5 Excellent Things You Didn’t Know About Watercolor Paper

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There are things you didn’t know about watercolor paper that you need to know which are really beneficial not just for you but for the painting style and technique that you will create. These things may be simple but the skills that you create may give an everlasting effect. One of the things that you didn’t know about watercolor paper is that you can paint on them on either front or backside, interesting isn’t it?

What are the things you didn’t know about watercolor paper that you should know as an artist? Are these things you didn’t know about watercolor paper can help you develop your skills as an artist? Thus these things you didn’t know about watercolor paper have a huge effect on you as an artist or the artwork that you will do?

Things You Didn’t Know About Watercolor Paper

5 Excellent Things You Didn't Know About Watercolor Paper
5 Excellent Things You Didn’t Know About Watercolor Paper

One of the common rules as an artist is to always get the highest quality of materials for your painting medium. While others will tell you to get student grade for the moment to practice and gain experience. There are just a few things you didn’t know about watercolor paper that you need to explore with. They can be beneficial not just for you but for your artwork as well. Getting high-quality materials is better to enhance your skills not just with the painting but with using good quality tools as well.

Remember that it is not about what type of paper should you be using but knowing the different factors that each type and kind of paper to help you out as an artist. These compiled things you didn’t know about the watercolor paper are a great advantage for you.

Understanding Each Characteristic And Usage

5 Excellent Things You Didn't Know About Watercolor Paper
5 Excellent Things You Didn’t Know About Watercolor Paper

We have breakdown all the things you didn’t know about watercolor paper that you really need to know now. Before you even start painting with this medium. They will help you a lot to understand this essential material for your painting session.

The Quality Of Each Watercolor Paper Do Not Depend On Their Weight

Forget about that saying about how heavy the watercolor paper should be to have the best results. It may work on some artists but won’t work well with you. The truth is, you have to stick on the painting material or watercolor paper that suits the style of painting that you are working with. Otherwise, even if you get the heaviest watercolor paper and it does not work on the result that you wanted, then the quality will be void and won’t help you a lot.

So if you are a beginner or even a professional artist, stick on the material that works best for you, be that the lightweight type of watercolor paper or the heavyweight watercolor paper.

There are also more factors to consider with watercolor paper such as its texture or painting surface. The fiber or the composition of the paper and what form should you be getting that will not compromise the quality or quantity versus the price of the painting material.

5 Excellent Things You Didn't Know About Watercolor Paper
5 Excellent Things You Didn’t Know About Watercolor Paper

The Different Form Of Watercolor Paper Have Different Results

Even though you like the quality of a certain brand, the types or forms of watercolor from this painting manufacturer may have stunning yet different results for every type or form that you purchased. Just because you like that brand or the type of paper in rolls, sheets, blocks, boards or pads, does not mean they will have the same after effect to your watercolor painting. They have the same manufacturer but the process of how they were made is really different or the materials that somehow differed from each other as well.

Sometimes the shipping process or how they were store on certain places also affects their quality over time. That is why it is not ideal to really purchased a lot of watercolor paper in one bulk just because they are on sale. Sometimes these things have minor to major issue afterward.

This is one of the things you didn’t know about watercolor paper especially if you think of getting less cost by buying more from discounted items. Just check the overall quality of each type or form of paper. To give you the best results as well.

Watercolor Paper Quality May Vary Without Prior Notice

Just because you haven’t reached the expected dynamic results of your painting or artwork with watercolor painting medium does not mean that there is something wrong with your skills. It may happen but also try reconsidering the things that affect the after the result of the artwork. If you have been working on a certain brand or painting manufacturer and suddenly things seem off, then you can try working again with the same painting technique to see what seems to be the problem. If this still occurs, then probably the quality of the materials may vary. One way or another. You can check with the painting brand manufacturer to see if there had been an issue that may have affected the quality of the materials that you have used.

5 Excellent Things You Didn't Know About Watercolor Paper
5 Excellent Things You Didn’t Know About Watercolor Paper

Sometimes it happens by the batch of the materials or paper or on a certain part of the process through production. If it is said that it was the manufacturers’ error then you can settle for refunds or exchange of materials you are using. One great advantage is by having a certain brand for every painting material that you are working with.

There Is No Wrong Or Right Side Of Watercolor Paper To used With

Contrary to the fact about to which side of the watercolor paper to use by an artist, either you use the front or the back, they are both good to use for watercolor painting. If you purchased watercolor paper in boards or canvas-like then they are already prepared with just one side of painting surface to work on. Though you can still used the backside but it may seem inappropriate by then.

If you got those dual-purpose type of watercolor paper which can be used on either side, then you can check which side works best for you afterward. Remember that there is no right or wrong side of the watercolor paper. You can definitely use both sides to try and experiment.

The Weight Of The Watercolor Paper Affects The Overall Quality Of The Paper Form

The weight of your watercolor paper affects the thickness by the form or type of paper you used or purchased. For example, since 300 lb is considered the heavyweight paper, it may not totally be 500 sheets per grams. And the thickness of the paper may be different from each form produced. From rolls to pads, or sheets to boards. That is why the weight sometimes is not as essential as how the paper reacts to the amount of water used for every painting session.

Check for which brand of paper works best for you and the quality to achieve the best results for your preferred style of the painting or artwork with watercolor’s transparency.

Surprising Facts About Watercolor Paper

There are a lot of surprising facts when it comes to every painting medium that an artist must understand for every material that they use. That way, this will improve both their skills and the quality of artwork that they produced.

You can use student-grade watercolor papers or artist-grade. All depend on your preference or style.

Hot-pressed or cold-press or even rough paper to achieve the best texture for the paper for the painting style that you are using. That all falls on you and where you are most comfortable to work on with.

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