Agate painting - 5 Easy Steps For Watercolor Agate Painting Tutorial

5 Easy Steps For Watercolor Agate Painting Tutorial

Watercolors are a great medium to work with agate painting because of their transparency. The best of all, you can make layers of amazing pigments to copy what agate rocks really look like. If you haven’t tried working with a watercolor agate painting tutorial, check out our easy tutorials.

What are the essential materials for watercolor agate painting? What are the secrets to creating a successful and unique watercolor agate painting? Is agate painting for beginners with the watercolor medium?

Watercolor Agate Painting Techniques And Tips

Watercolor agate painting is all about the unique blend of colors you get with every pigment you add. The crystalline texture from agate rocks is what inspires most artists to create this type of design for watercolors. And the good news is, you can get this type of results when using watercolors.

The transparency of watercolors can create that unique texture needed for the technique. Watercolor agate painting is an easy design that beginners can try working with. All you need is to have the right materials for your painting session to have great results.

Materials You Will Need For Watercolor Agate Painting

Agate painting - 5 Easy Steps For Watercolor Agate Painting Tutorial
Agate painting – 5 Easy Steps For Watercolor Agate Painting Tutorial

The materials that you will need for watercolor agate painting are almost the same with pine tree and spring tree painting technique. It is just how you will be working with blending and extra technique for an application that differs. But before that, let’s prepare all the necessary materials for painting.

  • Watercolors – the type of watercolors that you will use depends on which one works best for you. Something that you are most comfortable to work on with is better. Whether you are working with tubes or pan or those watercolors in palettes. That is totally okay for agate painting.
  • Watercolor paper – the trick for a successful watercolor agate painting is all about the painting surface that you will use. Getting an ordinary paper will not yield to the results that you wanted to achieve. It is best to use watercolor paper, even if you are just beginning with the painting medium.
  • Paintbrush – for this painting technique, you will use those paintbrushes that you are most comfortable to work on. A large and a small paintbrush is better for watercolor agate painting. You can also prepare a mop brush but that is not necessary. You can work on the tricks when you get to expose yourself more with watercolor painting.
  • A jar of water – you will need this to clean and wet your paintbrush during the painting session.
  • Coarse salt – adding the coarse salt to your painting surface allows you to create that crystalline texture you can find with agate rocks. Experiment with how you can use your coarse salt to achieved that dynamic texture you wanted to copy.
  • Acid-free masking tape – to hold your watercolor paper in place while working. The acid-free or painters tape is best for any painting medium to work with. especially for securing the corner of your watercolor paper while painting.
Sample agate watercolor painting
Sample agate watercolor painting – 5 Easy Steps For Watercolor Agate Painting TutorialPaper towels or clean rags – this will help you clean your paintbrush properly.

Factors To Consider For A Successful Agate Watercolor Designs

Ever wonder what are the factors to consider for a successful watercolor agate painting? It is not just about the skills but also how you wanted to learn each painting technique. They may seem hard at first but, trust me, watercolor is an easy painting medium for beginners. You can work on different painting technique with the help of different painting medium and play with them.

This will also give you great results for every painting you are working with. The right painting materials, especially your painting surface, matters the most.

Next is your watercolor paints. The right combination of colors, contradicting or complementing, can have great results when using properly. It does not matter what colors you need, as long as you play with them and having fun. I think that really is the most important factor of all.

Regardless of every inspiration, it is the artist emotion that matters. Painting is a unique way of creating a common language of arts. Only artists understand this language, it is also a great exercise for your mental health.

Next factor for a successful watercolor agate painting is how artists play with all her materials on the paper. Checking for inspiration is also essential for you to have a guide to what you wanted to do and achieved.

Watercolor Agate Tips

Now that you have prepared all your materials for watercolor agate painting, let’s begin!

Step 1. Find the right inspiration for your artwork. You can check for images as to how agate rocks look like. What colors you will be using matters to what you want to achieve.

Check for the parts of that agate rock’s lightest and darkest side. That way you will know where will you best apply that on your painting surface.

Watercolor Agate Painting - 5 Easy Steps For Watercolor Agate Painting Tutorial
Watercolor agate painting – 5 Easy Steps For Watercolor Agate Painting Tutorial

It will also allow you to check for the areas that colors meet. That way, you can see the fine lines and details in them. Check for the crystalline texture of your rock image. You will need them for later on to apply on your painting surface.

Once you have found the designs that are appealing to you, prepare your watercolors. It is best to try first with a sample paper if your colors meet the pigments that you wanted. That way you can still blend them properly for later use. Once you are all set, you can start painting.

Step 2. Remember that with watercolors, start with the lightest wash. The dark wash will be last and almost for the final touch of details for your painting.

You can work with creating the light wash on your painting surface with your large paintbrush. Adding more water on the painting surface allows you to achieve the lightest shades for your colors.

Step 3. If you wanted to work on emphasizing the outlines of your agate painting, work while the first layer of the wash is still wet. You can create a unique blending of colors when adding a darker color on the wet wash. Try doing that on the edge of your wash shapes or outline.

The natural way of color blending gives watercolors a unique shade. Create the effect by adding the dark color wash on the outside of the agate rock shape you made.

Watch your colors blend while they are still wet. It is a relaxing sight for an artist to do this type of painting technique.

Unique colors for agate ideas - 5 Easy Steps For Watercolor Agate Painting Tutorial
Unique colors for agate ideas – 5 Easy Steps For Watercolor Agate Painting Tutorial

Next, create the center design by adding a darker wash of colors. You will see how the colors spread over the center with the light wash you have as the ground.

A few dots of colors can do the trick for the centerpiece. You can choose either to add complementary or contradicting colors on the center.

Step 4. This is the magical part of creating a crystalline texture. Add or sprinkle your coarse salt to the center of your painting surface. This is best done while the paint is still wet. That way the salt will absorb the colors and water on the painting surface.

This will create the agate crystalline texture you wanted to achieve. You can also add salt on any area of your painting surface.

Step 5. Wait for the painting to completely be dried up. Once the painting surface has dried, remove the coarse salt by wiping it off the surface of your paper.

You can add additional details on your dried surface. Try adding darker colors of wash to emphasize the edges. You will feel the difference between working with a wet surface from a dried one.

Track your whole agate painting with the darkest colors to define the right details you wanted.


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