5 Easy Watercolor Flower Tutorial Steps For Beginners

Watercolor floral - 5 Easy Watercolor Flower Tutorial Steps For Beginners
Watercolor floral - 5 Easy Watercolor Flower Tutorial Steps For Beginners

I know that you wanted to create that watercolor flower like the ones you saw, elegant, simple, unique yet irresistible! We have the easy watercolor flower tutorial just for you. Grab your materials, colors, brushes, and let’s start working that design you’ve been itching to make!

What are the essential materials for your easy watercolor flower tutorial? Do you need to have a lot of colors to create a unique yet dynamic watercolor flower painting like a pro? What are the advantages of using watercolors for flower tutorials that every beginner needs to know?

The Easy Steps To Watercolor Flower Tutorial

Watercolor painting is such a simple painting medium to start working with. The truth is, as long as you have your paintbrush, watercolors in palettes or cans, and your watercolor paper, you are free to do create any designs that you wanted. It is an easy yet sophisticated way of doing artworks nowadays.

The transparent nature of watercolors is a great way to start working with them, even if you are a beginner with this painting medium. On this watercolor flower tutorial, we will teach you the easiest steps, ways, and tricks to create unique and simple designs like a pro, even if you are just starting out. There are just a few secrets to a successful painting. And that is what we will share with you, free and all you have to do is practice and create those flowers in no time.

Watercolor floral - 5 Easy Watercolor Flower Tutorial Steps For Beginners
Watercolor floral – 5 Easy Watercolor Flower Tutorial Steps For Beginners

So before that, we will need a few materials for your watercolor flower tutorial, maybe just three essential materials and we are set. Get the things you are most comfortable to work on with, and let’s begin this easy watercolor flower tutorial just for you!

Materials Used For Watercolor Flower Step By Step Painting Tutorial

Staring to paint with your watercolor flowers? Then prepare these following materials, if you have them close to you, then that’s great.
All you need is your watercolors, either in pans or palettes, whichever works best for you. Your chosen colors must be already in your mind, right?
Next is your watercolor paintbrush, the traditional one that you are comfortable to work is better. Besides, you need to feel comfortable working and feeling great with what you are doing. That is an important factor.

Using the right painting surface is an essential factor for successful artwork. Then working with the right watercolor paper for your watercolor flower tutorial is essential as well. You can also try working with an ‘ordinary’ paper, but you will see the difference between the quality and how the paper will react when the paint is applied.
To get the best results? Use the right materials as much as possible, always.

Factors To Consider When Creating Your First-Ever Watercolor Flower Painting

Simple designs - 5 Easy Watercolor Flower Tutorial Steps For Beginners
Simple designs – 5 Easy Watercolor Flower Tutorial Steps For Beginners

Now that you have prepared all the necessary materials for your watercolor flower tutorial, let’s check a few factors before starting.
Like what is the size of the painting surface you will be working with? What flower colors and types of flowers will you be doing? Next, if you have done this just now or had experienced before.

It doesn’t matter if you are doing it just now, as long as you are always doing something new to help improve your skills. Just paint and create that design you’ve been eager to create. The most important factor is that you should be having fun doing this. And you will really be satisfied with the outcome.

Step BY Step Process Of Watercolor Flower Tutorial

Step 1. It might not be familiar with you and think that the secret for best-looking watercolor flowers is small brushes. Nope, they are not, it is best to use larger size paintbrush that can hold enough paint needed. Before you dip your paintbrush with your watercolors, wash it first with water, and simply get a hold of enough paint on your paintbrush.

Creating a small blob of colors from your paintbrush to your paper will form the bottom of the watercolor flower. You can remove any excess paint on the brush and keep the water residue to create the natural gradient of your flower.
This will be your foundation and stop adding or working more even if you feel like doing more. That is another secret for a successful watercolor flower tutorial. Learning when to stop so you won’t be overdoing it.

Watercolor flowers - 5 Easy Watercolor Flower Tutorial Steps For Beginners
Watercolor flowers – 5 Easy Watercolor Flower Tutorial Steps For Beginners

Step 2. Once you get to have the feeling of doing the first step, the next step is by repeating the process with creating more watercolor flowers on your paper. It may seem hard, but once you see how things are done, you will be happy without overdoing the florals.

Step 3. Help your watercolor flower paints overlap or go down at the bottom of your florals. You can use a dryer or heat gun to help the paint. But don’t get to close as your watercolor paints may overlap on areas outside the flower border.

Let your paints get totally dry before adding items to them. The trick about working with your watercolor florals is not creating a perfectly straight line.

Add leaves, ranging from small to large, all over the stem or just a few for each flower stem. just enjoy this process. If you will be adding colors to your flower leaves, then better use a waterproof pen.

Step 4. Add colors to your leaves. There is no need to add a strong color for your leaves because we want them to complement your petals above. Let the paint be completely dried.

Step 5. To add a unique point of interest for your florals, you can add white paint on them. White ink can be diluted with water to reach your desired consistency. This gives a splatter effect of simple yet gorgeous designs for your flowers. This step can be optional and as for the artist’s preference and style.

The secret about watercolor flower tutorial is how you can be creating without working too much in certain areas. It may look simple and easy, and yes it really is. It all about how you must control each paintbrush strokes without overdoing it.

Watercolor flowers - 5 Easy Watercolor Flower Tutorial Steps For Beginners
watercolor flowers – 5 Easy Watercolor Flower Tutorial Steps For Beginners

There are also different ways, tricks, and tips in doing your watercolor flowers. You can create different colors and shapes of flowers, ranging from daisy-like flowers to round bottom flowers like tulips. Make it more extravagant with multiple layers of colors and petals like roses. Plain colors of different tones like sunflowers.

Try working with complementary or contradicting colors based on your color wheel. Work with your color theory for blending colors up. You can also be mixed or be monochromous.

As for the number of painted florals, you can make even or odd numbers, around one area or scattered all over the watercolor paper. You see, all you have to do is have fun while creating your colors together. With painting, don’t overdo watercolors because they are transparent. Stop when you feel like doing more. Less may seem simple, but hey, simple is the best designs!

You can also play with your watercolor flower tutorial sizes, based on how you wanted them to be. There are no rules on what not and what to do. Just be creative with mixing sizes from large to small.

The flowers will surely complement each other and let your artwork standout.


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