Watercolor feather painting

7 Easy Steps Watercolor Feather Painting Tutorial

Watercolor feather painting is one of the must-try painting tutorials for beginners and experienced alike. You will need only a few materials for this painting tutorial and the results are amazing.

What are the materials you will need for your watercolor feather painting tutorial? Is watercolor feather painting easy to do for beginners? What are the factors that affect a successful watercolor feather painting especially for first-timers?

Watercolor Feather Painting Tutorial For Beginners

Watercolor feather painting
Feather painting – Watercolor Feather Painting Tutorial 7 Easy Steps!

For a beginner, watercolors are such as amazing and easy medium. The watercolor feather painting can be done even if you are just starting off. The transparent characteristics of watercolors make them truly a great painting medium. And working with a feather inspired painting allows the artist to explore. The beauty of how you can work with transparency enhance your skills as an artist.

With watercolor feather painting or any simple designs, you can make sure that the results are dynamic. Watercolor feather painting is best for a springtime season. Together with the waking up of colors from the trees and flowers. There surely be more colors of feathers that you can see.

If it is your first time to work on this such unique design, then you will find yourself getting a lot of inspiration as well. Before we begin with our watercolor feather painting, it is essential to prepare all the necessary materials to get you going. Making sure that you will be working with the right materials, you will have a fun and easy time with your painting sessions.

watercolor feather painting
Feather detailed painting – Watercolor Feather Painting Tutorial 7 Easy Steps!

Materials Needed For Watercolor Feather Painting

Preparing the right materials for your watercolor feather painting allows you to work easily. That is also essential for you to create that design and have dynamic results.

The success of a painting can be achieved by using the right painting materials. Especially with simple and transparent watercolors. So let us check what are the materials you will need for your watercolor feather painting.

  • Watercolor Paints – either in pans or tubes will be great. Check for watercolor paints that you are most comfortable to work on with. If you are a beginner, getting a palette can start the work. You mostly have the colors you will need. As you advance and gain more experience and exposure, you can try other types of watercolors, like tubes too. For the meantime, stick with something easy.
  • Watercolor Paper – using the right watercolor paper gives you a dynamic result. though ordinary papers can work, they will eventually buckle when applied water and paints to them over time. So stick to the right materials, like watercolor paper. There are different types of watercolor paper, so you can check for the heavy one to accumulate more water than ordinary paper.
  • Paintbrush – you can use a small and medium-size for your paintbrush with this painting.
  • Pencil – you will use this to outline or sketch your feather on the paper.
  • Sea salt – to create a texture for your feathers.
  • Gouache Paint – check for the white color gouache paint to help you with the opaqueness of your feathers for later on.
  • Black Pen – you will use to outline the feathers details for later on.
  • Image or real feather to gather inspiration for your watercolor feather painting

Factors That Affect Your Watercolor Feather Painting

Watercolor feather painting
Creating designs for watercolors – Watercolor Feather Painting Tutorial 7 Easy Steps!

Once you have prepared all the essential materials for your watercolor feather painting, it is almost ready to start working. Though you just have to check a few factors for a successful result. The materials that you will use, especially your watercolor paper will give you the results needed without any buckled paper. Though you can create sample painting with an ordinary paper.

Next, are the choices of colors that you will use if you can find a real feather will be nice. This will give you ideas to what feathers colors are. From the contradicting to complementing colors, you will surely have the best ideas easily. Plus, the details of feathers are present on the real or imagined that you wanted to copy too.

Now that you have all the materials ready together with your subject feather image. You can start working with your watercolor feather painting. Check out the easy step by step procedure down now!

Easy Steps To Watercolor Feather Painting

Watercolor Feather Painting
Different types of designs – Watercolor Feather Painting Tutorial 7 Easy Steps!

Beginner with watercolors? No problem, we have easy tips right here!

To help you practice your skills with feather painting, you can try cutting your watercolor paper in three equally cut pieces. That way, you can make different designs and colors as well.

Step 1. Do a light sketch for your feather design on your watercolor paper. make is as light as possible. The best way to start with is an oval or long shape oval to mimic the feather’s shape. Elongating the oval is the best outline for feather painting. Make the stem in the center of the shape all the way down.

Step 2. Paint the watercolor paper with a light wash of water. Wet your colors and apply them on your watercolor paper while the surface is still wet. You can use different paints or colors for a simple feather. Complementing colors are best for your starting work.

Here’s a trick for your feather painting, you can build a unique texture by adding a pinch of salt and just removed afterward. You can see the difference in how you make a unique texture through additional mediums and elements.

Step 3. Let your feather painting be completely dried up. Then you can decide whether you still want to add a new layer of colors or wash. If you are happy with the gradient colors, then let it be.

Step 4. When you have decided to add more colors or not, just let the surface be dry. Once your painting surface is dry, you can trace the features of your feathers. Use a fine tip black pen to do this. There is a type of paint that is water-resistant and won’t smudge over your painting surface.

You can create two parallel lines from the top of your feather all the way down. Then you can add lines mirroring each side for your feather design.

Watercolor feather painting is also a great way to work with other types of designs and marks. You can experiment with different designs and techniques to your feather designs.

The best way to add details or emphasize the details of your feather is through the outline. Once the paints are totally dried, you can just sketch the first outline of your feathers.

Tips: Remember that your watercolors are transparent. That means it is better to start off with the lightest colors that you possibly can have. Then work on the darker colors last. It is a common method that is used for watercolor painting.

Step 5. Create a curve design for your next feather design. That way you will have a different shape from the first one you did. Do the same process as you did on the first step. Once you have built the colors, start with the lightest wash on your curved feather shape design.

Again, texture can be created with additional elements on your painting surface. Add salt if you needed to. Then removed them from the painting surface when the paints are totally dried.

Step 6. For this one, since you will be creating details on your feather, instead of using a black pen, use a small paintbrush to paint the stem of your feather. Choose a color that is close to complementing your first wash.

To create unique stem colors and the right tones, start painting with the stem, all the way at the tip of your feather. To create that whimsy details for your feather, work on the details of your stem while the paint is still wet. Once you have done the pattern or details, let it dry.

There are different ways on how you can create watercolor feather painting and design. You can work with simple details or go on a more detailed feather. You can also use a real feather to get inspiration.

It is all about experimenting with details and texture. The right colors that you wanted to use and more. You can learn different techniques and use elements. You just have to be forgiving with painting.





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