6. Keep the painting surface laying flat until it is completely dried up.

You see it is just easy to create different designs with watercolors. Whether you are working with an agate design or a spring tree, that is totally easy.

The trick with watercolors it won’t run over your stencil edges is to use a thicker, more absorbent paper. It will prevent the paint from running over your watercolor paper.

You can also lessen the amount of water that you add on your watercolors. Work from different colors to create a variety of designs.

Modify the texture of your watercolor by adding elements on it. Salt is a great way to give an extra texture for your paints. Sprinkle the salt while your watercolors are still wet. They will absorb a few moistures in there. Simply brush off the salt when the painting is dry.

Create more and explore with different stencils and watercolors. There are also a lot more tutorials that you can practice with us. The key to enhance your skills is by working on them every time. Not just for a few painting styles but with a lot more.

Learn how you can blend colors in a different way as well. your blending technique will help you predict colors and work with watercolors efficiently. Don’t forget to have fun working and painting!






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