The 5 Wonderful Benefits Of Gesso

The 5 Wonderful Benefits Of Gesso

Knowing the wonderful benefits of gesso will help you a lot with your painting journey. One of the known benefits of gesso to your paintings and canvas is how it produced a unique texture while creating a barrier for the paint to not soak into your painting surface or canvas that may affect the quality of your artwork over time.

What are the known benefits of gesso to your artwork or paintings? Can you work on a painting canvas without applying gesso? Can you still get the wonderful benefits of gesso to your pre-primed painting canvas or do you need to apply a couple more layers in it?

The Wonderful Benefits Of Gesso To Every Artist

The 5 Wonderful Benefits Of Gesso
The 5 Wonderful Benefits Of Gesso

Whether you are into pre-primed painting canvas or wanted to do it by yourself, the great benefits of gesso are magical especially if you are into an oil painting or even acrylics. From how you can change the texture of your painting canvas to modify its absorbency level, surely there are a lot of wonderful benefits of gesso that you haven’t discovered yet.

When And Where To Use Gesso For Your Painting Surface Or Canvas

There are different ways and reason why you are applying gesso to your painting surface or canvas. Not just to get the wonderful benefits of gesso but to make sure that the quality of the painting you are doing will also last for a longer period of time.

As A Ground Or A Primer

One of the wonderful benefits of gesso to the painting canvas, regardless if you are working with acrylic or oil paint, is to create a stable primer or ground that is ideal for the paint application. The modified texture of your painting canvas allows the artists, especially if you are working with oil paints, to work on the painting style that you wanted to apply. This also creates a protective barrier of the paint to not go into the fabric of your painting canvas that later on effects and may deteriorate the painting canvas itself.

Most artists who use oil paints primed their painting surface first before they start working on them. The barrier that they create on the painting canvas allows them to work evenly and apply their oil paints properly. While those artists who work with acrylic paint applied gesso on their support or others called painting surface to modify the absorbency level of their ground. There are different reasons why artists apply gesso on the painting surface and one of them is to enhance and modify the absorbency level while enhancing the quality of the support or painting surface.

Gesso”s Ingredients

The 5 Wonderful Benefits Of Gesso
The 5 Wonderful Benefits Of Gesso

The white pigments that are present on the gesso are the titanium white and are the reason why gesso seems opaque when applied. We all know that acrylics are water-soluble when they are wet but becomes water-resistant when they are dried and this plastic resin is the reason why the ground of your painting canvas is protected from paint that may soak the fabric of your canvas. And lastly, the chalk which is a composition of calcium carbonate is to give the painting ground or primer the matte look that you can see once the gesso has dried up.

Thinning Your Gesso

One of the best benefits of gesso is the convenience that it showcases when it comes to the artist if they wanted to thinned this type of painting medium. The consistency of the paint that you wanted to achieve before you apply it on the ground or on your painting service depends on the amount of water that you add in it. There is some available guest so now which you don’t need to modify the paint’s consistency and you can apply it directly from the tube to the painting surface.

The 5 Wonderful Benefits Of Gesso
The 5 Wonderful Benefits Of Gesso

Most artists have different preference when it comes to the paint consistency of their gesso to apply on their painting surface or for priming. They are some artists who like the guest so to have a bit of a fluid consistency but not the same as the water. While other artists prefer to have a creamy consistency of the gesso to achieve the brush stroke effect on their painting surface once the gesso is completely dried up.

That totally depends on the style and preference of the artist when it comes to how they wanted their ground or painting surface to feel or achieve the kind of texture for their artwork or painting technique.

If you are wondering where can you find the right gesso for your painting needs then surely there are a lot of options to choose from. Whether you want to buy it on the physical store next to you or you want to purchase it online which depends on the reviews that you will see on the product.

If you happen to buy pre-primed painting canvas on the art store near you then you don’t need to really do anything about it and just work on with them with the painting style that you wanted. On the other hand, if you wanted to prepare your own painting canvas or painting surface and apply your own layers of gesso then surely you can do that. There are different but easy steps you can do and follow to achieve the right consistency and texture for your painting canvas with acrylic gesso.

Once you already get the hold and feel of applying your own acrylic gesso to your painting canvas then you can start working on different types of painting canvas afterward. You can also modify you wanted your this ought to be applied in painting canvas and the picture that you want that suits the style and preference for your next painting or artwork.

The 5 Wonderful Benefits Of Gesso
The 5 Wonderful Benefits Of Gesso

The best way for you to understand how gesso who works with your painting canvas for your stretch canvas is to experiment with the different texture and thickness and amount or number of layers that you will apply on the canvas itself. That way you will understand better how acrylic gesso and your paint will react which other. Once you get the right consistency of the guest so that you wanted to apply on your painting around then you can modify the texture as how you want them to be on all your painting surface. At first, it may seem like a challenge to you as to how you can get the right consistency or texture application on the canvas but once you get the experience of applying and doing your own ground for your painting canvas then it will be easier for you to modify them whenever possible.

There are different options for you as an artist whether you want to create your own layer or prime your own service or you can just purchase a ready-made stretch canvas with the pre-prime surface.

Even if you are a beginner to the painting medium especially if you are working with acrylics then you can start understanding how you wanted to apply the gesso on your canvas as well. If you are into oil painting then priming your canvas or preparing your canvas first before your painting session is really required but not necessary. This will all fall off depends on the style and preference as an artist and how you want to build your own painting experience. You can work both with a prime painting canvas or painting surface and unprime painting canvas to see the difference.

  • Geso acts as a barrier for the painting surface to not be soaked with paint especially with oil painting
  • It gives a unique texture that the artist prefers for their painting application especially with acrylics
  • Modifies the absorbency level of the painting surface especially if you are working with acrylics
  • Allowing the facing canvas last longer and avoid any deterioration over time
  • The easy application process for artists with their painting surface.






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