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The Positive And Negative Spaces In Art

The positive and negative spaces in art are important factors to consider especially if you are dealing with the focal point on your artwork or painting. When we say positive spaces, we are pertaining to the space that the main subject or focal point is placed while the negative space is the area around the focal point of the painting or artwork.

How do the positive and negative spaces in art affect the overall painting appearance? What is the importance of positive and negative spaces in art? How do you effectively use the positive and negative spaces in art for a successful painting or artwork?

The Importance And Purpose Of Positive And Negative Spaces In Art

The Positive And Negative Spaces In Art
The Positive And Negative Spaces In Art

The positive and negative spaces in art are essential to the overall appearance of the painting. These two spaces complement each other and produced a great deal of balance especially with the focal point of the artwork. The space present in the artwork is also one of the elements of art that is essential to a successful painting or artwork. Though we always think that positive and negative are two opposite definition, they are somewhat different when it comes to art as these two spaces work perfectly together for the success of the painting.

There are many factors to consider as to how we can define the importance and purpose of these two spaces. Though almost all painting, regardless of the method or process when they are created, all have positive and negative spaces with them. As these factors generally affect the artwork that you are creating. There may be some paintings with the absence of focal points or main subject but still, have positive and negative spaces in them if you will try to focus and examine them properly.

If you happen to not find any focal point on the artwork, the other elements present in the painting will be the positive spaces. These may include but not limited to details with the lines or shapes present or the texture or forms that are applied.

The Important Use Of Positive Space In Art

Though you can say that positive and negative spaces in arts can be defined by looking at the focal point of your painting or artwork. There are some paintings or artworks that lack the presence of focal point. In this case, the other elements of art that are present become the positive space such as lines, shapes, patterns and anything that has a form on your painting surface became the positive space and the area around it becomes the negative space.

The Positive And Negative Spaces In Art
The Positive And Negative Spaces In Art

There are no limitations to the number of positive spaces you can find in certain paintings. There are no limits to the focal point of style that you wanted to add on your artwork that affects the overall painting and the necessary spaces in art.

The positive and negative spaces in art are not just limited to the paintings or artworks but to other forms of art as well. For example, with drawings and sculpture, you can always find the negative and positive spaces in art through these forms. The versatility of arts is beyond colors and elements and principles. It has wonderful sections that need to be examined to further understand and improve your skills as an artist.

Remember that there are many ways as to how you wanted these spaces to affect your artwork. That also depends on the artist style and perspective as to how you can effectively generate and maximize the effects of positive and negative spaces. If you successfully created a great balance with these two spaces then for sure you will create a wonderful and dynamic effect of artwork using the principles of art and the elements of composition on your every flatwork, like your paintings or drawings and even photography.

There are many proven tricks on how you can play with the positive and negative spaces in your artwork and how these can contribute to the success of your painting.

No matter how we wanted to create an all positive ambiance in our painting, we also still need the negative spaces to cultivate the beauty of the focal point with its positive spaces that can further give success with the work of the negative spaces around it.

Benefits Of Using The Negative Space In Art

The Positive And Negative Spaces In Art
The Positive And Negative Spaces In Art

Once you get to use the negative space properly on your paintings then you can establish a great relationship between the spaces present in your painting. There are many known benefits when it comes to using proper spaces with arts, be that of painting or drawing. The proper use of negative and positive spaces creates a dynamic beauty with equal proportion is applied to your painting.

The uniformity and balance that you create with your artwork with regards to using the negative spaces are also essential to the composition of all the elements present in the artwork. One of the reasons that make a successful overall appearance of your main subject is with the right use of the negative space to fully access the focal point and the positive space present in it.

Remember that a great balance of the negative and positive spaces in your artwork leads to a successful painting that easily draws attention to the viewer and holds their time with the right moves all over the artwork as how you wanted them to look, where and when. These means that you have successfully executed the elements of arts and properly applied all the principles of art present on your artwork.

Knowing where to look for the negative spaces in an artwork can further improve your overall painting skills. This means that there is a new way on how you can create artworks from a different perspective, especially with the positive and the negative spaces present in your every work of art. There are different ways on how you can maximize the use of the negative and positive spaces in your artworks and how you can fully enjoy the benefits of using them successfully one day.

The Positive And Negative Spaces In Art
The Positive And Negative Spaces In Art

Creating a balanced relationship between the negative and positive spaces on your paintings or artwork can lead to a successful design of art. That way, knowing where to add all these spaces allows you a growth to what you once have done in the first place.

If you are into abstract painting or designs then knowing how to properly place your negative spaces will give you a greater overview of the subject that you are creating. In this way, you have a higher standard with the spaces that you are leaving inside your artwork and getting more interest on how you can use them to draw and create interest for the viewer to look on these areas and play with the elements to control the beauty of the situation by looking at the artwork in front of them.

There are many ways and painting methods on how you can execute and emphasize all the elements and spaces in your artwork. Though using the right painting technique with the color harmony that can affect these factors must be taken into consideration as well. Regardless of all the different factors, the style of the artist and how they prefer to create designs and arts is all that matters and knowing that you are having a great deal of time is what makes art an enjoyable thing to do.


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