8 Easy Watercolor Lemon Painting Tutorial

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Watercolor lemon painting is best for the summer season or whenever you feel like having a fresh inspiration. Everyone would love to see those watercolor lemon painting. It is easy to create even for beginners. Check out our step by step tutorial.

What is the best practice to create a watercolor lemon painting? What are the essential factors and materials for your watercolor lemon painting? Can you create watercolor lemon painting even if you are a beginner? What should you take in consideration with watercolors characteristics?

Watercolor Lemon Painting

Watercolor lemon painting is an easy design to start with. Even if you are a beginner, you can definitely do this design easily. Of course, with the right materials and best practice. You can create a realistic watercolor lemon painting. Not just that it looks realistic, but to avoid any flat elements into your artwork.

We will teach you the easy ways to decorate your watercolor paper with fresh-looking lemons. It may seem a bit intimidating but trust us, it is easy when you are working on it. Trust your skills and start painting those lemons today!

Before we jump over our easy steps and tutorials, let’s get familiar with things around us. The materials that you will use for your watercolor lemon painting should be prepared first. Remember to always use the right materials to achieve dynamic results.

Essential Materials And Factors For A Successful Watercolor Lemon Painting

8 Easy Watercolor Lemon Painting Tutorial
Lemon designs watercolor – 8 Easy Watercolor Lemon Painting Tutorial

Before starting on your painting sessions, make sure that you have all the right materials at hand. That way, you will have harmonious painting experience.

Using the right materials allows the artist to create wonderful paintings. This gives the best result without compromising quality. Now that you will be working with lemon design, check out our tips in this article as well.

We will break down all the essential materials that you will use for this activity.

  • Watercolor Paper – Either the cold-press or the hot-press watercolor paper will do. Or any other types of watercolor that you wanted to try working with. There are different types of paper, so choose which one will work best for you.
  • Watercolor Paints – Since you will be working with a lemon design, try working with a limited paint to enhance your blending skills.
  • ¬†Watercolor Paintbrush – Working with a medium and a small paintbrush to start with.
  • A jar of water – to rinse your paintbrush and for your watercolors to work.
  • Paper towel – To clean your paintbrush from water and color residue.
  • Subject Image for your lemon painting.
  • Salt – Optional, to modify the texture of your painting surface.
  • Pencil – To sketch your outline image.

A quick reminder, since watercolors are transparent, it is best to always work from the lightest shade down to the darkest. This will give you enough time to fix or modify colors than start working with dark colors immediately.

Using the right paper will also help your paints to be absorbed properly without buckling effect. Though you can use ordinary paper but the effects are not as stunning as the right materials. The ordinary paper will also tend to buckle when water is applied to them.

Tips And Tricks For Your Watercolor Lemon Painting

Watercolor Lemon Painting
Simple watercolor lemon design – 8 Easy Watercolor Lemon Painting Tutorial

There are different ways on how you can create your watercolor lemon painting. The best thing is to try at least two ways. Make sure that you keep some white spaces to build depth for your design.

You can use masking fluid or just keep the white spaces as they are. They are important for your watercolor painting sessions.

Start from the lightest colors that you can have with watercolors. That is the technique to create wonderful designs with their transparency. And you can take advantage of those unique characteristics.

Watercolors For Beginners

Even though you are a beginner with watercolors, you surely can paint like a pro. Here are the easy steps by steps tutorial for your watercolor lemon painting.

Step by Step Process For Watercolor Lemon Painting

Step 1. Prepare all the materials that you will need. Check for watercolors, either in pans or tubes.

look for colors that will represent your lemons. Usually different shades of yellow. You can also try working with your blending skills by using a limited palette or tube colors.

Step 2. Create light ash of colors from your watercolors.

With lemon painting. It is best to just use to colors. A light yellow and a dark yellow. Then work with your blending skills. You will notice that you can create different tones by adding water over pigments.

Watercolor Lemon Painting
Lemon Watercolor – 8 Easy Watercolor Lemon Painting Tutorial

Start with the lightest white. You can work with an outline sketch with a light shade from your pencil. You can also work without using a sketch. Check which one is best and easy for you.

Step 3. Trace the outline with a medium yellow. Slowly build up the outline of your lemon.

Wait for the first layer of paint to completely dry before adding another lighter shade. That way it will not be mixed with the previous layer.

Watercolors dry easily so it will not take much time for you.

Step 4. Keep your edges wet and nice without going over on the white spaces.

The white spaces serve as the highlight for your watercolor designs. Try to avoid painting colors on them. Create a detail for the outline with a darker shade of yellow. This will emphasize your lemon shape.

Step 5. Add a darker shade of yellow on the opposite side. This will create three-dimensional effects for your lemons.

Watercolor Lemon Painting
Watercolor Painting Lemon design – 8 Easy Watercolor Lemon Painting Tutorial

The darker part also acts as the shadow and creates a light source of your design. A lighter shade on one direction. The opposite side will serve as the shadowy effect.

Step 6. Define the crisp edge with a darker shade of yellow color to give shape to your lemon.

The white part keeps his design from looking flat. Work with the edges by brushing a little amount of water before the pigment.

Step 7. Wait for the surface to be completely dried. Then work on adding a few elements like leaves to your lemons.

Create the stem of your lemon as well. Once you have created the stem, work on your leaves. Keep your colors lose to create a unique sketchy texture.

Step 8. Add a few more leaves and a sprinkle of colors to give a unique texture.

There are different ways on how you can create your watercolor lemon painting. Aside from lemon designs this summer, there are also feathers and spring tree for inspiration. There are different designs and tutorials available for beginner to try working with.

Remember that the more you are exposed to the painting medium, the more you will learn each technique. There surely will be a lot of painting styles to start with. Find that something you are most interested the most. Whether they are simple stencil designs, crystalline agate designs and many more.

There may be a lot of things to work on with but you will get there one step at a time. And the more you allow yourself to the blending technique, it will be easier for you to work. Watercolors are transparent when dried and that makes them unique. If you think they are already light, wait till they dry up.

Don’t forget to have fun working with your watercolors!

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