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The 8 Elements Of Composition In Painting

There are different elements of composition in painting that every artist must take into consideration when creating their paintings. When we say composition in painting, we are pertaining as to how the painting can capture the viewer’s attention and lets them move with what the artist wants them to look into the work of art, in different directions but not on the main subject of the painting itself.

What are the different types and elements of composition in painting? How can you determine the composition in painting on your artworks? What are the factors that affect the composition of a painting to create a dynamic painting structure effectively?

The Different Elements Of Composition In Painting You Need To Know

The 8 Elements Of Composition In Painting
The 8 Elements Of Composition In Painting

Arranging the visual effects of your painting to catch the viewers attention and indulge on the overall appearance of your painting is how you can say that you have created the painting’s composition nicely. To help you achieve this state on your paintings or artworks, determining the different elements of composition in painting will give you a proper mindset to what is ideal and pleasing to others while creating something that you also wanted to add on your every artwork.

With all the small details that incorporate the different elements of painting in your artworks, execution of your painting’s composition is also another key factor to reconsider every now and then. So let’s all learn the different and essential elements of composition in painting that every artist needs to know.

Elements Of Composition In Painting

The 8 Elements Of Composition In Painting
The 8 Elements Of Composition In Painting

Before we breakdown, all the essential elements of composition in painting, remember that the subject of the painting is entirely different from the composition of arts. As a simple definition with how composition affects the painting from the main subject, it is the small details that allow the viewer to see and experience what the painting wants to show before you reach the point that you settle your eyes to the main subject of the painting.

The elements of composition in painting allow the viewer to roam around the painting and check the keen details and build that emotion needed before coming back to its main subject or the apple of the eye of your painting. To further realize what each composition in an artwork, here are the things that affect your elements of composition in painting;

The 8 Elements Of Composition In Painting
The 8 Elements Of Composition In Painting
  1. Balance – To best describe one of these essential elements of composition in painting, is the visual connection of the painting to the viewer that creates the easiness and comfort by looking at it and feeling calm or at ease. You should feel that balance feeling all over the painting and not any hard or heavy feeling on one side. It creates a connection of calmness to every viewer.
  2. Unity – This element of a composition is all about the uniformity of the whole painting in a way that everything in it falls perfectly together.
  3. Rhythm – Though if you will check for the meaning of one of these elements of composition in painting, it is best described as the same rhythm that you feel when you are listening to your favorite kind of music. Though you will not hear any music with painting, it is likely to create a rhythm by looking at the artwork itself. This best describes the consistent colors or shapes that will catch your eyes while staring at the painting. It can be that certain color or design present all over the painting. A repetition of objects for the eyes to look at.
  4. Movement – To further give you an overview of how you can best describe these elements of composition in painting, it is by the leading lines that allow the viewer’s eye to get the direction incorporated with all of these figures of lines. Though it can be any object present in your painting. The trees that give you a sense of movement is another factor or the flow of the water from the image of the river that was created in the painting. There are many ways on how you can showcase movement on the composition of your painting. The style of the movement that the artist wants to convey on their painting totally depends on the style and preference that they wanted to create a trademark along the way.
  5. Pattern – This element of composition can be in any image that showcases a certain object or patterns like repeated lines of shapes, objects, colors and the values that are present in your artwork. These patterns can be found scattered all over the painting, like for the symmetrical image or shapes or even on an abstract painting.
  6. Proportion – The relation of each object or the whole artwork that makes the painting equally proportion from a measurement of each design, be that near or far or how large or small these details can be.
  7. Contrast – To give you the best explanation of this element of composition in painting is the feeling between looking at the lighter or darker part of the painting. There is a great difference between how the light or darkness affects the overall feeling of the painting to the viewer. This gives the viewer the feeling that stays with them as they look at your artwork. Contracts can also be measured by the amount and the difference that affects the lines, shapes, colors and even texture present in your painting.
  8. Focal Point/Main Subject – Considered as the most important part of your painting as this gives the viewer a sense of direction and the emphasis of the whole painting. This is the main subject where the viewers will keep looking and spend some time with your artwork.

Knowing The Effects Of Composition In Painting

The 8 Elements Of Composition In Painting
The 8 Elements Of Composition In Painting

Once you have learned all the different elements of composition present on your painting then you can now add this extra knowledge in consideration when creating another work of art. Though there is a huge difference to what the elements of arts or paintings are. These elements of composition in painting fall all with the composition which is under the elements of painting or elements of arts.

There are many ways on how you can create the right artwork based on the different factors involved in painting or art. There are these different elements but all are important for an artist as they are the foundation of every painting that was made even from a long time ago. If you will be more aware of all the different elements then you will not look at the world of arts the same way again. There are many artists who once they knew the different elements creates the most dynamic paintings and have a sense of direction or movement that they emphasize on each artwork. That also created a unique trademark for themselves that sets them aside from the rest of the other artist. That way they can enjoy the beauty of arts and the benefits that come with every knowledge that they gain along the way.

There are many ways on how you can gain additional knowledge with every painting that you create and every painting technique that you learn. Regardless of the painting medium that you are working with. At the end of the day, it is the feeling that is involved and what you wanted to share that matters. So make sure that you are also enjoying what you are doing and have your heart and passion on every stroke of colors that you apply on your painting canvas.


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