Watercolor paintingn -7 Easy Tricks For Watercolor Pine Tree Painting Tutorial
Watercolor painting - 7 Easy Tricks For Watercolor Pine Tree Painting Tutorial

Watercolor pine tree painting tutorial is best done for the coming winter season. It is a great way to shift the mood and capture those watercolor pine tree painting to your paper, as a decoration to matched the season or as a gift for someone special this holiday season!

What are the materials you will need for your watercolor pine tree painting tutorial? Can you make this watercolor pine tree painting with just a few colors on your painting palette? What are the tricks, easy tips, and factors to consider for a successful watercolor pine tree painting tutorial, especially for beginners?

Watercolor Pine Tree Painting Tutorial For Beginners

Ever wonder what are the tricks or tips for that unique and dynamic watercolor pine tree painting that is invading peoples house when winter season falls? Well aside from the upcoming season, they are a great symbol of festivity coming ahead.

A great way to remember your relatives, friends, and families for a personalized gift. everyone will surely love that part where they received something unique from you, right? So let’s get started with this easy watercolor pine tree painting tutorial. This will help you create amazing designs from a few materials.

Pine Tree - 7 Easy Tricks For Watercolor Pine Tree Painting Tutorial
Pine tree – 7 Easy Tricks For Watercolor Pine Tree Painting Tutorial

Once you get to hold of how you create those lovely watercolor pine tree painting, then you can gather them all together for a wintery forest. That really is a great idea to start with. You can even create your own style for simple designs and be consistent with it as well.

Factors To Consider For A Successful Watercolor Pine Tree Painting Tutorial

There are some important factors to consider when you are working with your watercolor pine tree painting. From the standard size of your painting surface. Choosing the right materials are some of the factors to look forward with.

If you are a beginner with this type of painting medium or style. It is best to make simple designs. You can try working with a few pine trees for you to get familiarize with the concept. That way you can also mix every idea together the moment that you get comfortable with this process.

Watercolor pine tree painting is a great way to channel your imagination. Since painting is also a form of meditation and helps your brain to focus. It is a great way of healing and being creative with lots of benefits for you.

Don’t worry if it’s your first time to work with watercolor pine tree painting. we have easy steps to follow for you. But before that, check out the right materials that you will need for your painting. You won’t need to prepare a lot of things with watercolor. Just a few colors to complement and play with the right tones and shades and you are good to go.

Materials That You Will Need

Working with value - 7 Easy Tricks For Watercolor Pine Tree Painting Tutorial
Working with value – 7 Easy Tricks For Watercolor Pine Tree Painting Tutorial

As a beginner, you will only need at least four essential materials. For watercolor pine tree painting, you need to prepare the following;

  • Watercolor paints – that can be between the colors Phthalo green and a dark color, like black for the start.
  • Paintbrush – you can use the one that you are most comfortable to work on with.
  • Watercolor paper – choose the right weight for your watercolor painting. Watercolor paper is better than ordinary paper as they don’t buckle with the number of paints and water on their surface.
  • Clean water – to thin and wash of color for your painting session

Tips And Tricks For Watercolor Painting

The best way to be more creative and enhance your blending skill is by using a limited number of colors. That means going down from two to three colors are enough to create different tones for your pine trees.

Try working with just your green and black color to have a darker shade of green. Once you have mixed these two colors together, you can work on how to darken the colors or keep them lighter by adding black on the green.

When it comes to watercolor pine tree painting, the best way to work with them is to start at the top of the paper you are working with. This will also be the starting point of your pine tree.

Personalized color value - 7 Easy Tricks For Watercolor Pine Tree Painting Tutorial
Personalized color value – 7 Easy Tricks For Watercolor Pine Tree Painting Tutorial

To create the body of your pine tree, make sure that your paintbrush has enough paints to hold. Then start off with sweeping your paintbrush down and going out. Make curve strokes going out of the center or body of your pine tree. Just the way they look like. You can do this process on the same way with the opposite or mirroring side of your pine tree.

It is like creating a triangle style of the tree but starting to the middle going out in a curve stroke. Once you have seen the pine tress composition, you can start adding more layers of paint for your pine tree.

Work on the layers of tree branches now. The best way to create that volume of leaves is to add a longer layer of painted strokes or curves going out from the middle. The best way to copy a realistic pine tree with your watercolors is to leave a few spaces for every section or layers you add.

Remember that pine trees are not packed with branches and mostly of layers of leaves. Once you are good and content with the size of your pine tree, add some branches and work on your tree trunk. This depends on how you wanted your tree trunk’s thickness to be.

There is no better way to create your trunk than to make it simple. Simple designs are best. Watercolors are transparent and take advantage of their unique characteristics.

Creating Your Personalized Value Scale

Watercolor paintingn -7 Easy Tricks For Watercolor Pine Tree Painting Tutorial
Watercolor painting – 7 Easy Tricks For Watercolor Pine Tree Painting Tutorial

Another trick and tips for creating a unique watercolor painting, whether you are working with pine trees or flowers, is the right scale of colors. This will build a unique shadow and create the tone needed for your background.

Since you already know how to create that pine tree through your watercolors, why not create a good scene of watercolor pine tree painting and make a forest out of it? The forest will be easier to create when you know how to make a simple pine tree.

This is where you will need to use your value scale. The best way to do that is through a sample paper first. That way, you can check on what tones will you use first and the last. Creating a great value scale id by working on the lightest color, medium colors and finally, for the last part is the darker color.

You can work on three divisions of washes for your pine tree forest. Let’s say to work on the pine tree that is the lightest first. Then go for the medium colors or wash scale. Then lastly, add the darkest color of paint on the front of your watercolor painting.

When working on a different scale of your watercolor painting. Allow the layers of paint to completely dry before working on adding another layer. That way, you will avoid the colors from mixing up. And might ruin the scale of tones and shades that you wanted to achieve.

Remember that the first layers of paint are almost invisible to see, but somehow, are there, creating an almost subtle shadow of the pine trees from the front row. The middle where you will add your trees is now visible than the first one. Start working as how you did with your pine trees, from top to bottom.

Lastly, for your forest to stand out, you can create a darker wash of colors on the front row. They will be visible and the highlights of your watercolor pine tree painting.


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