Superb Oil Painting Techniques For Beginners 1

Superb Oil Painting Techniques For Beginners

Oil painting is a delicate kind of art way back in ancient times and is considered one of a sophisticated lifestyle throughout every generation. You don’t have to get overwhelmed with oil paints by this history, rather be more excited in learning these superb oil painting techniques for beginners like you which will enhance your skills on the said medium.

We have a variety of techniques listed down and knowing a few of them, if not all, will give you an extra boost to your confidence through oil paintings. They may seem basic but they are the stepping stone to a more complex oil painting session and creation you will be exploring along the way.

Superb Oil Painting Techniques For Beginners

Know Your Oil Paints

Superb Oil Painting Techniques For Beginners
Oil palette – Superb Oil Painting Techniques For Beginners

Though it is stereotypical to paint with brushes always incorporating with arts and paintings, learning to  paint with a palette knife is a great advantage for newbie to this medium, Palette knife is not just for painting but a perfect tool for mixing all your oil paints to achieve the best kind of colors that you’ll really like, the thought that mixing all these colors is rather relaxing to the mind and the eye as well.

Learning how to blend your colors with a palette knife is a must try for superb oil painting techniques for beginners as this will save you from a lot of things in the future. One of the advantages of mixing oil paints with your palette knife is keeping all your paintbrush safe from getting ruined in mixing. You might not feel and see the effect when you used your brushes but their bristles will get to the point that they’ll be ruined in no time.

Brush Style and Stroke

Knowing the features and texture of oil paints to your brushes is a great way of learning their properties, and along the process, you must be enjoying the method as well. Getting used to different brush sizes, aside from palette knife, is another key to knowing how to create great artworks and one of the superb oil painting techniques for beginners is how to play with style on your paintbrush which you will learn in no time if you keep on exploring with this medium.

Turpentine To Thin

Superb Oil Painting Techniques For Beginners
Oil painting thinners – Superb Oil Painting Techniques For Beginners

Oil paints are usually thicker in texture that is why there are some mediums to keep the toned at times. Though you can now grab few products that are safe and less odor than the traditional paint thinners or turpentine, that doesn’t mean you will go and smell it while you are doing your art sessions, you’ll end up getting dizzy then.

Learn to reused old turpentine or used thinners as this may save you time and money in the future, you can keep your thinners in a sealed jar and always keep the cover on too.

Beginners Guide To Oil Paints

Technique 1: Mixing Your Oil Paints

Mixing colors has been one of the oldest yet resulted in superb oil painting techniques for beginners and experience painters alike. Part of a painters life the moment they decide to create an artwork with oil paints is the ability to properly blend pigments.. Mixing one color over the other can provide you an additional color, especially if you mix two primary colors together, results will vary to getting secondary colors then.

Superb Oil Painting Techniques For Beginners
Mixing oil paints – Superb Oil Painting Techniques For Beginners

When you have learned the proper way of mixing colors together then painting will be a lot easier for you, especially with oil paints. Some beginners tend to overmixed sometimes, it is not advisable for oil paints to mix them too much as you will affect their elasticity and somewhat will look too fine for their textures and looks.

The trick for oil painting is that you don’t really focus on the up-close appearance of the finished masterpiece, rather enjoying the magnificent beauty of oil paint by looking at it from a distance and once you have explored and learn this oil painting technique, you are one step closer to creating great paintings like any famous artist did way back through history. It is not easy to know all this superb oil painting techniques for beginners but it is always worth the try by continuous experimentation and exploration of the medium.

Technique 2: Tone and Block It Up

Toning your main colors are the main reason for blocking them up to your painting surface. This is to save you and your paintings from any dull details, it will keep a harmonious feel as you see the colors being applied to the surface as you visualize the finish outcome of the painting.

One of the superb oil painting techniques for beginners is by starting with all your main pigments already toned, that is how blocking into your oil pain is. Later on, as you progress with your painting, then adding a few more details to it will make it easier for the final touch and will save you from toning the rest of the painting together.  You may notice on some oil paintings that there are unfinished areas, those areas used blocking technique in oil painting.

Technique 3: Grisaille

Superb Oil Painting Techniques For Beginners
Grisaille oil painting – Superb Oil Painting Techniques For Beginners

Another superb oil painting technique for beginner, grisaille is usually used to create an image that is almost the same as the images of the sculptures. It was in the Renaissance era that this technique was commonly used. Though the term really refers to the color gray or any tone that accompanies the gray color.

Today only a few experts used this technique with all the different oil painting techniques that already arise.

Technique 4: Impasto

Impasto is a superb oil painting technique for beginners to learn, this is all about different dimension being created from a delicate brush stroke that adds certain details which increase the texture of the surface of the painting.

Though textures can usually be about the strokes of every brush, the best material in creating with impasto is the palette knife as you will be doing thick layers that can achieve through palette knives where paintbrush can’t sometimes match.

The practice of impasto technique requires an artist of much more details to how his paintbrush really works, the movement on the surface that indicates every activity and way a lot more of oil paints. This means that it is all over the surface that you usually work into, including the background for a superior boldness and the excellent feeling of melancholy.

Though impasto may look like an optical illusion to the viewer’s eye, manipulating every strokes and line will allow you to guide the spectator to follow all the lines even if they are a simple as the trees to your desired area of the painting.

Technique 5: Dry-Brush Technique

Commonly known as scumbling, this superb oil painting technique for beginners is likely to be a dry-brush technique where you don’t use any other material or medium to paint. it is best to apply this technique by adding extra more depth to the atmospheric scene. Scumbling is all about building a texture that is different from glazing as the later is more on a smooth after effect. Dry-brush or scumbling will let the first layer of your paint to be exposed.

Technique 6: Wet On Wet Technique

This superb oil painting technique for beginners may seem a quick one as you don’t let the first layer to dry before applying the next layer, though it is different from layer over layer as the later means allowing the first layer to dry, wet on wet technique is more of building all your layers together and as fast as possible as well. though it can take many layers to achieve our desired final touch, the drying time for this technique may take longer than weeks, that all depends on how many layers you have put together for a single session of painting.

Technique 7: Glazing

Another superb oil painting technique for beginners is where you make thin layers of paint and allowing this to dry before going through another layer is called glazing. This is indeed a very slow process as oil paints drying time is slow too. An artist who is practicing this technique usually waits even until a year to reach its curing time and have to pay extra attention to the surface as some oil paints may seem dry but are still wet from within. Glazing provides an intricate combination of colors when they are being put together, thus the real beauty of oil paints are seen.

Learning Oil Painting By Application

There may be tons of different ways to paint with oil paints and techniques will emerge from time to time as you move further. Learning all of this technique may help you to get familiarised with oil paints, though you don’t have to learn all of this techniques all at once, having a few favorites and repeating them over time will give you a grasp of how to paint with oils too.

There are still some superb oil painting techniques for beginners that you will learn along the way that are far more complex to you as a beginner but as you experiment and practice, surely you will be one small steps near those techniques and will learn them as you encounter more in this medium.

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