Thanksgiving DIY Arts and Crafts: Ideas, Toys & Decor 1

Thanksgiving DIY Arts and Crafts: Ideas, Toys & Decor

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s time to start thinking about what you will do with your family. One of the most popular activities is making Thanksgiving DIY arts and crafts! If you need help coming up with ideas for your next project, this blog post has plenty of them.

We will cover some DIY projects that are easy enough for kids to do on their own and more complicated arts and crafts that adults can take part in. It doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or 88 years old – there is sure to be something here that everyone will enjoy.

Why Do We Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is celebrated in the United States and Canada. Thanksgiving commemorates the anniversary of when colonists from Europe first came to this country and celebrated their successful harvest.

This tradition began with pilgrims fleeing religious persecution in England and wanted to establish themselves somewhere they could practice religion freely without fear of imprisonment or execution for heresy (the crime of disagreeing with official Church doctrine).

Thanksgiving DIY Arts and Crafts

The Pilgrims originally moved into the Plymouth Plantation but later built homes on nearby land known as New England because it had better soil for growing crops than what was available at Plymouth. The Native Americans helped them learn how to grow corn successfully by showing them which seeds would be best suited for planting here compared to back home, where they used to live.

The Native Americans also taught them how to hunt and fish to have food for themselves without having to rely on the Pilgrims’ supplies from Europe. All of these lessons were shared between both cultures during their first Thanksgiving celebration in 1621.

After this initial harvest feast with the Wampanoag tribe, colonists continued celebrating every year afterward on a day called Harvest Home (some years, it was held in September or October). Supposedly, some celebrations included games like sack races and wrestling matches that allowed everyone who participated an opportunity to win something as a prize at the end!

Eventually, people started bringing more items like needles and thread, which evolved into sewing contests where women would make clothing out of old rags and scraps of fabric. This tradition eventually became a part of what we call today “Trick or Treating,” where kids dress up in costume to go door-to-door asking for candy from their neighbors.

Today, Thanksgiving is held on the fourth Thursday every November (so it takes place between October and December). Traditionally, people would host large feasts with turkey as the main course because this was one meat that they could quickly raise here locally nowadays though there are so many different ways you can prepare your meal without having to kill an actual turkey yourself – including using fish instead if you don’t eat other types of fowl like chicken or duck.

If you want to keep the kids or the whole family busy this Thanksgiving, you might want to consider making arts and crafts as part of the festivities. It doesn’t need to be just for kids either – some great ideas can get everyone involved in the process too!

Thanksgiving DIY Arts & Crafts: Ideas For Families And Kids Too!

Making art together with your family is a fantastic way to bond and spend time doing something constructive during this memorable holiday. There’s no right or wrong way to create things like paintings, sculptures, pottery, or even designing items out of paper such as cards or scrapbooks.

One popular idea is carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns (or “pumpkin lantern”) designs. You could also try painting your pumpkins with bright colors to make them look like other types of fruit or vegetables.

For kids, you might want to consider some accessible arts and crafts projects that are age-appropriate too. One great thing about using foam sheets is they can be cut into almost any shape – even letters for making personalized cards!

You’ll find lots of different kinds online at an office supply store that will have either a single color on each piece (like red, blue, green) or sometimes multiple colors all in one package.

Kids love this material since it’s so lightweight, and there’s no need whatsoever for glue when attaching decorations made out of these shapes onto paper items such as gift tags. They’re also fantastic for creating puppets or masks for dress-up games too.

There are so many more creative ideas you can explore when it comes to DIY arts and crafts during this particular time of year – especially if your family loves spending time together! Just remember, the most important thing is making something that makes everyone feel happy about what they’ve created as a keepsake from Thanksgiving day itself.

Easy Thanksgiving DIY Arts And Crafts Ideas For Your Family

Thanksgiving DIY Arts and Crafts

Here are some of the best Thanksgiving DIY arts and crafts ideas to try this year. Most of the materials are from recycled materials around your home, and all you need are a few non-toxic paints, glue, google eyes, scissors, and a creatively fun time with your kids.

Felt Paper Garland

Keeping your kids busy and decorating the home is super easy with this felt paper garland. All you need are some sheets of felt, scissors and a glue gun. Now Thanksgiving will never be the same as kids start to make their beautiful garlands to decorate the house.

Thanksgiving Finger Puppets

If you need some quick and easy Thanksgiving arts and crafts for kids, then check out these fun finger puppets. The materials required for this project are paper plates (of different colors), google eyes, scissors & markers/pens. Once done, cut out the templates provided on the internet or draw your designs to make funny faces that will keep children entertained during the holiday season when they have extra free time at home with nothing much else to do other than play around! 

This is also an excellent way for parents to involve themselves and get creative by being crafty while spending quality moments together with their little ones, print out the template of your choice, cut them up, and get creative with different colors.

Thanksgiving Turkey Placemats (Using Paper Napkins)

This Thanksgiving DIY arts and crafts idea is also great for kids as they do not require any unique materials or tools to make these beautiful napkin placements that everyone at home can use during meal times. All you need are some paper plates, google eyes & scissors!

It is easy to follow step by step instructions on how to turn regular old looking paper napkins into beautiful turkey faces using only a few simple craft supplies like glue sticks or hot glue guns, markers/pens & colorful acrylic paints, which can even be reused next year if appropriately stored in an airtight container.

Thanksgiving DIY Arts and Crafts: Ideas, Toys & Decor 2Pinecone Turkey Crafts for Kids 

These little crafts are perfect for displaying on your Thanksgiving table or decorating around the house. Plus, it’s also an excellent way to engage your kids in crafting activities during family time together at Thanksgiving dinner.

You can even have them create their pinecone turkeys using different colored paints, google eyes, feathers, popsicle sticks as beaks/legs, etc. The sky’s the limit here when it comes to creating these cute crafts!

Wood Spoon Puppets

If you are looking for Thanksgiving arts and crafts ideas that will keep kids entertained all day long, then these cute wood spoon puppets might be what you need. All the materials used here can easily be found around your homes like cardboard paper towel rolls or toilet tissue tubes, google eyes & markers/pens! These hand-made toys by children look so unique they could also make great gifts to relatives.

Recycled Toilet Paper Turkey

Don’t throw all those old toilet paper rolls away just yet! With a few craft supplies that can be found around the house, you can turn them into cute little recycled turkey crafts with your kids. All you need are some googly eyes & glue sticks/hot glue guns to create these beautiful Thanksgiving arts and crafts ideas for children this holiday season.

Dried Leaves Puppet

This dried leaves puppet is an excellent project for kids during Thanksgiving time because it uses materials that can be found in our own homes, like brown kraft paper and glue guns, and recycled items such as used dryer sheets (empty). Plus, the recycling part also teaches children about protecting nature by reusing natural resources. All they need to do is cut out the template provided on the internet or draw their design, then assemble them into puppets – simple!

Popsicle Sticks Turkey

This is a great Thanksgiving arts and crafts idea for kids looking to have some fun while being creative at home by themselves. The materials needed for this project are popsicle sticks, google eyes & markers/pens, which can all be found around the house.

All they need to do is print out the template of their choice, cut them up, then get artistic with different colors or decorate these popsicle stick turkeys in whatever way that appeals most to them – simple as that! This activity will keep children positively occupied during holiday times when other activities may not be available, making it an excellent craft project.


Colorful acrylic paints to use for stamping onto construction paper or any other surfaces. You can use dried leaves, cut fruits, and other objects around your home to stamp. Stamping is a great way for kids to be creative and express themselves in whatever ways they want during the holiday season!

Rock Painting

Kids will have a blast decorating rocks using acrylic paints, nails, and gems, or whatever other materials they can find around the house. This is an excellent activity for rainy days when children are indoors with nothing better to do. Plus, it’s also a great way to get them involved in nature appreciation & conservation by going on hikes together in your neighborhood park!

Thanksgiving DIY Arts and Crafts: Ideas, Toys & Decor 3

Mason Jar Painting

What a fun way to repurpose old Mason jars by using them as vases for dried flowers or paint marker mason jar paintings. The possibilities are endless with this one – kids can even use their fingers and fabric swatches to create beautiful designs on the lids of these glass containers! All you need is some acrylic paints, markers & gems/pebbles that can be found around your homes, then let children get creative all day long while creating arts and crafts during Thanksgiving time.

Gloves Puppet

Take the leftover gloves in your home and turn them into cute little puppets with kids this Thanksgiving season using google eyes, markers/pens, or other craft supplies. This is a great way to reuse old items around the house while also teaching children about protecting nature by reusing natural resources.

DIY Masks

Host a kids and adult masquerade party this Thanksgiving season by making DIY masks for everyone to wear. The materials required are things you can find around the house, such as paper plates, construction paper, and tape or glue sticks/hot glues guns which all make great craft supplies. There’s no limit to mask designs so let children get creative in whatever ways they want! This is a fun activity that will keep kids entertained while creating arts and crafts during holiday times without breaking your wallet.

Creative Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year

Thanksgiving DIY Arts and Crafts: Ideas, Toys & Decor 4

Being creative and having fun during Thanksgiving is possible by hosting a kids’ arts and crafts party. There are many different ways to get creative with children at home this Thanksgiving season, including stamping, rock painting, mason jar paintings & more.

If you want to create new meaningful memories this Thanksgiving season, you can do a few crafts ideas with children at home. This is a great way to keep kids positively occupied during holiday times when other activities may not be available, making it an excellent craft project for the whole family!

Whether you want to create home decors, repurpose old items, or get kids involved in nature appreciation, you can do whatever arts and crafts activities that appeal most to your family & budget.

From stamping using dried leaves/fruit/nuts to painting rocks around the neighborhood, there’s no limit when it comes to Thanksgiving DIY Arts and Crafts ideas for children at home! This is a great way to get everyone together during holiday times while also making new meaningful memories.

Final Words

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US, we spend lots of time and money on cooking and decorating our homes for this special day. But what about kids? Can they be part of Thanksgiving too? Yes! Creating arts and crafts with them is a great way to start any holiday season – not only that, but it’s also very inexpensive when you already have many materials around your home.






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