The 2 Proper Way Of Using Oil Pastels

The 2 Proper Way Of Using Oil Pastels

You might be wondering around as how is the proper way of using oil pastels to achieve their maximum beauty through blending. There are many tutorials that you have encountered but your color mixing may feel like there is something wrong. The proper way of using oil pastels is to apply the rule of 3 always. If you can avoid using the black color for the moment will save your oil pastel paintings as well.

How is the proper way of using oil pastels can save you and your artworks from any possible color disaster? What makes rules of 3 special for beginners and how this will help you learn the proper way of using oil pastels on your painting journey? Is black colored oil pastel great to create that shadow effect on your painting surface? How can you avoid your oil pastels from getting smudge if you wanted to add another layer on top of it?

The Benefits Of How Proper Way Of Using Oil Pastels Can Help You Create Wonderful Paintings

There are many tips as to how the proper way of using oil pastels can benefit you as an artist and the artworks that you are doing. There are many ways to apply oil pastels but do not use them like you are using crayons. That will be one of the great mistakes that you will get to use within your painting journey.

The 2 Proper Way Of Using Oil Pastels
The 2 Proper Way Of Using Oil Pastels

You can benefit from the proper way of using oil pastels in all your painting sessions. Aside from the fact that you know how to blend oil pastels is also to know the proper color harmony that you use on all your oil pastel paintings.

There are many great advantages of knowing the characteristics and compositions of the painting media that you are into. That also includes on how proper way of using oil pastels can create dynamic and wonderful paintings. Most artists get the idea of just applying the oil pastel paint on the painting surface and they believed that once it is done it is as good as doing it over and over again. They get stuck to the idea of just using the oil pastels as they have seen or read on different tutorials. However, the proper way of using oil pastels gives you a new definition of color mixing and blending and creating arts all at the same time.

With this lesson on how the proper way of using oil pastels will give you an insight and overview of the things that maybe you have been doing wrong that you can easily correct afterward. With the different painting techniques that you can incorporate with oil pastels and their rich and vibrant color characteristics gives you a head start of how you can create a marvelous oil pastel paintings that can last a lifetime. Remember that each creation represents the artist that you are.

On this lesson on how to proper way of using oil pastels will teach you also of how important the rule of 3 is to all your painting sessions that includes oil pastels. Before we start with this rule of 3, have you heard this painting rules before? If not then you are on the right track as we will be dealing with that to help you to improve your painting skills the next time that you’re going to create artworks using oil pastels or any other painting media.

The Secrets Behind The Rule Of 3 Painting And Using Color Theory Will Help You Gain Confidence With Oil Pastels

The 2 Proper Way Of Using Oil Pastels
The 2 Proper Way Of Using Oil Pastels

The rule of three in painting is an easy painting rule that most artists use especially if they are torn between choosing the right colors for their paintings. Though there are no right or wrong decision especially with your color combinations and color harmony that you applied in your paintings. It is best to take heed of the rule of three the next time you use oil pastels.

If it’s appealing to you and if it is beneficial, then you can try using it the next time.

So how do you explain the rule of three to a beginner with the painting medium especially with oil pastels? The thing you have to remember when you are applying color to your painting surface if you don’t just apply one layer of color or using one color with one layer. It may sound a bit tricky at times but it is just as easy as getting one color with three different shades of it. You can apply the darkest shades first followed by the medium light shade and then the lightest shade on the top of the two colors shapes that you use.

You can use black but it is best to avoid it first or use it sparingly. Another thing that you have to remember when choosing three colors is to as much as possible check for the closest color next to each other. To give you a great example is if you have a color wheel then you can use that as a reference the next time you choose the closest three colors with each other. When we say we have to avoid colors that are far from each other that means colors that are opposite in the color wheel. Though you can still use them, however, the effects and the combination once they’re applied to your printing surface will not really suit and complement each other properly.

The best way to execute the rule of three is if you have a beginner or starter pack for your oil pastels you can see that there are at least three colors next to each other. You can play with these colors by applying them on a certain area that is completely like one color but is actually made up of three different shades. The unique depth that they create makes your painting achieve that extraordinary beauty.

Avoiding Using The Black Color For Your Painting Journey

The 2 Proper Way Of Using Oil Pastels
The 2 Proper Way Of Using Oil Pastels

If you are a beginner with oil pastels it is best to avoid using the black color with your paintings. So there are no rules and it still depends on you as to how you wanted to use your black it is best to use it sparingly to less. There is one artist who once said that once you use the color black it means that your painting is almost a dead end. Because the black color once applied gives you that opaque surface wherein whatever you applied becomes even darker. So as much as possible if you are tempted to use the black one try to replace it with the white color for your oil pastels instead.

The most artist usually use the black oil pastels just on the highlights for some shadow effect or to emphasize details in between shapes, patterns, and designs on their paintings

Proper Preservations Of Oil Pastel Paints

There are many ways on how you can preserve your oil pastel paintings. There are some artists who use to frame their oil pastel paintings under glass to prevent them from any damages or colors coming over the other. While others used glassine paper to protect the surface of their oil pastel paintings. Especially if you don’t want to frame your paintings under glass yet. The glassine paper is specially designed to protect the surface of most pastel paint or pastel painting. Since oil pastels can easily be a smudge or smear their colors if they are not protected there are some artists who use fixative to protect them. There are two types of fixatives that you can choose from. That depends on how you want your oil pastel paintings to be preserved or if you want to continue working on them.

The 2 Proper Way Of Using Oil Pastels
The 2 Proper Way Of Using Oil Pastels

If you will still be working with your oil pastel paintings and just wanted to take a break from the first complete layer then you can add a working fixative for it. Working fixatives are specially designed to create a barrier that seals the pastels pigments on the painting surface and avoid any possible damages like smudge or smears of colors.

Pastels are such unique and wonderful painting medium which provides vibrant colors for the artists’ artworks.  To know more about the different techniques or how you can properly preserve your pastel paintings you can check out this link.







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