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This step-by-step abstract painting using a spatula, paintbrush, window washer, and the canvas is the easiest abstract painting tutorial any beginner can try. You will only need 5 essential materials for this acrylic abstract painting. You can check for acrylics in tubes which are the easiest painting medium that every beginner must try especially with abstract painting.

What are the materials that you will use for your had actually abstract painting using a spatula or window washer? Is acrylic abstract painting using a spatula a great stepping stone for beginners who wanted to learn more about abstract painting? What are the other painting techniques that you can incorporate with this abstract painting using a spatula or window washer?


Easy Step-By-Step Abstract Painting Using Spatula Or Window Washer

Step-by-Step Abstract Painting Using A Spatula
Step-by-Step Abstract Painting Using A Spatula

This is a step by step abstract painting using a spatula for your acrylic paints is the best choice especially if you are a beginner with this painting technique. There are no rules on what colors and what paint patterns should you incorporate with your abstract painting especially with acrylics or any other painting media.

Abstract painting is a mysterious painting technique that depends on how the viewer or spectator will look at your paintings from their own point of view. This also allows them to be on the same exact place where the artist was while they are creating that certain abstract painting. The most artist says that abstract painting is an easy painting technique. However, there are still some exceptions regarding that matter. Because most of the artists use their painting to express what they were feeling at that exact moment when they are creating their abstract painting. It is on the viewer’s eye on how they will express the experience they had just by simply looking at the masterpiece in front of them personally.

Essential Materials For Your Abstract Painting Using A Spatula Or Window Washer

There are different materials used for abstract painting. That all depends on the style of the abstract painting that you wanted to create. As for this activity, we will be doing an acrylic abstract painting using a spatula and a window washer. This may sound hard but as you get to hold off the paints properly and more comfortable with the mixing and blending process, then you can easily do this faster.

Step-by-Step Abstract Painting Using A Spatula
Step-by-Step Abstract Painting Using A Spatula

The advantage and benefits of using acrylic paints are most artists use their fast drying characteristics to manipulate each painting that they create. Allowing all artist to work properly with them easier and faster.

Here is the list of essential materials that you will use for your abstract painting;

  • Acrylic paints in tubes or fluid acrylics. That way you can easily control the amount of paint you wanted to put on your painting canvas.
  • Painting surface or painting canvas. For this activity, it is best to use a painting canvas.
  • Paintbrush. Medium size flat brush is ideal for spreading fluid acrylics for this painting activity.
  • Window washer. You will use this for spreading out paint all over your painting canvas.
  • Spatula. For the final touch and evening the painting surface and spreading paints in a unique style.
  • Palette knife for additional texture effects on the painting surface when you are almost done with your abstract painting.
  • Flat surface to work with.
  • Plastic to cover the flat painting surface you will work on with.
  • Gloves. This will protect your hands from getting paints all over while working.
  • Spray bottle to give that special dripping effect

Step-By-Step Procedure For Abstract Painting

For this special abstract painting tutorial, you will need to have a flat surface to lay your painting canvas in there. Make sure that the underneath us covered with plastic to protect that surface from any paint streaks or leaks as you are working with your abstract painting using a spatula and window washer.

Step-by-Step Abstract Painting Using A Spatula
Step-by-Step Abstract Painting Using A Spatula

Once you have lay flat the painting surface then you can start working with your painting canvas. Squeeze a small number of fluid acrylics or acrylics on tubes to your painting surface. The colors will depend on your painting preference and style. Start off with small amounts of paints in your painting canvas. Spread the pain with your window washer evenly. You can spread them horizontally and vertically, as long as the paints will be all over your painting canvas.

Evenly spread the rest of the paint with your flat paintbrush and to give that brushed texture. You can work on all the areas vertically or horizontally as well. Once you are done with the first layer, then add more colors until the whole painting canvas is covered with abstract patterns and line.

Using your window washer for spreading the paints all over your painting canvas. Once you are done with the spreading of paints, you can make lines using your palette knife all over the painting canvas. Once you can see visible black lines as the outline for your abstract painting, you can simply spray the whole canvas with water and let that drip in one place by lifting the canvas upwards.

For the last step, you can add white and black paints all over the painting surface using your spatula. This abstract painting using a spatula is a good start for an artist who wants to venture with abstract painting.

The patterns and designs depend on your own style and preference. As abstract painting has no specific rules on what designs should you include your paintings with. It is a freestyle painting technique which you can play along as you gain more experience with your painting journey. There are no specific painting media for abstract painting, as long as you are having fun creating styles and patterns or shapes for your abstract painting session.

Step-by-Step Abstract Painting Using A Spatula
Step-by-Step Abstract Painting Using A Spatula

Abstract Painting For Beginners

Abstract painting is for everyone, be that if you are just a neophyte or a professional painter. Either you are working with watercolors or with oil paints. There is no certain painting medium incorporated with abstract painting. That is how versatile and flexible abstract painting is. It goes with all artist of all painting media.

So if you are a beginner with abstract painting then you can create as much as painting as you need to. The experience with one painting session can be used for the next one that you would want to create. The style for abstract painting depends entirely with the artist point of view. The color harmony is also on the artist choice.

Other Painting Technique That You Can Use With Abstract Painting

The layering technique is one of the most common painting technique that you can use for abstract painting. As you can add more layers of paints to your first layer and wait for the first layer to dry or you wanted that mixing effect of two layers to create a unique texture.

Wet on Wet is another painting technique that can be incorporated with abstract painting.

There are so many painting techniques that you can use with abstract painting. That all depends on how you wanted to use those techniques to create your unique abstract painting. So the next time that you will create an abstract painting, then use different techniques that you are comfortable to use with.

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