15 Easy Tips To Palette Knife Painting For Beginners

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Palette knife painting for beginners is probably one of the very first techniques that you will learn when it comes to oil paints or even acrylics. Creating a unique textured surface with a palette knife is extremely a skill that most artists wanted to learn. And once you know how to use your palette knife painting skill properly, you will surely come a long way and enjoy the process of controlling the paint consistency with your own style.

What are the different factors to remember for a successful palette knife painting even if you are just starting out? What painting medium do you usually use your palette knife painting technique? What are the things you need to take into consideration when choosing a good quality palette knife for oils or acrylics?

The Palette Knife Painting for Beginners

Palette knife - 15 Easy Tips To Palette Knife Painting
Palette knife – 15 Easy Tips To Palette Knife Painting

If you happen to be thinking about palette knife as a tool for blending colors together from your tubes to the palette, then you are missing a lot of things. The quality and texture that you can create with a palette knife painting have a unique result. Making the palette knife painting a skill that someone must know with perseverance and patience.

The best thing about palette knife painting is how flexible can the artist be with the right materials, painting medium, and painting technique. There are a few painting techniques that work perfectly and done with palette knife painting. But before that, let’s breakdown first what are the benefits you can get when using your palette knife for painting and blending all together.

Benefits Of Using Palette Knife For Painting

Before you jump over to get that palette knife on closest art store near you, let’s breakdown first all the benefits that you can get with this painting material. It can be the reason why you will shift from paintbrush to palette knife painting real soon.

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When it comes to cleaning the palette knife, it will be a less maintenance material for painting. You can easily clean it off with an old rag you won’t be using, a paper towel, tissue or even rinse the paint off on running water. A few wiping on the head of your palette knife and you are all clear from stains coming from painting medium you are using right now.

One of the best benefits you can get with a palette knife that you cannot achieve with paintbrushes. They need proper maintenance and cleaning or you will ruin their bristles and they will be good for nothing to your next painting sessions, especially if you are working with acrylics!


Different sizes of palette knife - 15 Easy Tips To Palette Knife Painting for Beginners
Different sizes of the palette knife – 15 Easy Tips To Palette Knife Painting for Beginners

If you are trying to work on your thick paints for consistency, then palette knife painting would be the best skill you can enhance. Creating the right texture for your painting surface with a palette knife allows you to control the paint surface easily. On the other hand, it can also be a great material for broken color effects or technique.

Price Tag

Believe it or not, almost any type or price range for palette knife works best for you. You can start off with using an inexpensive palette knife for training purposes and later on, buy a better quality one as you gain more skills.


The convenience that you can get by simply using a palette knife is really immeasurable. You can use them for blending colors from the tube, mix your colors on the palette, or simply do the mixing process straight away from your painting canvas or surface.

You can also use the edge of the palette knife for other things including a sharp line for your painting surface when needed. Palette knife can create unique bold strokes that you cannot achieve with paintbrush or brush marks. If you are applying another layer of paint on a still-wet surface, you can work on still using a palette knife without blending the two layers together.

On the other hand, if you are working on a more controlled and versatile stroke and style, then palette knife painting is not a good choice. Brushstrokes and fine detailing can be achieved with smaller brushes. Plus the accuracy that you can get when using a paintbrush is totally different from a palette knife.

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Choosing The Right Palette Knife For You

To be honest, there are no right or wrong type of palette knife but how you will use them. The common factor for choosing the right palette knife that will work best for you is the size, even standard-size kind of palette knife will work on almost any painting technique that you are working with.

Building texture - 15 Easy Tips To Palette Knife Painting
Building texture – 15 Easy Tips To Palette Knife Painting

Checking for a variety of sizes for your palette knife can be an option to consider. As long as you are comfortable with working on your palette knife painting, then you do not need to worry too much about the size. Anything that fits perfectly for your needs is a great choice.

Ways To Use Your Palette Knife For Painting

There are different ways on how we can use a palette knife for the artwork that we are doing. Since it allows the artist to create a unique texture, surely you can experiment on different areas as to how you can make use of your palette knife properly.

Whether you are working on a certain area that you wanted to highlight for your painting, palette knife can create that unique texture to create a wonderful rhythm needed for your artwork.

Some of the things that can build highlights and emphasis through palette knife are mountains with snow, green grass for your landscape painting, and a unique rock texture for your garden painting. That does not limit you from using a palette knife with other designs and areas for your painting.

Detailed sharp edges are some of the things you can work on with your palette knife too. From leaves to tree branches and barks, to waves, water flow, fences, and surely a lot more than you can create with.

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Another best and effective way to use your palette knife is by spreading or covering your painting surface with the paint that you wanted to apply easily. They are also best if you wanted to blend colors from each other or simply create a new color from two colors available without totally blending them together. Creating a unique crisp and color that change whenever you try to mix them up or blend more.

Mixing colors - 15 Easy Tips To Palette Knife Painting
Mixing colors – 15 Easy Tips To Palette Knife Painting

Aside from mixing, the palette knife is also a great way of scraping unwanted colors on your painting palette if you do not like the results of the mixed pigments there.

Though the palette knife may be an easy yet essential painting material that each artist must try working with. From the low maintenance environment and supply, you can get to, it is still best to clean and remove all excess paint on them to retain their smooth surface that helps you create dynamic blends of color and unique textured surface. They are not for intricate and fine details in the painting. The standard size of a palette knife is more than enough for you to start working with. Since they can easily let you apply paint on the painting surface or canvas, it can also easily remove the paint on the surface as well.

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