The 3 Best Photorealism Guide

The 3 Best Photorealism Guide

Photorealism has been admired by most artist and even non-artist alike. The beauty that it encapsulates makes you wonder how a certain artist can do that. Will they even share any practical photorealism guide if you wanted to try it one day. It will help and guide you especially if you are an artist who wants to explore and venture in a different style. This photorealism guide will explain more and help you understand this amazing technique. Maybe one day you will want to try doing it.

What are the materials and useful photorealism guide you need to know? Which medium is best used for photorealism? Can you paint with one painting medium and make really realistic photorealism like a professional artist do?

The Best Photorealism Guide For Every Artist That Wants To Try The Technique

The 3 Best Photorealism Guide
The 3 Best Photorealism Guide

Every artist, at least once in their painting journey, will want to paint in a photorealistic way. That is why we wanted to cover as much as needed for this photorealism guide that will be useful for beginners and experienced alike. The possibilities of creating a really good photorealistic image depend on the knowledge an artist has and the passion to explore boundaries. You can basically use any painting media for photorealism.

The most artist usually used a paintbrush for creation together with their chosen painting medium. This photorealism guide will also allow artist that are beginners and even experienced alike to work on the details of a realistic photo or image that they wish to create. It may not be perfect the first time that you will practice this technique but, rest assured that it will be worth your time, effort and practice along the way.

We will break down each and every material to use best and what are the right methods and procedures. To take knowledge of each and every material in painting is to understand each and every effect that they produce to the painting surface. This photorealism guide will also allow you to study each composition and characteristics, per color and per brand of pain manufacture that suits best.

The Materials Used For Photorealism

Just like any practical guide for doing any painting technique or painting session, there are a list of materials and supplies that an artist must need to prepare for their painting journey. Same with this photorealism guide, you will need the following essential materials.

  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Painting surface that you preferred for this activity
  • Painting mediums such as retarder and/or glazing liquid
  • Image photo that you will use as your subject for copying
  • A glass of water
  • Varnish
  • Spray bottle for misting the painting surface
  • Painting palettes
  • Rags, clean cloth for wiping or paper towels
The 3 Best Photorealism Guide
The 3 Best Photorealism Guide

When you transfer your image photo, you will need the following options;

  1. Copy paper of the image subject that you prefer, artist pencil and artist tape.
  2. Slide projector or a slide
  3. Pencil and ruler
  4. Projector and the copy paper of the image subject that you prefer

When you are creating a photorealistic painting, it is always better to get high-quality paints such as artist grade ones. The kind of color they produce is perfect for your painting journey. This photorealism guide will help you understand and decide better what to get for your paints. If you are tempted to purchase a lot of acrylic colors, it is better to take note that get only those colors that you will need base on the subject image that you will copy.

There are acrylic paints that come in tubes and if you will use more certain colors then you can even purchase the bigger size of a tube for that. Though student grade paints may seem inexpensive than artist or professional grade paints, the quality of paint is really worth the penny you’ll spend.

The only downside of using acrylic paints for your photorealistic journey is their really fast drying composition. You have to work really fast with them or add a retarder to slow down their drying time. There is new innovation for acrylics that tend to stay wet for a longer time than ordinary acrylics. There are also some painting mediums that you can choose and work with for acrylics. Check which one really works best for you, if you feel that retarder is best or glazing liquid is better, then go for it.

The 3 Best Photorealism Guide
The 3 Best Photorealism Guide

Paint brushes are essential tools for your acrylic painting photorealism guide. The right materials will do the job properly. Always get those high-quality materials no matter what for they produce the right and best effects for you and your artworks.

For your photorealistic image subject, it is best to choose the right image that really interests you. If you love flowers then start taking photos of the most favorite kind. Take tons of photos for that specific subject and check which will suit you best and boost that interest and inspiration more.

When you have chosen the right image that you wanted to copy then print it with the same size of the painting surface that you will be using. That way you can definitely get the right effect for you and the image that you will copy. If you want, there is a ready-made image that you can buy with the same size of canvas in them as well.

Once you are more experience with photorealistic, then this photorealism guide will also serve as a practical sanctuary of tips and techniques for you. For larger size painting canvases, you can try printing small sizes of the subject image that you preferred. That way you can have the right size that has broken down into small squares for easy painting and copying.

The 3 Best Photorealism Guide
The 3 Best Photorealism Guide

Remember that the reason for photorealism is to get the exact accurate image painted on your painting surface. Any small detail that is not aligned with the real image will give a different effect to your realistic painting. If you need to transfer an image to a larger painting surface, it is better to sketch it first for preference and accuracy.

There are also different art projectors you can use for a great copy of your chosen subject. That way you can have the realistic image set to your painting. There are definitely different methods on how you can transfer your image into your chosen painting surface. The grid method is the easiest way and does not require to spend too much money on it.

With the grid method, you just need a pencil and a ruler for transferring your image subject to the painting surface. The right sizes of the ratio of boxes should be the same as the ones that are on your painting surface.

No matter what kind of transferring method you will use for a photorealistic activity. The right focus and materials are the main key to success. This photorealism guide will give you the right mindset as to how you want your paintings done. There is a different method for transferring your desired subject. All you need is exposure and practice for you to get it right. You may experience a lot of mistakes but does that not mean that you are not going to make it. Let every mistake teach you new knowledge along the way. And let that add to your experience with the photorealistic method.






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