The 10 Best Colors For Pastel Painting

The 10 Best Colors For Pastel Painting

Pastel painting is known to be the best medium when it comes to rich and luminous vibrant colors. To choose the best colors for pastel painting seems hard especially with all those lovely hues in store. If you were new to pastel painting then choosing the best colors seems to be a dilemma. You don’t need to feel that way. We will give you the best tips on how to choose the best colors for pastel painting in no time.

What are the best colors for pastel painting for beginners to purchase? Do you need to purchase a lot of colors for pastel painting? What are the basic colors that a beginner must-have for pastel painting?  Can you mix pastels with other painting media?

What Are The Best Colors For Pastel Painting?

If you haven’t decided what’s the best colors for pastel painting that you will use. It is best to get the starter set which contains most of the colors for pastel painting. However, if you just wanted to try pastel painting for the experience. It is best to try different colors from different manufacturers. You can try to purchase a few sticks of different colors as well. That way you can see and feel how fast will work for you.

You will surely love the texture and vibrant colors that they produced. The best way to get the most of the best color for pastel painting is to get the starter set. they range from small to large box of different colors. However, it is best to limit the colors that you have for the first time.

The Best Colors For Beginners To Purchased

The best way to get the best colors for pastel painting is to get a starter set. Once you have gathered and gained experience then you can start adding more colors. There are many options on how to purchase different pastel stick with your chosen colors as well.

The most important technique for pastel painting is to know how to properly blend one color over the other. Knowing how one color behaves and complement each other helps a painter to create more. Pastel painting it’s not about how many colors do you have. Pastel painting is simply about proper mixing and blending of colors together.

Unlike any other painting media,  the best color for pastel painting is the ones that are mix through the application. The fresh colors that pastel paints produce is derived from an artist point of view and skill for mixing together. Pastels are made most of the fresh pigments. Less binder with them.

The best colors for pastel painting is the knowledge of paint mixing. If you know how color theory works best when it’s a plus factor. There are some mistakes that most artists for pastel painting are doing. One of that is buying too many colors than needed.

The 10 Best Colors For Pastel Painting
The 10 Best Colors For Pastel Painting

The most important part of a pastel painting is to have the right colors with you. You can get yourself a few cool and warm colors. Having the primary and secondary colors will be great. The key secret to producing the best colors for pastel painting is to get the proper shades of light, dark and in-between.colors. Once you have all of these colors, then you are ready to set up your personal pastel set.

With all the colors available for pastels, it may seem hard to choose which one you’ll get.  Check for the colors that you will use most of the time. There are different manufacturers of pastel paint that allows an artist to choose different tints based on what they want and need. You can have mid-tones pastels and get even a darker shade if you want to.

ou can start with your 10 best colors for pastel painting. Get a warm and cold version of each color.

  • A warm and cold version of red
  • A warm and cold version of orange
  • A warm and cold version of green
  • A cold yellow
  • A warm and cold version of blue
  • A warm and cold version of violet

Now that you have the 10 versions of each color you already have your personal set of pastel. Since you have the warm and cold version of each color you can add some light and dark shades. Choosing the perfect light and dark shades for your pastel set seems confusing as well. With all the available colors that you will see in an art store.

To give you the best guide of choosing the light and darker tints. You can start getting the light and dark tint of the 10 colors that you first have. Though there are some colors that won’t be available for darker or lighter think like yellow or orange. So what’re the best colors for pastel painting with the dark and lighter tint? Get the lightest and darkest possible colors for each.

The 10 Best Colors For Pastel Painting
The 10 Best Colors For Pastel Painting

The next colors that you can add on your personal pastel set are the ones that earth colors. Though there is a minimum option for this one get some raw and burnt sienna. You can also get warm and cold tints of brown.

Now that you have most colors that you have for your personal set, we are done with the black and white colors to add. The black color for pastels is considered a very selfish color and you won’t really use it most often. However, you have to consider adding it on your personal set together with the white color.

The white pastel will be used most often especially if you’re going to be highlighting a lot of areas. It is also used to tint any color to their lightest form. And the last color to be added for your personal pastel set will be the gray one. You can get a warm and cold color gray.

Now that you have your complete set of pastel paints you are good to go and paint. Take note that there are also different types of pastel paints. They depend on what the artist likes and preferred. You can purchase pastels from hard, soft and semi-soft sticks. The trick with pastel paint is the harder they are the more binder they have with lesser pigments. If you have a softer pastel, chalks or sticks, that means it has more pigments in it.

Pastel Painting: The Rich Vibrant Medium

The 10 Best Colors For Pastel Painting
The 10 Best Colors For Pastel Painting

Pastel paint is known for its rich and vibrant colors. Most artists take advantage of these vibrant colors that pastel produces. They are best used for landscaping and still life portraits. Pastel paint composition is almost the same as the oil paints. However, the only differences oil paints are mixed with an oil vehicle. While pastels are just simply pigments and binder.

There are some artists who usually mix pastel paint with oil paints. you can also use pastels together with acrylic and even watercolors. there are different painting techniques for pastel painting as well. It is by experience and exposure that you gain more knowledge of the painting medium.

There are many basic pastel painting techniques that you can learn as you paint with pastels. There are no right or wrong techniques for pastel application. With all painting media, it is the artist preference that makes a successful painting session.

Whatever painting media that you are using right now the most important thing is you are enjoying what you are doing.







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